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Live @ Pilot 8541 Middlebrook Pike
Posted: Friday, January 23rd, 2015, 4:27 PM
Make no mistake; this is a critical period during the early Butch Jones era. The news of Bajakian, though unexpected, is an opportunity for Tennessee to recast itself offensively. This is a huge hire for many reasons. Phillip Fulmer will tell you that a misstep with this position could derail any program. It's important that Tennessee make the right hire here.

Bajakian is the one and the only one that Butch Jones has had at OC in eight years as a Head Coach.

Today, we wake up with a head coach at UT who literally hasn't been in this position before. This staff has been together for a long time. As we saw with the Fulmer's tenure, this is a position that could literally keep you from winning if you make a misstep.

I do believe that Jones will take his time on the hire....[more]
Posted: Thursday, January 22nd, 2015, 10:26 PM
by Beano

BIDDING BAJAKIAN BYE: Through the first two years of Butch Jones’ tenure as the Vols Head Man I have resisted the urge to quickly judge his coaching staff or approach. I have steadfastly supported the thought process that you can’t accurately –or fairly- evaluate coaches or how they use the players at their disposal when many of their conference opponents have much more to work with. That being said I must admit I have been far from sold on Mike Bajakian and have even entertained early thoughts that the Vols may have an SEC-caliber defensive staff and a Big East offensive staff. While not the President of the Mike Bajakian fan club there is something very comforting about staff stability –in very short supply around here for years- and Jones will now be forced to hire only the second OC of his 8 year head coaching career. I also believe that regardless of who replaces Bajakian that the offense will remain exactly what Butch Jones wants it to be. He won’t soon be seeking my council but unsolicited here is what I want it to be; one that requires less carries by Josh Dobbs lessening his chance of missed time due to injury; a RB-by-committee approach that still features but preserves Jalen Hurd; a more cohesive O-Line alignment with a more physical and sound technique blocking approach and much more efficiency in short yardage and red zone opportunities. That is probably too much to ask from one man but not if the right candidate is selected and his boss is willing to adjust his thinking slightly as well....[more]
Live @ Stovers 4505 Asheville Highway
Posted: Thursday, January 22nd, 2015, 11:26 PM
13 days out from National Signing Day!!! Reminder!!! You're invited to join us live on site as we are doing an unprecedented recruiting Triple Cast at Smoky Mountain Brewery @ Turkey Creek in West Knoxville. When I say we, I mean 3 different radio shows from 3 different radio stations, joining forces all in one spot to serve you the living common fan. I sure do hope that you will make plans to join us as Jason Swain will lead things off in the morning from 7a to 11a followed by yours truly from 11a-3p followed by Russell Smith from 94.3 FM.

The movement with Marques Ford yesterday is the first of a few shoes that are sure to drop. There's not enough room at the inn while Butch Jones is still taking on guests. The math doesn't work. When you are throwing four star prospects back into the ocean, you've had a great day of fishing. Jones needs to wear a Bill Dance mesh Tennessee hat on signing day....[more]
Live @ Sushi Spot
Posted: Wednesday, January 21st, 2015, 10:48 AM
Before you read what I'm about to share today, I'd like to go over a couple of ground rules of engagement with this subject matter to be covered today. First of all this is all fluid and subject to change. We're dealing with the NCAA here. Plus, I'm gleaning bits and pieces of this report from several conversations I had with folks on all sides of this (UT, Southern Miss, industry insider types etc) in the past several hours.

Please understand that I don't pretend to have all the answers here. Nor do I pretend to understand how to read the tea leaves of the developments from last night.

Southern Miss imposed their own post-season ban last night in a move that caught many by surprise. Link

Not only will Southern Miss not be eligible for post-season tournament consideration, but they won't even participate in the C-USA Tourney either. With only 5 wins versus 11 losses, this is turning into a lost season at Southern Miss....[more]
Posted: Thursday, January 15th, 2015, 6:16 PM
by Beano

TRACKING TYNDALL: While fully admitting that judging a coach –good or bad- prior to year three usually proves inaccurate and is almost always unreasonable I can’t help it when it comes to Donnie Tyndall; I love the guy. So here are my waaaay too early impressions:

HE’S AN ARCHITECT: Anyone that can construct a team from rubble in six weeks during the slim-pickens springtime that starts 10-5 against a challenging schedule is a true builder

HE’S A TACTICIAN: He plays a unique style combining the press and matchup zone that is extremely hard for opponents to prepare for yet has been able to quickly teach it to his inexperienced unit. Unlike most teams that defend 94 feet his offense –while taking advantage of forced turnovers- is not haphazard on the offensive end and more times than not takes a quality shot.

HE EVALUATES AND ADJUSTS: Rare has been the occasion when the Vols have failed to play better in the second half than in the first....[more]
Posted: Friday, January 9th, 2015, 6:06 PM
by Beano

FINALLY I DON’T HAVE TO PRETEND TO BE OPTIMISTIC: I have been afraid to believe; heck I’ve been terrified to even hope that the worst stretch of football in my lifetime as a Tennessee fan is taking a positive turn. At the end of Derek Dooley’s second season I was resigned to the fact that not only was he incapable of advancing the program he was excavating an abyss for it to fall into from which we would never emerge if given more than three seasons at the helm. At the conclusion of Butch Jones’ second season I’m not convinced he is the long-term answer but if not I believe he will at the very least lay the foundation for whoever is. The Vols 45-28 total demolition of an experienced Iowa team was as cathartic a victory for the program and fanbase as has occurred here since the 2004 team’s regular season win in Athens that led to an unexpected SEC East title. The program’s first bowl victory in seven years and one day coupled with more commitments to an already impressive recruiting class -that means Jones and staff have stacked them back-to-back- is a long awaited on and off-the-field accomplishment daily-double so rare here for some time. The program’s vital signs appear stronger than at any time since Lane Kiffin chose to leave for his dream –soon to become nightmare- job at USC. The pace of ascent may be slower than some prefer but it is trending upward nonetheless....[more]
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