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Live Wednesday at Smoothie King
Posted: Wednesday, June 21st, 2017, 8:09 AM
Welcome to your Wednesday

I want to publicly thank Mark Griffin for his appearance on the show yesterday. He joined me right off the top of the show and brought a terrific insider's perspective on UT's Elite Hoops Camp plus Orange Carpet Day on the football side. Griff was privy to going ons at both events and was effusive with his praise of Tennessee's execution. Plus any time we talk Rick Barnes on the show it's never boring. And yesterday was no exception.

On Fulmer & Men: I had fun with it on the air yesterday but the hire of Phillip Fulmer is really being overblown by folks. What happened at UT yesterday was brilliant politics on the part of UT. First of all they announced that this was being privately funded. This is code for 'it's not coming out of your pocket Joe Q Public.' I feel very confident in reporting today that Phillip Fulmer is ZERO threat to John Currie. In fact I was told by two well placed sources last night that Currie was actually lobbying UT President Joe DiPietro to make this appointment. Brilliant stuff on Currie's part. Once word gets out that Currie was actually doing Fulmer a solid, this will win him the vote of many displaced former players of Coach Fulmer that were put off by the way the AD hire transpired. If you think about it, Currie's maneuvering here is actually a cheap way to buy some protection. I like it!!! Orange Throat (as only he can) will further unpack this on Friday. There are many layers on the onion that I've only begun to taste on the back-story to this story.

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I've decided to revisit a topic from yesterday on this Wednesday.

Phil Steele Better Be Wrong: Phil Steele gave me a sneak peek of what's in his annual and it's not pretty for the Vols. In fact, his #1 surprise team in all of college football is Florida. That's disgusting. For reference his #1 surprise team in 2016 was Washington. Geez Louise ...I'm speechless.....Can we sit here and watch this happen? Could this happen? Steele said he believes Florida will be VERY GOOD on offense. He thinks their QB play will be better. How? Then again, better that what? The past couple of years they were dreadful. Steele is so high on the Gators that he's installed them as a 7 point favorite over the Vols. Can this be? He better be off on Florida. Could you imagine Malik Zaire leading the Whale Whisperer to the playoffs? Geez Louise....

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Further compounding things, Steele has Tennessee in year 5 for Butch Jones landing in the Liberty Bowl with TCU. Oh no. First of all a Liberty Bowl appearance for the Vols this year will be a bummer. And our poor defense doesn't want any part of TCU in a bowl game.

But back to the original point, the experts are painting a picture in Rocky Top where we're going to have to be content with the future and look away from the present. If this comes to pass this will put the Vols on par with my Phillies, Flyers, 76ers and Eagles. Trust the process profits as they say in Philly.

The future just gets dangled out there in front of all of us. All but Bama that is. Their future is now. Yesterday we talked in this space about Steele's view of UT's units.

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Tennessee Unit Ratings by Phil Steele: QB's: 12th RB's: 10th WR's: 10th OL: 6th DL: 8th LB's: 5th DB's: 6th ST's: 2nd Coaching: 8th

Alabama Unit Ratings By Phil Steele: QB's: 1st RB's: 1st Wr's: 2nd OL: 1st DL: 1st LB's: 1st DB's: 1st ST's 7th Coaching: Guess?

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What's this all equal? Phil Steele has Alabama as a 21 point favorite over Tennessee in Butch Jones' 5th year. You could jump the gun on Jones and say how is this possible? Truth is Bama is going to kill the rest of this league. Period. And look at that special teams ranking for the Tide...7th...7th??? Both Saban and Spurrier tore this league up in their respective eras and both guys had teams marred by mediocre special teams. Isn't that interesting? Oh well.

Back to the point...Is it concerning that Butch Jones could be a 21 point underdog to an annual rival in the 5th year of Butch? That's amazing if you stop and think about it.

All this leads me to the concept of imagining.

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Tony B's Edition Of Imagine: Imagine: Adapted To End Bama's World Domination:
Adaption By Tony Basilio
To Be Performed By Tony B & Dr Sean Sinclair
On Basilio Show 6/21/17


Imagine there's no Bama
It's easy if you try
No Vandy below us
More recruits left to buy
Imagine all the Vol fans living for today

Imagine there's no Saban
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to cheat or lie for
And no Bammers too

Imagine all the Southland living life in peace, you
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And college football will become fun

Imagine no Bammers
I wonder if you can
No need for world domination
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the fans
Sharing all the rings... You...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday Saban retires
And the league will rejoice as one

Hatfield's Nine
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The chaos of the NBA offseason is in full swing. Nothing fires up the hype machine like trades and potential trades.

1. Butch Jones and staff are showing considerable confidence in their ability to evaluate players. Some of the commits in this class don't fit the profile of a typical SEC recruit.

2. Tennessee has chosen to employ Phil Fulmer again. Nothing good will come of me commenting upon that personnel decision.

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3. Jalen Johnson has put in the necessary work in the weight room. Now, he needs to hone his skills to take advantage of his obvious athleticism.

4. Kyle Alexander attempted multiple three point shots in the Rocky Top League opener. I'll be interested to see if that is something he's allowed to do once the real games begin.

5. Josh Jackson is a difficult player to evaluate. His athleticism will make him an asset defensively and on the boards, buy I'm just not sure about his shot.

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6. Dan Gilbert is playing with fire in his dealings with LeBron James. Not retaining David Griffin as the general manager obviously did not sit well with the franchise's biggest asset.

7. Paul George appears dead set on playing for the Lakers. The Pacers are now left to find the best trade package they can engineer with little leverage.

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8. If the Bulls trade Jimmy Butler, that franchise will go into immediate free fall. He's the only thing between them and being a 25 win team right now.

9. Phil Jackson continues to prove he is utterly incompetent in a management position. Even thinking about trading Kristaps Porzingis is madness.

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Few things say summer like a quality drink on a well situated patio. Sapphire is just the place to enjoy that scenario.

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Danny Parker has a great piece on Tanner Ingle. Link

Danny Parker quietly does really nice work in this market for UT fans. I celebrate his dedication and talent right here. You go Danny Boy!!!

Anybody that knew her here is cheering for Desiree Reed Francois. Link

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South Carolina is bringing in the GDP of some smaller nations in athletics. Don't the kids get theirs at some point? Link

The Baseball rule for NBA entrance for high school players has been a no brainer forever. Perhaps that's why it's taken till now to gain true traction. If college basketball is going to matter in 25 years, this must happen. Link

Carol Hutchens from Michigan is somebody I wouldn't want to cross. This woman is scary but has a certain something about her that makes me pause the DVR on her whenever she crosses the screen. #Classic. Link

Friday Night Live: I would love to see you Friday night at Clancy's as I'll be playing with Fountain City Ramblers. We've worked up a ton of new stuff that we're really excited about presenting Friday beginning at 5:30 at Clancy's on Gay Street.

Tomorrow…..Some terrific T Mail including Eric S with his own Adaptation of Imagine with a low key anti Bama feel.

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