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Live @ Doc's All American Grille
Posted: Wednesday, August 20th, 2014, 10:09 AM
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'When we make a bowl game this year....' There it is!! Butch Jones to the Rotarians downtown in Knoxville. That's great! Let it out. Have fun! Why not? If your coach doesn't believe in you, who will. Love it. Never a bad thing to throw out a reachable goal for your team and give your fan base something to cheer for and embrace this year. What a wonderful story it would be for these kids at this program that has slipped so mightily in the past decade. This fan base needs to hear that things are heading in the right direction and that great things are happening behind the scenes. Perhaps that's why this guy is such an excellent recruiter. Have fun Butch. Let your hair down man. Link

One week ago on the Tony Basilio Show, Vol legend Dale Jones joined Dr Sinclair and me. When told by Sean that he was a legend, Jones responded with 'nah man, I'm not a legend, I'm just family.' Yesterday on the show, we started to list guys who were both family and legends. I'm talking about guys who left Knoxville not only successful but also one of us. Guys that really got it. Get it? Who comes to mind that meets this description for you?

So proud of so many former Vols making a difference in our community. Lois Symington with ETAC is literally a living saint. What wonderful work she does! What a hero! Yesterday Al Wilson and a bunch of former Vols were on hand honoring the memory of Mack French. Next year, I'm helping these folks pack this thing. We must get behind groups and events like this. Link

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Keith Hatfield continues to show his great range in today's Hatfield IX.
Hatfield's Nine
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The clock is rapidly ticking down to the kickoff of another football season. Games can't get here soon enough.

1. The loss of Braxton Miller completely changes the complexion of Ohio State's season. There is no way they contend for a national title without their best offensive weapon.

2. Vanderbilt basketball is in a complete free fall. Even a quality coach like Kevin Stallings can't handle the level of personnel attrition they are experiencing.

3. Maryland's decision to grant lifetime scholarships to athletes will become a trend. This is just one of the ways power conference schools will be able to exploit their newfound autonomy and use their economic advantages to squeeze out the lesser lights in Division I.

4. The announcement that Hawaii is considering the possibility they may have to drop football should come as no surprise. Many schools outside the power five leagues are going to have to do serious soul searching about the cost - benefit analysis of maintaining a football program.

5. USA Basketball holding a practice at West Point was a fantastic idea. Even though the team is now populated with millionaire professionals instead fresh faced college kids, it still represents our country and gestures like this one help keep that connection with fans.

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6. The feud between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will go down as the modern version of Ric Flair versus Ricky Steamboat. The in ring work is the best WWE has seen in a very long time.

7. Tim Miles continues to elevate Nebraska's basketball profile. It would have been unthinkable in the past that the Huskers would land a transfer the quality of Andrew White.

8. Great week for a couple of guys I am proud to have had represent my university. Todd Helton and Jarnell Stokes are both class individuals who richly deserve what they've recently received.

9. The next week will be critical for UT's hopes of getting the season off to a good start. The pressing questions on the line and in the secondary must be answered to give the Vols a shot at coming out of the gate quickly.


Speaking of range, Vol Colonel shows his chops across the SEC here in his latest installment.
Vol Colonel
'Can you believe we're only 11 days away now until we kick it off with Utah St.? I'm excited that college football time is here again. It's my favorite time of year. There's nothing that soothes the soul down south and especially here in East Tennessee like beautiful fall Saturdays and college football. We've talked so much about camp lately, I thought today and tomorrow we'd look around the SEC with 3 questions on each team and have a little fun with it. We'll do the SEC West today and comeback tomorrow with the SEC East.

(1) Could a QB controversy be brewing at Bama between Blake Sims and FSU transfer Jacob Coker?

(2) Does it really matter that there could be a QB controversy at Bama with all that collective talent they have and that deep stable of running backs?

(3) Can Lane Kiffin just shut up and call plays?

