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Posted: Tuesday, July 29th, 2014, 8:52 AM
33 Days. And yes, Keith DeLong is still the king. Well, Bob Wills is actually still the king buy DeLong isn't far behind. Never forget 1988 when the Vols were out manned at home versus Bama and DeLong balled out with 23 tackles.

Manning and Colquitt dancing to Rocky Top today. This is a fun way to begin your Tuesday. Link

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Got a Derek Dooley story? Did you have an interaction with 'Derek Doolittle' (Corey Larkins, Sunday's Chatt Times Free Press)? I want to hear about it today on the show as we do, 'Derek Dooley, Tell Me A Story.' Call in live between 11:30 am and 1pm Eastern time. This has a chance to be really classic. Then again, it has a chance to stink. Hopefully it will be a fun show full of head shaking material.

Dooley was a complete nut in Knoxville from start to finish. What a maroon. And he always believed he was smarter and better than you. It never mattered what you did. Dooley was that guy that was better than you. So today we're going to have fun with a guy that mistreated just about everyone he interacted with. What an ass with a capital A.

I took a vote on the air yesterday and the listeners said to let Flemming, Al Wilson and CL Smooth be our guide. Those guys ripped Dooley. As one caller put it yesterday, 'we purge the program of that loser once and for all and get on to the business of winning.' Sounds good to me.

BTW, these former Vols are ripping Dooley here while praising Butch Jones. Link

Charles Barkley is my favorite figure in all of sports. The guy is a wonderful ambassador for sports in an age where all involved are afraid of the truth. Barkley is a common man who done good. We love him for it. He's a truth teller and a doer of quiet good deeds. When you listen to him talk, he's actually telling you what he thinks. What a concept. And this story here from Philadelphia just breaks my heart.

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Here's a family selling fruit on the side of the road, just minding their own business and getting demolished by a couple of young thugs in a carjacking gone awry. A really heartbreaking story. Charles Barkley to the rescue. He happened to be in Philly when this story went down and he's using his wealth for good. Read this and weep. And believe me, you will weep for these poor folks. Link

Jarnelle Stokes is really going to make it, isn't he? Link

Did I miss something here? What's the deal with the people in Baltimore? They repeatedly cheered Ray Rice in an obvious show of support for the wife beater. What the hell? Link

Johnny Majors loves saying that the wind blows hardest at the top of the flagpole. SEC is getting it from all angles these days. Link

Most coaches wouldn't discuss something as inflammatory as a controversial exit from a place but James Franklin isn't most people. Link

Who are the 6 biggest homer announcers in sports? Do you like homer announcers. I LOVE homer announcers. My favorites are the ones who go both ways with praise and scorn. I love guys that bleed in the booth or who can sweep you up in joy. Link

You enjoy high school sports? Here are stadiums you must visit before you die. Link

So Mudiay gets through the NCAA Clearinghouse but he's going to China anyway. Link

Jeter jumps over Yazz. This guy is a living legend, isn't he? Link

Go to a MLB game and get a home run smashed against your team in a blowout loss. That's bad enough. Get you window smashed in the process? That's living Vol fan level in the Dooley era. Link

Smart piece of recruiting here from Georgia? Link

KHSAA bans Cordia boys hoops coached by former UK star Roderick Rhodes for upcoming season. Link

Why do Seahawks win? Great leadership. Link

This is one of my Philly boys getting a great gig in Memphis. Ed Stefanski is great people! Link

When you're 77 years old and doing stuff like this, you get my vote! Link

Not a big expert but that doubles breakdown from Serena Williams looked like a troubled person coming undone. She claims otherwise? What really happened? Who knows? Link


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1 2 .. 1922

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