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Live Wednesday @ Stover's
Posted: Wednesday, September 30th, 2015, 8:18 PM
Arkansas comes to town Saturday and they WILL leave town with yet another loss. How do I know? Because they can't beat anybody on the road under Brett Bielema. He's amusing and he does the worm pre-game on asphalt but he's not getting much traction there, especially on the road. BB at Arkansas has only 2 conference wins in the same amount of time that Butch Jones has been at UT. That's awful. He's 1-8 on the road overall with his only win being @ Texas Tech. He's lost at places like Rutgers, Miss State & Ole Miss. His conference road record is 0-8. There's simply no way Tennessee can lose to this bunch. If UT drops this game it would represent the low point in the Butch Jones era. Where have you heard that before?

Special thanks to Jayson Swain for sitting in with me for 75 minutes yesterday on the program! It was great fun. Jayson has a real heart for this place and I'm glad the business community loves him back thus keeping his voice alive here. When Jayson went on a riff about how his responsibility is not to protect coaches but to advocate for fans I was pumping my fists in the air. You go Jayson. Never quit representing a fan base that so deserves better. They will try to change you but please don’t' change.

Jerry Colquitt who has both major college (UT, Ole Miss) and NFL (Seattle Seahawks) coaching experience broke the film down from UT/UF and these are points of emphasis he feels like need to be worked on toward improving the Vols.

Jerry Colquitt
'Offense Observations:

RT #63 Brett Kendrick was involved with pass protection miscues resulting in sacks and unnecessary hurries; also on pass protection on definite drop back passing situations they are scheming us by showing ‘a’ gap blitzes to get on one situations vs. OT Brett Kendrick. By showing inside blitzes Kendrick can’t get help and is forced to block on one against a superior athlete (McAlister)

Passing game scheme remains to throw the ball short and to the flats – rarely are we throwing over the middle and outer third
Still no go to wide receivers to get in the flow of the game; TEs are catching most of the passes.

Though the number of quick hitting downhill runs increased vs. Florida those style of runs should the rule of thumb not the exception.

Dobbs is taking way too many shots; he won’t last.

The style of runs are far more effective the more power in nature and the more quick hitting they are to the line of scrimmage. These one back sweeps continually get penetrated by the defensive against these teams that can run.

Clock management – last drive was poorly managed the ball only needed to get to the 30ish for a manageable field goal.

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Defensive Observations:

All of our LBs are playing assignment football, recognizing blocking schemes and reacting properly. Reeves Maybin, Colton Jumper and Darrin Kirkland. Youth is a problem at MLB and the lack of practice against a down-hill, power running scheme showed vs. Florida.

On early drives the front 6 or front 7 is not lining up correctly leaving unaccounted for holes and gap responsibility.

It doesn’t appear that this defensive front has a natural pass rusher who regularly can get pressure or sacks. Where is D. Barnett?



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'The pall cast by Saturday's collapse is not lifting. It is going to take some time for the fans to get past that loss.

1. Butch Jones should really cut down his media availability. Each time he speaks, he digs his hole a little deeper.

2. The criticism of the passing game is warranted. Tennessee has to generate some down the field plays to keep teams from completely loading the box.

3. The decision not to send pressure on Florida's winning touchdown is regrettable. Otherwise, the defensive plan was sound.

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4. I'll be intrigued to see what kind of crowd shows up at Neyland Stadium on Saturday. It will be a test of where the fan base is regarding Butch Jones.

5. The ineligibility of Lamonte' Turner is a huge blow to the basketball Vols. It will be yet another year of a miscast player at point guard.

6. Rick Barnes need a strong finish to the fall recruiting period. The roster needs another infusion of quality depth.

7. SMU is in a very tough spot with their NCAA troubles. My gut says they'll try to fight and salvage this season for their seniors.

8. The Cavaliers are in a quandary with Tristan Thompson. They desperately need his athleticism on the front line, but giving him what he wants really blows up their salary structure.

9. The Bears appear to be throwing in the towel. That's probably for the best, because that roster needs to be detonated.

Please give me a listen and a call Friday's from 1-3p at


Keith great point about Butch Jones. After a gut wrenching month, he should've gone about 8 minutes instead of getting off in the weeks babbling non-sense about keeping his 'eyes on the thighs.' What kind of grown man talks like this? It's really tiresome. I'm worried about Rick Barnes. I discussed it yesterday on the show as well as Twitter and right here. We don't need him checking out on us before the season begins. I don't like the vibe I'm getting. Tennessee fans deserve better. We have great hoops fans here. There's no reason we aren't getting our fair share of great players from the state plus he should NEVER lose a player to Will Wade at VCU. Pulllleaze...

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Tee Mail starts with a Tee Mail dialogue with a listener/reader.

