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Tennessee @ Ole Miss Game Preview
(7p, ESPN)
Posted: Saturday, October 18th, 2014, 11:18 AM
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Or, to read my take on the Vols' offensive offensive line, click here:

Tennessee's OL Woes: What's the REAL Problem?

Now, on to today's festivities...

Bad news, boys and girls. Our chances of winning today are about 2%.

"So, you're telling me there's a chance!"

Yes, there's a chance.

IF "Bad" Bo Wallace shows up and commits a bunch of turnovers--which is possible, if the Pulaski, TN, native tries too hard to prove himself against the school he grew up rooting for but who never offered him a scholarship--AND the Volunteer defense and special teams provide big (read "scoring") plays AND an Ole Miss team overlooking the lowly likes of Tennessee in the midst of games vs. Alabama, at Texas A&M, at LSU, and vs. Auburn fails to take the game seriously, THEN maybe our beloved Vols can win by a FG or less. Say, 17-16 or so.

But I could very easily see none of those things happening, leading to a 17-52 drubbing of the Vols by the home Rebel Black Bears (whatever that is) on the heels of 10 sacks surrendered by our beleaguered OL to the likes of Robert Nkemdiche.

Nevertheless, I'm thinking some combination of the two happens today.

I see our coaches--who haven't helped our weak OL the past few weeks by calling slow-developing pass plays rather than the quick stuff they called up until the 2nd half of the Georgia game--being a little smarter today. Sure, there will still be 5 or 6 sacks, but I don't think they'll be as detrimental, as long as Worley isn't carted off the field. The problem is, however, that the rest of the Ole Miss D is very good, so I don't see our offense mounting much of an attack.

Look for the defense (or special teams...thank you Evan Berry) to score, or at least to leave the offense with a very short field twice. I think one of those gets converted to a TD. And I think the offense manages a FG drive once.

Look for "Bad Bo" to press and keep the Vols in the game with a couple of INTs, as well as a fumble or two from the Ole Miss offense/special teams.

Expect it to be a long, boring, hope-inducing-and-crushing kind of game.

Expect me NOT to give stat predictions on that kind of game.

And expect a final score of...

Tennessee 10, Ole Miss 20

I may be sheepy, but I'm with Tony et al. in believing that we have a better chance of getting a W at home against Alabama next week, and a much better chance of beating the Elephants than we've had in a long, long time. (Though I likely still won't be picking us.)

At any rate...


And, as always, you can follow us on Twitter @LittleOsBlog.

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