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Live @ Stovers 4505 Asheville Highway
Posted: Monday, December 22nd, 2014, 8:59 AM
Special announcement for me today for my bowl game plans. Tune in today and fight out how and where we can take in the Gator Bowl together. I'm talking watch party!!! Make your plans to join us. For my friends in Jacksonville who have been so nice to try and help me pull together a trip, I apologize but family duties won't allow me to make the scene there. Hope you understand. I really wanted to make the trip but getting together as a radio family will be a great way to take to ring in the new year. Oh, what the heck, here's what we're doing.

Doc's All American Grill
Listener Watch Party
I'm there from 11a-1p
Followed by Keith Hatfield from 1-3p
Watch Gator Bowl UT/Iowa
Followed by Smartway/Dalton Bearing Fifth Quarter Fan Reaction
We will do the show LIVE, ON SITE!

Here are some notes about our day at Doc's!
Call today and make reservations at 865-330-0159. Tell them you’re with Tony Basilio for preferred seating.

Follow Doc’s on Twitter @Docs_Grille (Docs underscore Grille with an “e”) and you’re automatically entered to win a 7 night penthouse stay in Panama City Beach. Winner will be announced during halftime of the National Championship game on January 12th. You MUST be present to win.

Reservations are also being accepted for the semifinal games on New Year’s Day by calling 330-0159.

If you need a “sick note” signed by a doctor to skip out of work early to watch the Vols then Doc will be on hand to take care of you. Free sick notes from the good Doctor.'

Tennessee basketball is back at it tonight at home against Mercer. It's going to be fun to see these guys take on Mercer tonight. Then again, it's fun every time Tennessee takes the court. These guys are a lot of things in 2014-2105, boring isn't one of them. Tennessee simply isn't good enough to blow anybody out. They are what I've been telling you they are the entire time, a collection of guys thrown together that answer to street fighter. They are the toughest guy on your block. Even their beautiful is ugly. Everything they do is so ugly it's beautiful. Friday night with Tennessee Tech wasn't time capsule material but the Vols gave it their all. They just don't shoot it well enough to run away from anybody. I realize people got excited after last week’s Butler game. It's fun to get on board and believe.

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Tyndall was on the show with us on Friday (Listen Here) and he was tremendous fun. Just comical. He's the perfect package for this place because he's an anti-Pearl. Tyndall's just a coach. He's not slick at all. He's not really good looking. He doesn't knock you out with the way he talks though he's obviously intelligent. He's not Madison Avenue like Pearl. He doesn't have a bunch of fancy quotes memorized. He just coaches. When you consider my comments about Chip Kelly below, Tyndall is a refreshing departure to the guys that usually get jobs these days. This is the era in sports as such terms as 'brand' and 'face'. Well, Tyndall is 'fit'. He's a perfect fit for this place. Tennesseans are a lot of things. We are a diverse people. Most of us are proud, we work hard, we take care of our own and we love to lay it out there. Donnie Tyndall may not be from here but he's of here. We need to embrace and get behind this guy. They can't let him walk out of here.

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End of Regular Season

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Mercer brings a 6-5 team into tonight's game. They have wins over Piedmont, Kennesaw State, Rice, St Andrews, VMI and Bethune-Cookman.

Losses to Santa Barbara, Pacific, at Colorado State, Dartmouth and Seaton Hall.

Mercer Bears are 0-2 on the road. They average 66 points per game. They've had huge losses off last year's team that met Tennessee in the NCAA Tourney. Tennessee is the first of 3 SEC contest for them before they get into their league schedule. They visit Georgia then Texas A&M to close non-league.

Mercer head coach Bob Hoffman has elevated that program since taking the job in 2008. During his time in Macon, 'Hoffman has led the Bears to nine high-major wins against the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Ole Miss and Seton Hall.' (courtesy

'No stranger to the big stage, Hoffman lifted the Bears to a 75-67 NIT win at Tennessee, marking the team’s 24th victory of the year and Hoffman’s 499th as a collegiate head coach. When the season concluded five days later, Hoffman had closed the books on the school’s first back-to-back 20-win seasons in over 100 years of basketball.' (courtesy

I was listening to Saints postgame show with Bobby Hebert last night when I heard an car sales ad sponsored by Kendall Bussey Sr. Daniel Lewis of RTI joins today and we will discuss Kendall Bussey Jr. and his commitment to the Vols. Link

Barnett/Sherff is going to be a classic matchup in Jacksonville. Link

Hatfield IX Time!!!
Hatfield's Nine
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'After a wild sports filled weekend, we head full steam toward Christmas. Plenty of big games on tap this week.