Observation : It will be interesting to see if Alabama can regain their throne in the SEC West and prove they're still the team to beat or was last yearís loss to Auburn a sign that other teams in the west have caught up and nothings a cake walk anymore. It will be interesting to see if Lane Kiffin can just stay out of limelight so to speak and just call plays. I think at the end of the day Bama wins the west in a really competitive division that's the best in all of the land.

(1) Can Auburn win the west again this year and prove they're the new big boy and on the block and are here to stay?

(2) Will defenses around the league catch up to Malzahn's high powered offense or will he continue to cause defensive coordinator's to lose a lot of sleep at night?

(3) I've heard a lot of media people saying Auburn could be a better football team this year despite maybe not winning as many games as last year. I say you are, what your record says you are, what do you say?

Observation : With road games at Ole Miss, Miss.St, Georgia and Alabama and a home slate against the likes of LSU, South Carolina and Texas A&M, I don't see Auburn winning the west. I think they'll be a really good football team and I'm glad we don't see them on our schedule this year. I just think they caught lightening in a bottle last season with all of those crazy finishes and Alabama will be out for revenge when the Iron Bowl rolls around in Tuscaloosa this year. The hunter has become the hunted for the War Eagles this year.

(1) Can LSU maintain their place in the west battling Alabama for the top spot year in and year out or has Auburn and upstarts like Ole Miss knocked the Tigers down a notch or two?

(2) Can Freshman RB Leonard Fournette live up to the hype?

(3) Can John Chavis put a defense out there that's good enough to take some pressure off of an offense that might take a few games to gel?

Observation : LSU is a very interesting team. I think they could be a real dark horse in the west. They have to replace Mettenberger at QB but you don't have to be Johnny Unitas to run the show under center in Baton Rouge. They have a stable of fine running backs and it sure sounds like Fournette could be a special one. If they can get through back to back road games at Auburn and Florida in early October, they get Ole Miss and Alabama at home and it's never easy for teams to come into the Tigers Den and get out with a victory, I think LSU can be the surprise team in the west.

Ole Miss
(1) Can Ole Miss live up to the lofty expectations and hype bestowed upon their team heading into the season?

(2) Can QB Bo Wallace be the leader of the Rebels and be consistent enough with his play to allow Ole Miss to take that next step up the ladder in the west?

(3) Is the Ole Miss defense good enough for them to truly be a player in the west race?

Observation : Hugh Freeze is doing a helluva job at Ole Miss. He's recruited well, they've won a couple of bowl games and there's a lot to feel good about in Oxford right now. I just think if I'm Ole Miss I wouldn't let my expectations get the best of me. I think Ole Miss is a solid pick to win 8 ballgames, maybe 9 if they get a break or two. I just think the west is loaded and a couple of good recruiting classes isn't enough yet to challenge for the division.

Texas A&M
(1) Can A&M replace a legend in Johnny Football?

(2) Will A&M's defense be improved enough to look like they belong in the SEC?

(3) Kevin Sumlin has always had high powered offenses. Can they stick a new QB in there and it's business as usual?

Observation : I really don't know what to expect from A&M. I could seem them winning anywhere from 6-8 games. I'd be surprised if Sumlin didn't have a good offense that put up some points. Their defense on the other hand is a joke. To be a real player in this league you still have to have a solid defense. I think A&M will battle Miss St. for 5th place in the west.

Mississippi St.
(1) Can QB Dak Prescott improve on his 10 TD/7 INT output of a year ago?

(2) Can Miss St. find a running game or for that matter find a RB who can take some pressure off of Dak Prescott?

(3) Is Dan Mullen a Bulldog for life if he continues to get a to a bowl game every year or will a fan base wanting more eventually be his undoing in Starkville?

Observation: Miss St has a very favorable schedule that could see them win 7 or 8 games this year especially with that weak non conference schedule they play. Dak Prescott has received a ton of hype heading into this season for a QB who quite frankly has never set the woods on fire.. They battle A&M for 5th place.

