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Monday Live @ Smoothie King
Posted: Monday, October 16th, 2017, 8:43 AM • Permalink
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Today's blog is dedicated to all long suffering Vol fans everywhere. We will get this thing back one day. It won't be today, but Tennessee football will return. Today we're going to look inside the Orange Throat, unearth some fun facts and see Matt Dixon lose it in print!!!!

Fun Fact #1!!! Vols are a 34 point underdog to Bama. This is the most points Tennessee has ever gotten from Vegas in an SEC game. I'm talking school history here. Butch Jones should feel proud. He's in year 5 and he keeps setting records.

Fun Fact #2!!! We're having a listener watch party at Bearden Hill Fieldhouse Saturday and you're coming. Don't leave me hanging just because Butch Jones is a lemon.

Fun Fact #3!!!
Here's your invitation!!!

Roger's Birthday Party is TODAY
Smoothie King

Cake For EVERYONE!!!!
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I'm speechless. After 6.5 hours of talking about Tennessee/South Carolina and reflecting on that mess, I'm talked out. So, proving the strength of our bench we'll turn it over today to a couple of stars.

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Orange Throat
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'World of Basilio:

Random musings with my companions in Big Orange Misery as we contemplate being 34-point underdogs to Alabama:

BE PATIENT, fellow Volunteers. Change is on the way. Saturday's loss to a less-talented but better-coached South Carolina team all but cinched it. Saturday's sacrifice at the altar of Nick Saban won't be pretty. In fact, we suggest the Bearden Fieldhouse play past Vol wins over the Tide instead of the real thing live during Tony's Watch Party. In case the decision is to show it, it's a good thing kids aren't allowed at the BH. Parents would be dealing with kids' nightmares for weeks.

WE THINK WE ARE IN THE MINORITY on this view, but your humble correspondent thinks UT AD John Currie will let Butch Jones coach his team at Kentucky as it tries to snap a three-game overall losing streak this season and a staggering five-game losing skein in the SEC dating back to the fateful loss at Vandy last November.

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THIS TEAM'S REAL CHALLENGE will be to get bowl eligible, no matter who is the head coach. UT is a huge underdog at Alabama and won't be favored at Kentucky and at home vs. LSU. Tennessee will be favored at home against Southern Miss and games at Missouri and the home finale with Vandy are probably toss-ups. Finding three more wins with this terrible offense and thin defense is far from a layup.

ESPN ANALYST TOMMY TUBERVILLE was guilty of hyperbole in saying Jarrett Guarantano needed to rush for 100 yards against the Gamecocks, but no one saw Quinten Dormady outrushing his teammate, 13 yards to -2. Guarantano played with great effort but his speed and quickness was lacking and he is many pounds lighter on contact than Josh Dobbs, who Beano unfairly maligned for years.

THERE IS STILL TIME for Butch Jones to do something, like demote or fire his OC Larry Scott and let somebody else call the plays. Scott's offense desperately needed to answer after Carolina's long tying touchdown drive that consumed much of the third quarter, but the Vols had a feeble three-and-out and put their tiring defense back out on the field.

THE VOL DEFENSE PLAYED WELL until they let the Gamecocks come off their own 3 and drive 97 yards in that previously mentioned drive for the tying touchdown. Shoop's rushing defense is ranked dead last in the league and is one of the worst in the country. In fact, the Vols let third-string RB A.J. Turner go for 86 yards, including the tying touchdown. Turner had not run for more than 20 yards in any of South Carolina's previous games. DB Rashan Gaulden would be an All-SEC candidate on a better team. DC Bob Shoop's fascination with LB Colton Jumper continues. The Vols are soft at defensive end and haven't developed younger players there fast enough.

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ALABAMA coasted to a 41-9 cover over visiting Arkansas although backup QB Cole Kelley did throw for 200 yards and a score for the Porkers. Bama outrushed the Hogs, 308-27. Our best hope is the Alabama team and fanbase are completely bored and will be looking ahead to an open date ... LSU continued its surge with a 27-23 home upset of AUBURN. LSU's rapidly improving defense limited Jarrett Stidham to 9 of 26 passing and D.J. Chark returned a punt 75 yards for a TD for the Bayou Bengal Tigers.

