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Posted: Thursday, March 5th, 2015, 1:30 AM
Sorry I missed you right here yesterday. Been a long while since I've missed a day. I clocked in with a 102.7 degree fever Tuesday afternoon into the night. Completely knocked me out. Sorry about that. I really take pride in trying to put something thoughtful up here daily along with the usual # of interesting links I can find.

We were on the air last night for 2.25 hours after UT's huge win over LSU. Thanks to Smartway and Dalton Bearing and Hydraulics for providing sponsorship for our efforts. I've had a wonderful time postgame with you talking UT football and hoops. Yes, we will be live following ever basketball game plus every football game including Spring Game + Summer Open Workout) in 2015. It's been such a great time.

Last night I was still a little feverish but Tennessee made me feel a whole lot better with that effort last night.

Tennessee hoops owns LSU in Baton Rouge. Vols had won 5 straight game on the Bayou before last night.

Thank God for the Con-Zo of the Bayou, Johnnie Jones played zero zone defense last night. Where was the 2-3 zone? I love it!!!! Thanks JJ!!! Get in the tourney!!! Get a raise, get an extension.

Here's my live blog from LSU.

'First half indicative of the season. Vols up 7 early going on 12-2 run after a slow start. Then they coughed a promising looking 4 point lead right before halftime with Hornsby netting 4 points from the foul line. Then the Vols completely mismanaged the end of the half possession.

It's hard to be mad at these guys. At half, they are tied 33 apiece with a team that absolutely murdered them a few weeks ago in Knoxville.

Martin is in foul trouble. If the Vols get get a couple more on him, they will have a chance.

J Rich is going to have to be more selfish in the second half to win this game. He can't be passive.

Vols are playing so well right now that I'm almost afraid to write anything here. They are playing out of their minds right now. This game is looking like it can't slip away. Vols are up 54-44 with 10:52 to play. LSU looks flat. Vols are shooting 69% on the night. Hubbs hits a 3 and it's a 13 point lead.!!!

Sean Farnham made a great point...LSU looks like the team with no NCAA Tournament resume while the Vols look like a team that's a shoe in for the Big Dance.

Richardson's breakaway lay-in makes it 59-44 Tennessee with 9:02 to play. I don't think I can jinx the Vols by saying this one looks like a blowout.

LSU literally looks like they are coached by Cuonzo Martin minus a petition. How's that for a cheap shot?

Punter 3 ball makes it 62-44. Vols are up 18....Kill em Vols!!

Owens with the JAM!!! And one it's 64-47. My wife said the Vols might hurt Owens chest bumping him. Food for thought.

Vols are up 13 points, LSU is on a mini run. Can Tennessee hold up here. Probably need 5 points to win from here.64-51 with 6:30 left.

Richardson with a layup and it's 66-51. He has 20 points!

Horrible officiating on that Quarterman foul. Richardson fouled him in the act of shooting yet they called it on the floor. You never know in this league.

Moore just schooled Martin. He's superman. Guy is 6-5 and plays 7 feet.

Hornsby has 23 pts. If it's for him, this game is a blowout.

These refs are like my 18 year old dog. They have zero vision. That's C team officiating crew.

Moore does it again 70-56 Vols. This is fun.

Three ball quarterman 70-59 Vols with 3:54 left. Come on Vols.

Hubbs has really played hard. Big Gulp

Tennessee is up 72-59 as Hubbs made the first two foul shots that Tennessee hit all night long with 3:08 to play in the game. Can you believe that.

To this point 32 points in the paint for Tennessee to 18 for LSU. Armani Moore has flat out dominated.

I feel so great for Richardson. Tennessee really needs to get the win Saturday and win the first one in the SEC Tournament. This team deserves great things to happen.

Punter with layin and it's 74-59 Vols with 2:00 min. Fans at LSU are leaving early. And there weren't many there to begin with. What kind of a crowd is that for an LSU team fighting to get in.

It's 74-63 and Tyndall is on UT's bench chewing somebody out. That's Pat Summittesque. The great coaches are never satisfied.

Moore layup makes it 78-63

Vols 15-14 7-10 in the league...

Shocking....Wire to wire roll job

LSU 21-9 10-7'

Vols finish 5-4 on the road in SEC.

