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Labor Day
Vols Defense Doing Work!
Posted: Monday, September 1st, 2014, 7:34 AM
WOW! I just got off the air as I write this! What a wonderful night for the Vol family! The rain blew through right before kickoff and washed away the final remnants of the Dooley era. It was befitting of a program that is about to spring back to life. Water is a symbol of life and Tennessee's new life on defense was everywhere. I never saw that kind of performance coming from the young Vols. Now the question everyone is asking today is what exactly did we see last night? Was this a case of Utah State being overrated or Tennessee underrated? I would argue that itís probably a little of both. I'm not sure if the final score of last night's game changes the way I view this season. Put it this way, I had zero expectations for this team other than for them to play hard a smart football. Outside of that, I'm not putting any projected mandate on them. If they get to a bowl game, fine. If they don't and they play smart and hard football, no problems here.

BTW, this fan base really deserves to win. After the rain blew through, I was making my way toward the stadium when I came up on ticket broker. He shared with me that tickets were going for just over face even after that heavy downpour. Think about that for a second. Shouldn't tickets be $5 after it rains like that for a team that has had so little success in the past 5 years? People here absolutely love their Vols. Itís pretty fun to see this come back to life indeed. Not a lot a bandwagon fans in that stadium last night. This fan base DESERVES to win! 102 thousand strong! And loud!!! Going to be great when it starts to happen!

Look at these fans! This is craziness. Link

Some in the fan base will take last night as a sign that Tennessee has arrived. These are the magical thinkers who also believed last year that Tennessee would play with Oregon. If this is you, I don't want to steal your joy. Believe what you want to believe. Whether it's now of 24 months from now, it's coming. Too much talent for better days not to be ahead.

The future is so bright for this program under this regime. These guys are all pulling in the right direction. AJ Johnson balling out on special teams as an upperclassman? Are you kidding me? I love seeing that kind of effort from my team. So special to see him play with the passion of a guy that loves that sport. I hope for his sake a Worley's that these guys can make a bowl game. They really deserve to go out as winners!

There were blemishes last night but they can't obfuscate the reality that Tennessee football is coming back with a vengeance. So much team speed on defense.

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The following first year guys got a chance to play last night in the win over Utah State:

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Evan Berry, Colton Jumper, Dimarya Mixon, Emmanuel Moseley, D'Andre Payne, M. Sawyers, Coleman Thomas, Wharton,Barnett, Bates, Helm, Hurd, Kelly, Malone, Medley, McDowell, Pearson, Robertson, Weatherd, Williams and Wolf. (Courtesy Danny Parker,

21 true freshmen in all played! 21....And there are some damn good players in that lot.

It was telling that Blair didn't get a chance to enter the game after Jacob Gilliam was shaken up. Brett Kendrick entered the game. A sure sign that Blair isn't trusted at all by UT's coaching staff.

Call me crazy but no way Chuckie Keaton is anywhere close to 100%. And what was he doing in that game late. That was plumb crazy!

Jerry Colquitt had a great observation on Hurd. Tennessee needs to revisit the way they are using him on running plays and allow him to hit the hole quicker. Will they adjust?

Weathered is a bad man. Did you see that closing speed? Sheesh...

Many questions were answered last night! Link

Jason Swain debuts today from 7a to 10a Eastern Time. Check him out and give him a listen here. Link

AJ Johnson got to lead the band last night after the win. Fun stuff. Link

Chuckie Keaton got swallowed alive last night. Link

Sports Illustrated gives the Vols some love. Link

Wow...This is a great picture. Link

Tom in Delaware is feeling it!

'Hi Tony,

Wow our boys looked good tonight. That Defense was fun to watch. It was impossible to say that last year. AJ Johnson had a monster night. Cam Sutton and Jalen Reeves-Maybin were right there with him. And the D line was getting pressure and keeping the run game in check. And the tackling and overall containment were excellent. Welcome back Tennessee Football.

Here are some stats(courtesy

10 Reeves-Maybin
9 AJ Johnson
5 Randolph
4 Sutton

Vols defense holds Utah State to 3-of-14 on 3rd down conversions.

Vols score 17 points off of Utah State turnovers.

Vols had 9 players with 26 or more yards rushing and/or receiving:
Josh Smith

Vols had 5 different players score touchdowns:

On your 5th quarter show there was some discussion about the Booth Replay being initiated after a play was run. I'm not sure what the rule is in college football but we might have been caught in a technicality. The disputed play was run, and then we lined up, and then the whistle blew for a false start(dead ball penalty - not a live ball snap). AND then the Booth Replay was initiated. The ball was never snapped. Perhaps that is why they could go to a replay.

Things we need to work on immediately - false start penalties.

Great job on the 5th quarter show. Lots of fun!

Take care,

Tom in Delaware'

See you at 11 eastern


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1 2 .. 1946

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