(1) Is Brett Bielema the right fit for the Razorbacks?

(2) Outside of running the football will Arkansas have anything that looks like a SEC offense?

(3) Can the Arkansas defense improve enough to make any kind of difference after giving up 30.8 ppg last season?

Observation : I don't think Brett Bielema will get the job done at Arkansas. He might get another year after this season but I don't see him going too far down the line with the Razorbacks. He plays a boring brand of ball and they're a long way from being anything close to competitive in the best division in all of college football. It's going to another long year for the Hogs.

There's my look at the SEC West. We'll be back tomorrow and tackle the East.

Have a Great Day and Go Big Orange!
Your Vol Colonel'

Well, that didn't take long. A new twist on Johnny F*** You's lowlight from Monday. Link

BTW, did you catch that the Johnny F*** You foam middle finger costs $19.33? That's the year the Steelers were born. Classic.

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Tee Mail:


I heard the second hour of your show today when the topic was the arrogance of pro athletes. I just wanted to share what happened to me and my son at the Knoxville Open. Matt Fast a pro from Jackson, MS took the time to toss my son a ball on the 11th tee in the middle of his round. He and his caddie both "Thanked us for coming out today, that they appreciated it." I emailed Mr. Fast thanking him for taking the time to do something special for my son and he replied on Tuesday thanking us again for supporting the event and even told the story of him getting a ball at the first pro tournament he attended as a 12 year old. Yes I know this is the minor leagues but I did find it refreshing none the less.

Thanks, I enjoy listening.


Jeff: Great hearing from you. It costs absolutely NOTHING to be kind to others around you. I'm really going to root for Matt Fast from now on!!! Great story!!


We're back for another installment of how off his rocker can UT's head ball coach be. boy, Butch Jones really believes in putting himself in the eye of the storm doesn't he?

Says in one breath have patience with us as we're young & are rebuilding our offensive & defensive lines & in the next he's telling the Rotary Club of Knoxville his Vols are going bowling this fall!

Given the schedule UT has, I think Jones has gotten way ahead of himself here. In doing so if UT doesn't go to a bowl game, any bowl game, at seasonís end old Butch may have bought himself a permanent hot seat for Season 3 in Big Orange Country!

He may have been doing nothing more than attempting to fire up the ole fan base but Jones may have gotten a little over baked in comments about bowling this season given the Vols situation.

Itís great to tell fans your goals include going to a bowl every year; but, to all but guarantee one is almost like asking for a death wish or a firing squad given how victory/bowl starved UT fans currently are.

My question is--where does Jones/UT think the at least 6 wins to qualify are going to come from this year? Boy, talk about bulletin board material for opponents! Tony, I think you would agree (or would hope you would) that 6-6 would be a great season for the Vols. 7-5 would get Jones votes for coach of the year honors!

Time will tell if Jones has overload his mouth with his backside & made a damn foll of himself & possibly put his UT career on a quick slide out the door!

Wonder what fans will think if Utah State comes into Neyland & beats the Vols. It's a possibility & we both know it. Utah State is not a bad football team. Neither is Arkansas State, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Florida, Ole Miss, Alabama, Missouri,or Georgia. I could see the Vols winning 3 of those games at best. I hate to remind you that about 6 months ago I told you Jones could have the first 8 loss team in Vol history this season ! I still this to be the case!

Vandy Joe'

Vandy Joe: Great hearing from you. I love comic relief. I sense from the tone of your correspondence that you realize the galaxy is about to get back into natural order. Vandy will be looking up at Tennessee this year and the Vols will beat you badly in Nashville. The sweetest part about it is that a win over yawl may result in a bowl bid. How sweet it will be Vandy Joe. How sweet it will be. Hope you enjoyed the Franklin years. Keep the videos. You're going to need them in the years to come. Soon Vandy will be right back where yawl belong. And in your own words, at the end of this, YOU will look like a damn fool!

Peace on the streets


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