They are 2-6 at home in the SEC to this point. Jeez Louise.

Briney Boy Hartman with an excellent #. After last night Tennessee will now clinch at least a 1-1 finish versus EVERY SEC team that they played twice. Last year's Vols were swept TWICE. Jeez.

Look at the UT's roster and ask who has gotten better. It's pretty impressive.

The Vols are road warriors. Donnie T starring Precious Paul Ellering. Or is he Percy Pringle? Or is he Oliver Humperdink? He might be Bobby Heenan. Coming the wit and entertainment with the wins.

Think about this. Tennessee could've easily had a 6-3 road record this year. Florida was the only game that was a blowout on the road. What about Ark game (last second shot to tie in and out)? Ole Miss (overturned call kills the Vols)? Tennessee easily could've been 6-3 on the road.

LSU basketball fever...Catch it. Link

Hatfield IX Time:
'It seems winter wants at least one more shot at East Tennessee. We can't get to Summer soon enough.

1. The Vols faced a daunting task in Baton Rouge last night and came up roses. LSU is simply an awful matchup for this Tennessee squad yet the Vols played selfless basketball to win.
2. Brian Shaw just could not connect with his roster in Denver. Showing George Karl the door looks worse with each passing day.
3. Virginia made it through a minefield of injuries to capture another ACC regular season title. The Cavaliers will be a real load if everyone is back at full speed for the NCAA Tournament.
4. Rick Barnes desperately needs his Longhorns to sneak into the Field of 68. Missing the tournament with a preseason top 10 team might be the final straw.
5. The race for the last two Champions League spots from the EPL looks to be fascinating. At least five teams can harbor hopes of grabbing one of the slots.
6. Gonzaga's loss to BYU likely ends their quest for a number one seed. Arizona or Villanova seem to be the likely beneficiary.
7. Duke continues to be the Teflon Program. The media seems far less interested in investigating Mike Krzyzewski's handling of a sexual assault allegation that they typically are.
8. The Knicks are an embarrassment to the NBA right now. I guess Phil Jackson isn't much of a genius when he doesn't have multiple Hall of Fame coattails to ride.
9. It certainly seems inevitable that Kentucky will enter the NCAA Tournament unbeaten. The hype surrounding their quest will be insane.


Freddie Scott did a most worthwhile presentation to the UT football team yesterday in Knoxville. Scott has a terrific organization calling attention to some serious issue plaguing the sports world/culture. Yesterday Tennessee went through Scott's domestic violence workshop. Good for him. Good for the guys on that team. Never ever hit a lady. NEVER. Here's more on what he does. Link

I'm sure you saw where Peyton Manning is coming back to the Broncos. He's not doing it soley for the money as Manning is taking a $4 million pay cut. It's no secret that he's coming back to win a Superbowl. Manning is following Tom Brady's lead in this as Brady has been notorious for working with the Patriots making less money thus giving his team more cap space. Manning is coming back to dethrone Brady and the Patriots. 'Peyton Manning will be 39 during the 2015 NFL season. Oldest QB to start a Super Bowl was John Elway at 38 years, 217 days in SB XXXIII.' (Courtesy ESPN, Sports Info Twitter)

I can't help but wonder how close Tennessee was this year to being one of the 6 teams making the NCAA Tournament. The Vols just had some terrible in game and injury luck this year. 6 SEC teams are projected. 6 teams. Can you believe that. Link

Guys at RTI always keep it fun and interesting. This is though provoking. Link

Here's more on Manning's deal. Link

What's more intense? Kentucky's greatness in hoops or their insignificance in football? Link

Good luck getting to the bottom of the Chris Jones story. For the sake of all involved, I hope this is true. Link

Davidson, VCU will be played before a sold out crowd tonight. That conference is a lot of fun this year. Some really great basketball being played at the top of that league.

Why not NIT? Good idea. Link

NTSB may reopen the investigation into the day the music died. Music geeks like me love stuff like this. Link

Is this a national epidemic or is the spotlight more intense. Link

It's a 51 degree swing today from Wednesday to today in East Tennessee. That's sure to help us all feel GREAT.

My lovely wife had a pretty good line I thought I would share here. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be an Eagle.


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