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Live Friday Costco West Knoxville
Posted: Friday, May 29th, 2015, 11:25 AM
We kick things off on this Friday with Orange Throat. His name has been altered to protect his anxiety. If you read The Throat weekly, you realize he knows his stuff. Phillip Fulmer would've called him OUTSTANDING and a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL guy. Johnny Majors would tell you that he has some DAT BLAME great information and a fresh take on all things Big Orange.

Orange Throat
'Random musings as we enter the weekend and fall under 100 days to kickoff of the most anticipated Tennessee football season in several years:

THE HITMAN BREATHES A SIGH OF RELIEF: The young, courageous UT softball team soon to be known as the former Lady Vols drew the dominant Florida team in the first game of the WCWS yesterday and fell 7-2 to the Gators and their all-everything pitcher and power hitter, senior Lauren Haeger. Although the Lady Vols can stay alive in the double-elimination tournament by beating Auburn Saturday, this greatly lessened the chance Dave Hart is going to have to celebrate a national championship for this group, then strip them of their Lady Vol identity days later.

I believe the Hitman is dug in on this issue and will not change his stance unless directed from above.

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It will be interesting to see if any more notable people come to the aid of the Lady Vol cause. Don't think we've heard from Pat Summitt or Joan Cronan yet. Has the Snooze-Sentinel tried to contact either of them?

ANOTHER UT ICON LOST: Dr. W.J. Julian passed on at age 92 this week. Even though our football has struggled from time to time and basketball experienced the same inconsistency after the Mears era, one of the things that used to characterize UT athletics was across the board excellence. The "Pride of the Southland" embodied that commitment to excellence. NOBODY messed with Jay Julian's band, not even whoever was head football coach at UT. He expected the team to be on time for the "Giant T" and underlings in the football program heard about it if they were late. He was a rough and tough taskmaster, but talk to anyone who was part of the "Pride" during his time and they worship him.

Posted: Thursday, May 28th, 7:22 PM
by Beano
Posted: Sunday, May 17th, 11:46 PM
by Doink
The Circle
Posted: Friday, May 22nd, 8:51 AM
by Alison
SPEAKING OF EXCELLENCE: One of the more forgettable UT sports years comes to a close when the Lady Vol softball team concludes. Our fortunes were particularly bleak on the men's side. Will be interesting to see if the Olympic sports get any better next year. How many Olympic sport coaches can you name on the men's and women's sides?

FOOTBALL PRESEASON STARTS NEXT WEEK: One of the huge changes over the years is how the summer has become a full preseason workout opportunity for college football teams. Butch Jones welcomes the remainder of another stellar recruiting class (those that didn't enroll for the spring) next week and gets to work indoctrinating them into his football program. It is noteworthy that Derek Barnett, the best freshman on last year's team, didn't join the team until this time last year.
Orange Throat'

Throat! So much great stuff there but I don't think Holly is going to bite the hand that's made here wildly wealthy, nor will Joan Cronin though this turn of events must sicken her to no end. If Cronin came out, it really would turn up the heat in Coach Hart's kitchen.

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Pick your Franchise Four for Tennessee Football
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SEC had a mixed bag day Thursday. It was a tough day on the diamond but a great day for the immediate future of hoops. First the good news. When the SEC split from divisions into one 14 team league, it made initial sense. After all, what is a division championship in hoops besides something Jerry Green celebrated? On the other hand, the SEC was really missing something with a format where Tennessee and Kentucky didn't play each other twice. The decision to return regional integrity to SEC basketball scheduling is a wonderful step! Bravo league. I absolutely love it. Having a season where we didn't see Florida in TBA cheapens the process, not to mention the season when we didn't get to host the mouth breathers from the north. Under the current format, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and S Carolina will all appear on UT's schedule twice while Florida remains a rotating home and away proposition. So we didn't get it all but it's a step in the right direction. The schedule reshuffle is a great move by an SEC that should be ready to move up in status with a full complement of terrific coaches. Bravo SEC! Job well done.

On the short side the SEC went 2-3 in day one of the WCWS. Of course, one side of the bracket had all SEC teams so the best the league could've done was 3-2. Still, Tennessee, Auburn and Alabama virtually failed to show up. All three loses were blowouts. I hate it for the Lady Vols because they have had a wonderful season just getting there. It's such a pitching dominated game that it seems that Tennessee will have a nearly impossible task trying to work its way through the losers bracket. It's one thing to lose, I hate seeing Tennessee kick the ball around with the fielding errors. That was a really sad turn to what has been a tremendous effort by a young and overachieving team. Win, lose or draw, the Lady Vols are a great story.

Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the side of the backstop when Hitman Dave Hart shows his face this weekend at the WCWS? WOW!!!

Could the SEC give the new commisioner Goodel like power? Link

Star Power!!! LOL. Link

Keith Hatfield is up next with your Hatfield IX!
Hatfield's Nine
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'This weekend will be a nice warm-up for the epic events next Saturday. There's no shortage of things to watch.

1. The apparent decision to go to three permanent home and home opponents is a great move for SEC basketball. Playing Vanderbilt and Kentucky twice is how it should be for Tennessee.

2. Sepp Blatter certainly never heard about the buck stopping with the boss. His babbling defections of responsibility sound a great deal like the doubletalk Roy Williams has been tossing out over in Chapel Hill.

3. If the FIFA voters don't toss Blatter, they are explicitly endorsing business as usual. That would cast a cloud over the whole operation.

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4. I'll be interested to see how the divorce between the Bulls and Tom Thibodeau turns out for both parties. My guess is it works out well for both.

5. If the expected happens and Chicago hires Fred Hoiberg, somebody will inherit a ready built championship contender in Ames. If I'm running the show there, I turn back the clock and bring in Tim Floyd.

6. Arsenal tries to capture back to back FA Cups tomorrow. Second tier hardware beats none at all.

7. Ryan Clady's injury makes Peyton Manning's job more difficult this season. It's hard to replace Pro Bowlers on short notice.

8. The staff shakeup with UT baseball was necessary. Dave Serrano simply could not allow himself to seen as standing pat with the current state of the program.

9. Hard to beat two Game Sevens in the NHL conference finals. Here's hoping they live up to expectation.


Great job Keith!!! Remember, you can hear Keith today from 1 to 3pm on your Tony Basilio App and live web stream as well as WLAF Radio!!!


BACK AGAAAAIN: After an extended break the Beano Blog is back. Thanks to you and Tony for allowing me a respite to reset the mechanism. Can’t promise that it will turn me into a literary genius but I look forward to sharing whatever brain mists I can muster with you in the weeks ahead. Hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful, safe and reflective Memorial Day Holiday with your loved ones.

THE FENWAY IS THE RIGHT WAY: Oh how this hurts for a lifelong Red Sox hater to admit but…give me a second to compose myself…well hell…I’ve never had a better baseball experience than I had in Fenway Park this past weekend.....

BEANO’S UPDATED STADIUM RANKINGS: Heaven help me Fenway is now #1 with a bullet....

HIT and RUN: With apologies to Keith Hatfield who is much better at this style than I here are some random quick hitters....

-The NBA Playoffs have a disturbing up-and-down quality this year. The first round was absolutely atrocious followed by a thrilling second round. If not for the sheer joy of watching the super talented LeBron James and Stephen Curry the third round would have been totally void of suspense...[more]

Tee Mail:

Dean takes Orange Throat to task over OT's take on the accused in the press but not arrested UT players with altered futures to do the outing of them in the press. Again these are athletes not charged who's names we know because their identity is affixed to alleged or investigated incidents.

'Orange Throat had an excellent comment concerning Von Pearson. I would like to provide some comments.

1. In this society, traditionally (see the 'private' lives of Hollywood stars) people who have worked themselves in certain positions also live to a higher standard. Athletes in college are in this position. You can argue the right of this all day but the fact is that their position (which they have earned, as have Hollywood stars) gives them privileges but also holds them to a greater standard and level of scrutiny.

1a. In the older days, pre-information intensive world of today, there were mechanisms in place to somewhat protect the athlete. Right or wrong - and I have read of circumstances on both sides of that fence - these existed. Not now.

2. In today’s society - again right or wrong - there is a push to punish immediately anyone accused of certain crimes. Specifically punish them outside of the courts. Plus, it does not seem that the legal system is helping. Look the NFL, a thug is caught on camera bashing a woman. He should have been in jail. From jail he could have dealt with his job and the likelihood of continued employment. But, he was put back on the street and the outcry was for the NFL to punish him regardless of the courts. The applicable term is vigilante.

