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Live @ Stovers 4505 Asheville Highway
Posted: Thursday, October 16th, 2014, 12:39 PM
It was a relatively brief film study session last night at Ray Mears Studio. Our guys got discouraged pretty quickly when studying that Ole Miss defense. In fact, Vol Colonel basically disappeared about 20 minutes into the proceedings. As I went searching for him, I realized a couple of things. Firstly, he likes his Little Debbie’s and he's also a cool cat as he was chillin' with my 15 year old boy who was playing a sports video game.

We only went about 2 hours total last night and it sure was interesting. This might be Tennessee's least winnable game all year to this point. Who would've thunk it. The sports world is upside down. Are the Kansas City Royals really 8-0 in the postseason and did they have to come from 3 runs down in the final couple of innings in order to get on this run?

As good as Ole Miss is, the film study crew (minus Jerry Colquitt who is sorely missed) believes Mississippi State is better than their in state counterpart.

How many TFL's will Ole Miss record Saturday night? Team Basilio is setting the over under @ 9.5. Are you going over under. The landsharks will be out in full force. Link

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I erroneously misspoke yesterday on the air when I was searching for the name of Mike Slive's successor at the SEC. I believe the next SEC Commissioner will come from inside the league. I would put my money on Greg Sankey who is actually a Miss State alum. What's a going on here? Miss State is the epicenter of college sports all of the sudden. Jeez. Link

I thought it was interesting to hear Mike Detillier of say that he's done research and that offensive line is the most predictable position to predict success in recruiting. Detillier said his research has shown him that offensive lineman ranked highly is the most impactful position per signee. While this is the case, Detillier said that recruiting offensive lineman from the junior college ranks is always a risky proposition because it's hard to tell what you're getting. Jayson Swayne of and 1180 AM here in Knoxville (7a-10 MF), said that out of last year’s top 20 offensive lineman signed out of the Juco ranks, only 25 percent are actually having an impact in major college football. A risky proposition indeed. Interesting stuff from both of those guys.

Steve Godfrey joins me today at Noon. What an incredible story this guy has tied to the Gurley regime. Link

I will discuss this with Mike Huguenin today. Link

If you're playing for a cover Saturday night in Oxford, look at it this. Link

The haves and have not's meet in Oxford this weekend. Look how far the projected gap is from the Vols to Ole Miss. With a decent offensive line, Tennessee jumps way up in this projection. Link

During his brief time in Knoxville, Lane Kiffin was a likable enough fellow. He was super accessible to the media. He would actually hang out with fans and behave like a real guy instead of royalty. This said, he's so damn easy to make fun of. And this article nails the reason why. The fact that he helped wreck Tennessee's program only adds to our animus toward him. Link

The more I read about the Jameis Winston situation with that young lady the sadder I get. We've got some work to do in this area. Link

Look at the FSU fans responding to Wetzel on Twitter. Why am I not surprised? Link

Dennis Dodd has a great biting wit. And these folks commenting on his tweet missed that. He's very good at what he does and he makes a great point here. Link

Great for Kansas City!!! Link

Alabama game is winnable for Vols in Knoxville. Bama is even struggling running the football these days. Link

Will Gurley be back this weekend? I wouldn't bet on it. Link

A shortened NBA season? That's a great idea! NBA and NHL season should be about 50 games. It would make the product so much better. Guys would play hard every night. Every game would matter. Never going to happen but it should. How many of those teams take night's off in the spirit of pacing themselves? It goes on a lot? It has to. Link

Christian Ponder and his lovely wife are very down to Earth Godly people! This is a great story! Link

Reminder. I'm with you live today from 11a to 1p while Cloney does his thing at 7p on the app/stream tonight.

Following Saturday's game we will be with you as soon as the game goes final on the Smartway/Dalton Bearing Fifth Quarter/Fan Reaction. Should be a late night. Spread the word and help get me some app downloads and new listeners. We are really growing this thang and I really appreciate your efforts! Get the app! Droid | iPhone


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1 2 3 4 .. 1983

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