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What did I miss here?
Posted: Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014, 9:40 AM
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This situation in SEC hoops in the past 10 days is really interesting.

Auburn gets Casey Ross-Miller through the SEC office after a discipline suspension. Meanwhile Tennessee gets McKnight denied for discipline reasons so, what's the difference?

Sources tell that there a 6 prongs to eligibility or 6 components for SEC eligibility that a prospective transferring senior must meet. McKnight didn't get in due to disciplinary issues. That's one of the prongs. Makes sense as it did last week when the ruling came down. Now it seems this the criteria is floating.

Meanwhile Ross-Miller also had issues. In fact, he was suspended for the stretch drive of the season due to his issues. I can say for a fact that McKnight was NEVER in trouble with the law, so what's the rub?

There is speculation from insiders at UT that the criteria has apparently changed and that the discipline prong has been relaxed beginning with Ross-Miller.

Here's the background on Ross-Miller's interesting career.

As a school boy he commits to Kentucky.

When Gillispie is fired, he tries to go to LSU but doesn't get cleared academically and goes to U of New Orleans.

Leaves New Orleans after playing less than a full season, heads to New Mexico State.

Ross-Miller is suspended two games by the WAC for setting off a near riot by throwing the ball at a Utah Valley State player at the end of a NMSU loss.

So, he's another guy like McKnight with a past including multiple stops and behavioral issues.

McKnight gets denied by the SEC yet Ross-Miller gets in. This call was primarily Mike Slive’s? What gives?

Did Mike Slive do Auburn and Bruce Pearl a solid over that suspension from a couple years ago? What is the reason Ross- Miller gets through yet McKnight gets denied? Both guys have issues with one of the 6 prongs. Neither guy was arrested. Another curious decision goes against Tennessee hoops. A source tells me that the folks around Tennessee are livid.

Meanwhile Tennessee is now left with a front line that looks like they need a collection taken up for them. So skinny and diminutive in this league. What a shame for Donnie Tyndall in his first year.

I can't help but think that McKnight would've gotten through the SEC admissions process in the exact same situation. It is after all, ALL about Kentucky in hoops.

Now, I'm left to wonder if the SEC is going to do Bruce Pearl some favors after essentially sacrificing him with that unprecedented, league mandated 8 game suspension back in the day.

With camp sent to begin, the Berry Twins are ready to leave their own mark. Link

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Keith Hatfield returns with today's edition of the Hatfield IX. As always he's bringing it at you.
Hatfield's Nine
'The grind from the end of the World Cup to the beginning of football is in full swing. The start of NFL camps brings the promise of more to talk about soon.

1. Bob Bowlsby is obviously taking shots at the SEC. He's just reheating the tired rhetoric Jim Delaney has been spouting to explain the failures of the Big Ten.

2. Also, any commissioner with Travis Ford and Scott Drew in his league should be very careful about casting stones. That's a perfect recipe for egg all over your face.

3. It'll be interesting to see if being traded into a pennant race rejuvenates Chase Headley. If he returns to his All Star form past, the Yankees have made a fantastic deal.

4. LSU has the real deal arriving on the court in '15-'16. Ben Simmons is as good a prospect as has walked on the campus in Baton Rouge since Shaquille O'Neal.

5. The Chicago Bulls are obviously not conceding the Central Division to the LeBron fortified Cavaliers. Their pursuit of Kevin Love shows they aren't taking a step back.

6. China is suddenly becoming the vogue destination for overseas basketball. I guess Stephon Marbury really was some sort of visionary when he was at the vanguard of the trend.

7. Congratulations to Tobias Harris on making the USA Basketball Select Team. Playing against the USA FIBA World Cup team will accelerate his progress as a player.

8. For years, Mike Brown wouldn't spend the money necessary to make the Bengals. Now, he's apparently about to lose his mind and wildly overspend for Andy Dalton.

9. The announcement of Tennessee's game against A West Virginia in Charlotte is great news for the program. You can never get too many national television opportunities on neutral fields.


Keith Mentioned Bob Bowlsby above. This is an obvious shot at the SEC. And, he's dead on too. If you want to succeed you have to play the game. BTW, Bowlsby has some interesting things to say here. Link

Tom in Wilmington sent me this article that he dug up on Jordy Mac's performance in the summer league! BTW, Jordy Mac joins me off the top today and I flat out love that guy! My favorite Sixer by far! Link

This is a great story! Former Vol Chase Headley gets set free from mediocrity in San Diego for the Yankees! He hits a game winning homerun mere hours after arriving in Yankee pinstripes. Doesn't get any better than that. Link

Headley is in rare company with last night's feat. Link

More Headley coverage. Link

The HOF caller Fab Five Freddy was way ahead of the game on this one. He said the time has come for MLB to consider a rules change on the shift. Wow. How prescient. Link

8,800 words on the best 100 players in college football. Link

What a horrible story from Greeneville, TN. What in the hell were these elected officials think here. Link

Scroll down here for more on this horrible story. Link

I've literally never heard of this. Here's a young man that would rather return to junior college over playing at Georgia. What in the world? Link

Two fired Paterno assistants file suit against Penn State. Link

Donald Sterling isn't backing down. Link

Been seeing the buzz on Tom Petty's new release. He's trying to get back to his raw late 70's Byrd's inspired sound here. Link

Classy of the Steelers organization to remember Chuck Knoll this year. Link

Meanwhile former Vol Ramon Foster has had quite a career with the Steelers. He's now a leader of younsters there. Link

Final thought: How much sleep should you be getting. Link

RIP Robert Newhouse. Link


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