1. Tennessee's win Friday night was less than artistic. That will be a theme with this team.

2. The addition of Ian Chiles seemed to give the team a lift. He could be a major help is he allows Josh Richardson to play off the ball more.

3. Butch Jones has kept the recruiting momentum going. The Vols are now loaded with tailbacks.

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4. There is something profoundly sad about watching Syracuse play Villanova and having it be a nonconference game. The caretakers of the game have failed college basketball fans miserably.

5. Kentucky put on a defensive performance for the ages Saturday. The Wildcats completely choke off any offense in the paint.

6. With all the hype for Kentucky and Duke, Virginia is being overlooked. The Cavaliers are a well oiled machine right now.

7. Auburn helped the SEC's lagging nonconference resume by upsetting Xavier. Bruce Pearl now has his full roster available, so it will be interesting to see what they actually have.

8. Washington has quietly run out to a great start. Lorenzo Romar has silenced the critics calling for his job.

9. The Bengals get a shot at shedding the label of big stage chokers against the Broncos tonight. A win would change the perception of the team heading into the playoffs.


My Eagles....One of three teams in the modern era of the NFL to start 9-3 and not make the playoffs. It was a perfect ending to Chip Kelly's second year in Philly. That guy gets on my nerves because he's not a football coach, he's a self styled football inventor. He can't just coach. None of these guys anymore can just coach football. They have to invent. Everybody drinks their own smoothie. Everybody has a new wrinkle. Use GPS in practice. New techniques. Mantras galore. New schemes. Blah blah blah. Here's an idea, get your damn safety some help over the top. Chip Kelly is a real treat.

That idiot outright cut a pro bowl receiver in DeSean Jackson and let him go to a division rival. Who cuts their only deep threat? Why? Because he didn't get along with him? Because he's stubborn. I'll tell you what concerns me......Nah, never mind. I'm not going to go there. In professional football it isn't about winning with guys that you like. It's about winning. And the only people Chip Kelly has beaten his first two years in Philly are teams that can't play. Genius Chip Kelly sat there and watched Bradley Fletcher get burned for 35 points in two games. DeSean Jackson had 256 yards on his secondary. It was CLASSIC!!! Philly talk radio is CLASSIC today. Those poor people are shattered. I don't get shattered. I get pissed.

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I'll say this for the Cowboys, the experts don't know what the hell they are talking about. Dallas has a really nice team. All year we were hearing about the collapse that was coming. Some 'experts' said they would be historically bad in a weak NFC East. The Cowboys clinched the division with one week left! Tony Romo is doing it with fractures in his back. That defense is playing really well. They played Seattle off their feet earlier in the great northwest. Cowboy fan are you believing? This team is really hot! Magic could be brewing in Big D. Tony Romo should be considered for NFL MVP. Link

The Seahawks bullied my Eagles two weeks ago. Since then those two teams have headed in opposite directions. When they play defense like this, it ain't happening for anybody else in the NFC. What a show they put on last night. Plus 594 yards of total offense. Who wants some of that? Link

The Johnny Football experiment is off to a rough start....Jeez he looks little out there playing a man's game. In retrospect, I owe the Titans an apology. They were smart to stay away from him. It was the right move. It's early but it looks like Cleveland wasted a draft pick on him. Jason LaCanfora is reporting that Manziel has shown little improvement in practice. Apparently his footwork and technique has been terrible behind the scenes. Not to mention, his attitude stinks. Great job by the Titans not to buy the hype.

Shameful and disgraceful effort by Beano's Colts yesterday. Terrible, awful, horrendous. They are a joke. Link

Zero drama in the NFC this weekend. One playoff spot is up for grabs as Carolina travels to Atlanta to crown the winner of the NFC has gone South. A losing team will hoist the banner. Parity or parody?

Meanwhile here's how it shakedown seeding wise in the NFC East. Link

Amazing story here from Raider land. Link

Padres are going off this off-season. Could Cole Hamels be next. Link

Here's a look at next year's roster:

2015 Scholarship Distribution (Popout ) Click for Full View

* Note, please add Michael Sawyers to the list above.

Clemson transfer and Ole Miss signee Chad Kelly is either not wrapped too tight or he was severely impaired. Link

Cuonzo Martin has Cal off to its best start in 55 years. Tonight the Bears get Wisconsin in Berkeley. Huge night for that program in year one under him. I'm not sold on Cuonzo because I don't think he'll get down and dirty in recruiting. Still, he's off to a great start there.

Inside all of us is a Rob Zepp! 'Flyers' 33-year-old rookie goalie Rob Zepp won his NHL debut Sunday. Per @EliasSports, Zepp is oldest goalie to win NHL debut since 1926!'

Tony B

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