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Posted: Tuesday, August 25th, 2015, 5:40 AM
Today's show and blog are dedicated to my friend Stewart Blackstock who lost his father Dr Bob over the weekend. I'm praying for you Stewart and the whole Blackstock family. Your father lived it every day my good friend. What a beautiful guy. His kids and grandkids are a terrific credit to him and his legacy.

Orange Throat
In the midst of preparing for a big but not crucial third season as head coach at Tennessee, Butch Jones is continuing to recruit at a mind-boggling level for a program that has one bowl win over lowly Iowa to its credit. 5-stars Hunter Johnson (QB) and Tee Higgins (WR) have committed in the past couple of days for the 2017 class. The '17 class also has some other outstanding prospects from the state of Tennessee, as Higgins is from Oak Ridge. We've heard from sources we trust that Higgins is one of the best ET prospects over the last 20 or so years.

Keep this in mind as we start the season with a program that is vastly improved with frontline talent but still lacking in the kind of depth that can withstand the kind of injury attrition we've experienced so far, if that trend continues.

We reserve the right to be temporarily outraged if this team doesn't get it done at Gainesville, but let's all keep in mind this program is assembling talent at a level that even Derek Dooley might win with over the next few years. Doesn't give Butch or his staff a free pass but keep the big picture in mind. This guy is recruiting at a Fulmeresque level, and we're talking Fulmer in his prime.

Orange Throat

Do the many guys do you think Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield climbed over to land the starting QB job for the Sooners? Think about it. That's a great story....A wonderful story....Let's hope it doesn't have a happy ending in Knoxville. Truthfully when you're an Oklahoma or Georgia and you don't have a QB while you have all that talent, it's a shame. You're talking about Phil Fulmer at the end of his run in Knoxville. That's the deal both OU and Georgia face this season and Tennessee is going to have a golden opportunity to profit from this. For those glass half full folks, this is cause to feel great about the early signature games on the schedule. Mayfield is a transfer from Texas Tech where he threw for 2,315 yards with 12 touchdowns and nine interceptions in 2013. That was his only season in Lubbock. Average QB's from Texas Tech shouldn't be winning the starting QB job in Sooner land. It's very simple.

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Tee Higgins of Oak Ridge committing to Tennessee last night is beautiful. This is a tremendous two sport athlete equally adept at football and basketball. He's a rarity in that he was offered by UT hoops and football. He's got some serious dawg in him. Tee Higgins can flat out play both sports and he's going to be a great Vol. Plus he comes from a wonderful family by way of a recommendation from Jerry Colquitt. In fact Colquitt has been telling me about him for at least 3 years now.

Here are some vitals on Higgins. Link

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With Hunter that's 10 stars in two days for the Vols.

Butch Jones threw out a cryptic tweet before it came down last night. Link

Butch Jones has more 5 stars than the Milky Way. This guy is recruiting his own galaxy. What's it going to look like when Tennessee actually starts to win some games?

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Freddie Swain? Is Jayson involved in this one? Link

Ah...Where's the OU/Tennessee game on this list? Link

Hate on John Adams if you want but he voted the Vols up in the AP Top 25 poll. Link

BTW, Ohio State is the first unanimous #1 team in the history of the pre-season AP poll. That's pretty damn amazing if you think about it. And you know what, they deserve it. Loaded team against a relatively light schedule playing in a decent league set up for a huge playoff run. I know who I'm cheering against this year!!!

Late, great Randy Moore lays it down on one of his last articles. This one penned on Ralph David Abernathy IV. Link

The Vols will have to contend with him to advance in Gainesville. Link

Memphis must keep up with the man. Link

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Kyle Allen was named starter at A&M yesterday but he had to earn it. Link

Steve Forbes with a solid first class at ETSU including a transfer from Mizzou. Link

Parker Search Firm has found some lemons here at Tennessee. The hits keep coming at Minnesota. Link

Indy car racing is akin to cheating death. Link

B Ball Lee will love this....Red Sox having a Grateful Dead Night. Link

John Harbaugh is gracious. Link

What were the Redskins thinking with that Scherff pick? That guy was awful in that bowl game and he's been terrible in the pre-seasons. Terrible. What kind of a pick was that? Link

Another Saban rule? Link

Jim Harbaugh is such a prick but I kinda like him. Going to be fun to see him hopefully neutralize Urban Meyer in the near future. Link

What will the next 35 years look like in college football? I think a lot of this is true. Interesting read. Link

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