'Some interesting chatter around Coach Jones consulting and ultimately deferring to Coach DeBord about going for 2 or kicking the extra point. While this doesn't make me feel any better (who's running this ship anyway?), it does change my perspective on the matter.


I said....Really it changes your perspective? How? It was still a terrible decision. It doesn't matter it's ultimately his decision and he made the wrong one AGAIN.

He said:

'Sorry, you make total sense. Didn’t mean to imply it was a positive change in my perspective. It makes a terrible decision even worse if true and to your point, the decision would have been made twice, by two people who should have known better.

Both Jones and DeBord are sticking by the decision. At least Jancek is man enough to admit he made a mistake. I’ll temporarily stop the ‘4th and Jancek’ references in his honor.

Thanks and two big thumbs up for your program and blog

Jonathan, Nashville'

I said:

Thanks for being there and thanks for the kind words!!!'

My take on this rehabbing of Butch's image through this attempt to put this off on Debord is laughable. Butch Jones is SOLELY responsible for this. It's HIS football team. It's what he gets paid to do. If people need to do this it must be for comfort purposes. It's almost like some UT fans are rationalizing that Jones really can't be this bad at managing football games. The truth is that he IS that bad.


Here are 10 things you absolutely CAN'T do in year 3.

1. Go all Mike Price – It’s Rollin’ Baby . . .

2. Go all Mike Leach/Mike Rice on your players . . .

3. Have any NCAA issues – even with position coaches and the “bump rule”

4. Alienate people especially boosters – a la Derek Dooley and Johnny Majors

5. Get “blowed out”

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6. Blow big leads in big games playing “not to lose”

7. Say goofy sh$t in press conferences after losses – whether about Nazis or analytics

8. Be totally inept at in-game management

9. Turn in anything less than 7-5 record in year three, particularly against this schedule

10. Hire a swimming coach from MI who hasn’t coached football in years as your OC – hiring poor OCs contributed significantly to Fulmer losing his job . . .


Bart, Knoxville'

Bart: Not quite sure what you're getting at here but if you think for one second that Butch Jones is comparable to Derek Dooley, you may need counseling. The ONLY thing those two guys have in common is skin shade. Dooley is an entitled, arrogant, blue blood bastard born on 3rd base while thinking he hit a triple. Jones is blue collar, up from the boot straps guy that has had to fight for everything he's achieved in his life. Now, can Jones coach in-game? Not yet. Still he would have to go some to get in Dooley's league. Dooley is the worst coach this place will ever see. Book that.

It's the DeBord GoPro live cam Tony!



Some bullets for Coach Jones:

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Any talk of getting rid of Coach Jones is beyond foolish. He is learning what it takes to win in the SEC with his team. Yes, he made some bad decisions/calls in the games, but Coach Fulmer also made questionable calls early in his HC career.

The biggest thing I worry about is his refusal to admit he made the mistakes. People forgive a lot when you man up and admit you made a bad call. He still has not done that. If he doesn't learn, he will not succeed no matter how much everyone wants him to.

Always a Vol fan no matter what.


David, North Carolina'

David: Don't you mean Bullet points? Don't scare us here. Been a rough week in Rocky Top. Butch has a really tough time with I'm sorry and I was wrong. In talking with successful business people it seems a time honored trait of most winners is self-awareness. The inability to self-evaluate has doomed many a leader. I'm afraid if Butch Jones doesn't realize this soon, it's going to be too late. And this would really be sad because he does a whole lot of things well.

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What exactly is "leveraging the football???"
"Eyes on thighs"..this guy is so full of $###.

Ever notice that every year there is a coach talking about working on tackling and fundamentals. You've got four hours a day. 1 for meetings, 1 for meeting, 2 for practice. Any other time in "non mandatory." But here isn't time to work on tackling. If you don't know how to tackle after the season starts you can't tackle. There is no time for tackling dummies, and very little time or risk for tackling drills at the beginning of the periods.

BTW, it sure looked like a completion beat them to me!

“The completion didn’t get us beat; it was leveraging the football that got us beat,” Jones said. “Again, it’s leveraging the football, it’s putting the eyes on the thighs, and it’s running your feet on contact. We had too many missed tackles in the fourth quarter, and we allowed too much run after the catch. That’ll be a point of emphasis like it is every week, and working on tackling, the fundamentals and the discipline that goes into that.”

What is this???


Mid State Heath'

Again, I repeat, 8-10 minutes at Monday and get off the stage. He talks himself into trouble with folks here and doesn't realize he's doing it.

Looking forward to film study tonight with Coach Glanville once again joining Vol Colonel, Tony Robinson, Jerry Colquitt, John Kaley and yours truly in the Ray Mears Film Room. It should be interesting to see why the Razorbacks are so inept on the road and inept period. Again, I end as we started, Tennessee simply can't lose this game to the Hogs.



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