TEXAS A&M gave us some fun Saturday night with a clutch 19-17 win at FLORIDA. The Gators outrushed the Aggies 242-83 but freshman QB Kellen Mond made more plays than Gator QB Feleipe Franks and A&M PK Daniel LaCamera was 4 for 4 in field goals. The only possible negative from the Aggie upset is further destabilizing of Florida HC Jim Sharkelwain. Just like the rest of the SEC East is pulling UT to keep Jones, we don't need the Gators replacing their head coach.

OLE MISS gave us another pleasing moment by smashing VANDY, 57-35. Rebel QB Shea Patterson threw for 351 and four TDs as Ole Miss outgained the Commodores, 603-417. Vandy HC Derek "Radio" Mason's usually stiff defense is showing more and more leaks as the season wears on ... Future Tennessee HC candidate Dan McMullen moved a step closer to bowl eligibility as his MISSISSIPPI STATE Bulldogs beat BYU 35-10. Bullie QB Nick Fitzgerald did what he does, passing for 241 and two TDs and running for 103 and two more scores.

GEORGIA gave up a lot of points to MISSOURI and QB Drew Lock but easily prevailed, 53-28. Freshman QB Jake Fromm had his best game, throwing for 326 yards and the Bulldog running game chewed up 370 yards in real estate.

THIS FRIDAY, we'll go ahead and start breaking down the legitimate Hot Board of candidates to succeed Butch Jones, and if you are looking for the names Stoops, Kelly or Gruden, you'll need to scroll down to the next entry. We'll also talk about who is going to be involved in this decision and question whether it is time for the House of Haslam to truly back away from the process and let others handle it.

Orange Throat
IGYSD (International Geophysical Year of Shizzling Drits)'

Throaty...My patience is gone. Why is he still coaching? It's past time. The SEC has never been this bad and Tennessee has NEVER been this irrelevant with as many good players on that roster. It's senseless.

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Fun Fact #4 Tennessee hasn't scored a touchdown in 10 quarters. That's 150 minutes of football. I'm talking all time bad. I'm talking Clawfense is blushing over here.

Was It An Omen? Talladega was a demolition derby yesterday. I'm watching a terrible wreck at the end and couldn't help but think ahead to next Saturday's game in Alabama. On offense, Tennessee better come with something different scheme wise than they did against South Carolina. Otherwise our poor QB's are going to be somewhere else by the 3rd quarter.

Matt Dixon
'I was so mad walking with my dad back to my car after leaving Neyland Stadium on Saturday. I don’t really know why. I was just angry.

After Florida’s Hail Mary, I was just stunned. I expected Georgia to beat the Vols pretty bad, and it was a slow death, so I tried to find the humor in it.

But after losing to South Carolina, I was just furious. I can’t explain it. Maybe it was knowing Jon Gruden was sitting in the stands. Knowing the Tennessee administration likely isn’t going to make a serious run at Gruden.

We all know Butch Jones is getting fired. I expect John Currie and the UT administration to let Butch coach the team in Tuscaloosa. No point in naming an interim and letting him take an absolute beatdown in his first game as acting head coach. Let Butch suffer that one.

Maybe Alabama can have a stadium blackout for Butch’s funeral.

Saturday won’t be pretty. Tennessee will likely extend its touchdown-less streak to 14 quarters. The last time the Vols were held scoreless more than once in a season was 1964. That was Doug Dickey’s first season as coach. The Vols were transitioning from the single-wing to the T-formation.

Saturday’s game in Bryant-Denny Stadium could be worst loss in Tennessee football history. Tennessee’s worst road loss was the 59-16 defeat at Oregon in 2012.

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Jarrett Guarantano couldn’t make the “infallible” offense move the ball after Will Muschamp made adjustments. Guarantano did some good things. He made his share of mistakes, but also didn’t turn the ball over. I’m curious what he can do the next two or three years if he gets coaching from someone who knows how to coach quarterbacks.

I’m just at a loss for words watching these Butch Jones teams. I want this era to be over. It’s just not fun anymore, and it doesn't seem like the coaches do anything each week to tailor the game plan to account for opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. I honestly would love to watch this team practice just see what plays they run in practice that work.

The first two years of Butch’s tenure at Tennessee, he had subpar talent and little depth, but his teams were very disciplined and showed up ready to play, often times being the better team for much of the first half against more talented squads.

Looking back, 2015 was the year. The talent was in place, even though most of it was freshmen and sophomores, and we had very few injuries throughout the season.