3. I propose that sports - college or pro - is an entertainment business. If they do not sell seats, gain certain levels of TV ratings then they do not exist. Reality. This makes them vulnerable to negative publicity so the NFL caves into being forced to act as judge and jury on an employee accused of certain crimes. And still gets criticized for being too lenient or too harsh. You have to feel for them.

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4. Bottom line - folks in the public eye are held to differing standards and concepts like innocent until proven guilty fall to the wayside. If you feel this is right - support it. This is the most popular bandwagon at this time. If you feel this is wrong, then continue to speak out against it. At this time things like freedom of speech (used responsibly) and freedom of the press (used responsibly) still apply.


Dean, Nashville

To which I replied:

'You have good points but these are college kids, not entertainers. Unless we want to pay them well. Then your logic works. For the next 20 yrs, Von Pearson is going to have this following him around.

Not right

Thanks for being there

Love the input


To which Dean responded:

'Appreciate your reply.

First, agree that what Pearson is going through is wrong. He is being punished before any sort of charges. Even if this is dropped, he will hear about it for a sadly long time. This is one of those items that our society - or segments of our society - push. Punishment of accused is a price to pay for being a ‘public persona’ - be it right or wrong, fair or unfair.

A question for discussion, if the athletes are basically not entertainers, what are they when playing football? With the exception of a few, when they are in football mode they are not preparing for a future career (excluding the benefits of learning hard work, discipline, and not underestimating the ability of the good old boy alumni net to help them get jobs).

Also, if no one shows up at the stadium and no TV cameras appear then just how long does the university continue to maintain a football capacity beyond intramural?

Another way of looking at this, if entertainers show up in a huge stadium and put on terrible performances that result in no one attending and no TV money comes in, how long do they continue? Obviously, lacking funds to continue those who do not entertain sufficiently find other work or starve (or in these days are supported by welfare of varied sorts).

I understand that sports have secondary marketing benefits of getting the school brand out these, being a basis for alumni donations, etc but if the Vols (or Commodes, or Crimson Turds, or Tiggers, etc.) fail to entertain - basically win at a certain level - how long does the endeavor continue?

Click to YMCA of East Tennessee!
So what are they when playing ball? I would propose that they are not being students at those times. They are athletes, but so is a physically talented kid playing intramural sports or just maintaining themselves for personal enjoyment. I say this in this manner because I submit that just being an ‘athlete’ is not justification for existence of a college level sports team. So what are they if not, at a basic level, entertainers?

If this does not provide an item for sufficient thought, let us get to the move for players to be university employees. Does this mean that they are paid to be an athlete but must pay the university (per applicable school policies) to go to class?

If classes are part of their ‘pay’, then they will be required to pay Federal income taxes on the value of those benefits just as I would do if my employer provided ,housing included, as part of my total income package. This could be a significant tax bill, especially for out of state tuition students.

Now, let us get to places like California which taxes pro athletes for a prorated portion of their salary if they play a game within the borders of the state. Vol players getting a taxes due notice form California if they play an away game or bowl game there is a real possibility if they are employees.

Note, the above references the talk of the players being university employees and not the idea of their scholarship including added cash to cover full living expenses. As I understand the laws, that is a different animal.

Hope you are having a good day and I enjoy your column.


Dean: I see what you're getting at but again we're talking about college kids. They aren't pro athletes despite the fact that everything around them has turned into business. Until the $$$ trickles down to the kids, these are 18-22 year old young people risking life and limb for the edification, benefit and entertainment of others. Sure, they get a free education out of the deal but this isn't nearly enough to term them entertainers. In fact, it's not even close. I would say that coaches and administrators are more in the entertainment business than the young people playing sports in a major college setting.

Sterling who blasted me in ALL CAPS a few weeks back returns with another golf take.
'Tony (not all caps),

Just fyi. I know the sports world is centered on NBA, Lady Vols issue, Tennessee football, etc.. Check out Irish Open with Mcilroy, Fowler, and friends this week.. this may be played on possibly the best and most beautiful golf course in the world, including the Masters, which is golf heaven..

Check out this link

DVR this tournament .. just because of the golf

FIFA's Sepp Blatter belongs in the NCAA. He tried and nobody is buying. Link

Nike on the periphery of FIFA investigation? Link

Two final thoughts...Michigan's Head Coach in Softball scares me... And Qatar is an excellent bug repellent but no place to host a World Cup.

Have a great weekend


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