A win over Oklahoma — I think — would’ve almost guaranteed a win in the Swamp. Who knows where that season goes from there. We nearly beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa anyway.

Last year was a disaster from the start. Overhauling the strength and conditioning program mid-summer, the lifeless effort against Appalachian St., Jalen Hurd quitting midseason, the losses to South Carolina and Vanderbilt.

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I keep getting the feeling that at some point during the last five years, Butch Jones changed. He overhauled the coaching staff, getting rid of some guys he brought with him from Cincinnati and even Central Michigan. Once he recruited enough talent to no longer be the perceived underdog each week, his system no longer worked effectively.

It sort of reminds me of the end of the Bruce Pearl era in a way. Once Pearl had success and brought in big-time recruits like Scotty Hopson and Tobias Harris, he no longer could be that disrespected underdog. The role he was comfortable in when he arrived in Knoxville and took the SEC and college basketball by storm. His full-court press didn’t fit anymore and his teams lost their edge that made them endearing to the fans.

Obviously, Pearl reached heights at Tennessee that Butch Jones never did, but like Jones, I think Pearl let success change him. Pearl’s NCAA troubles led to his exit from Knoxville much earlier than any of us wanted, but I’ve always thought the shine was wearing off the longer he coached Tennessee.

This isn’t a knock on Pearl at all. I love the guy and will forever be grateful for the excitement and wins he brought to Tennessee basketball. But I doubt he was ever going to replicate the success he had his first five years in Knoxville. The lightning in the bottle was gone.

Butch Jones is at his best as a coach when he has a slightly less talented, but hard-nosed team who plays with a chip on their shoulder. Once you recruit a bunch of four and five players every top program in America wants, it’s hard to get them to buy into the underdog role you’ve coached with your entire life.

When Butch would tell the fans that winning eight games or making consecutive bowl games was an accomplishment we should appreciate, it came off as a slap in the face to the program’s rich history and tradition.

But that’s Butch’s problem. It’s OK to say those things if you’re still at Cincinnati or Central Michigan, but not in Knoxville. The way he coached the Chippewas and Bearcats doesn’t work at Tennessee. He needed to evolve his offense to better fit the talent he was bringing in. He hasn’t adjusted the offense yet, and it shows in year five.

The Butch Jones era at Tennessee won’t have a happy ending. This fanbase is going to end up hating Butch Jones. And that’s a shame because Butch did some good things here. He just wasn’t good enough for the program. You can’t pretend that a program like Tennessee is the underdog every year. Maybe in year one or two, but not once you have guys like Josh Dobbs, Alvin Kamara, Derek Barnett and Cam Sutton.

It’s all so maddening. We’re all frustrated and just want the Vols to reclaim their place near the top of college football.

Walking up Volunteer Blvd. to my car after the game, I saw a little kid about 10-years-old with tears in his eyes tell his dad, “That’s why I’m switching football teams.”

His dad, looking dejected like many who had walked out of Neyland Stadium on Saturday, just looked at him speechless.

What else can you say at this point?

Go Vols

Matt Dixon'


I'll tell you right now I wouldn't let my kid switch teams. Then again he's 18 and looking to go to college somewhere else far, far away. Said he's been tortured enough. He's kidding..... I think. All kidding aside,
he'll always be a Vol fan....I hope.




-With all that’s going on within and surrounding the program I thought the player’s focus and effort was commendable. Talent and desire is not the issue; direction is....








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The Cleveland Browns are looking for a new executive. I'm sure the search will be successful. I mean everything else Jimmy Haslam does in sports in a raging success. I mean I have hope here in Knoxville for a brighter day. Don't you? And I really mean it. I love using I mean in writing. Especially about Jimmy Haslam. I mean it.


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South Carolina Game Preview
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A: Absolutely. I'm looking forward to year #24 with you.

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Posted: Sun, Oct 15th, 5:00 PM
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South Carolina Game Preview
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A: It's all coming soon. We premiered a new Gate Twenty Won yesterday after the Basilio Show live on the app and will debut one today from the 1980 Georgia game. As for the 'X'-Cast....I'm going to upload these in real time with minimal production. Therefore I'm hoping to get one of these up in the next 10 days. It all depends on 'X's schedule.

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A: We're shooting for the Sunday after the first full weekend of the football season.

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