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Posted: Friday, October 2nd, 2015, 7:56 PM
Are you ready to beat somebody with a name in major college football? Arkansas will hopefully do the trick. Orange Throat leads things off on this Friday!

We've spent a couple of days marveling at the lack of production 2 & 1/3 years into Brett Bielema's tenure at Arkansas, so today on the eve of the Arkansas game in Knoxville we take a closer look at Butch's body of work. So far, Butch's highlights include a win over an 11-2 South Carolina team in year one plus a bowl win over Iowa in year 2. He also has 3 1-AA wins, 5 non power conference wins and 5 conference wins against teams with a combined 17-32 record (courtesy Dr Sean Sinclair). That's not exactly world beating. When you consider this plus the fact that Tennessee is tied with Vandy for total wins since 2010, it's no wonder this place will come unglued tomorrow night if Tennessee can't get pull this game out.

I do want to remind you that we will be live at Hardee's today on Tazewell Pike. Can't wait to welcome Beano back to Terra firma.

Post Film Study along with the weather forecast, it's feeling like this game is going to be a straight coin flip tomorrow night....[more]
Posted: Thursday, October 1st, 2015, 9:13 PM
by Beano


-The Vols running attack looks as if it will be effective against every opponent on the 2015 schedule

-The Vols passing attack looks equally inept regardless of the opposition.

-Josh Dobbs is a major factor in both. His mobility and toughness provides the Vols with two ground weapons in any formation. The frequent inaccuracy of his throws is the one thing that Butch Jones has apparently shot the fanbase straight about since his hiring....[more]
Live Thursday @
Smoothie King
Walker Springs Road
Posted: Thursday, October 1st, 2015, 6:47 AM
I was panning the job that Bret Bielema has done at Arkansas in 2 and 1/3 college football seasons yesterday right here. Upon further review, Bielema does stink so far, but his path is way tougher than that of Butch Jones at Tennessee.

Tennessee and Arkansas have four common road opponents over the last 2 years Florida Alabama Ole Miss Missouri and both teams are 0-4. Arkansas lost to LSU, Auburn A&M, and @ Mississippi State while Tennessee lost to Georgia and beat South Carolina Kentucky and Vandy. Obviously Tennessee's path is much easier.

Still Bielema doesn't win on the road in this league. At least he hasn't to this point. Of course these things have a way of ending over the past decade on 'our time'. If I can quote Mr. Hand here. I will say that after really breaking down some film with Vol Colonel, Tony Robinson and Coach Jerry Glanville, Arkansas is going to make Tennessee execute in the passing game to move the football....[more]
Live Wednesday @ Stover's
Posted: Wednesday, September 30th, 2015, 8:18 PM
Arkansas comes to town Saturday and they WILL leave town with yet another loss. How do I know? Because they can't beat anybody on the road under Brett Bielema. He's amusing and he does the worm pre-game on asphalt but he's not getting much traction there, especially on the road. BB at Arkansas has only 2 conference wins in the same amount of time that Butch Jones has been at UT. That's awful. He's 1-8 on the road overall with his only win being @ Texas Tech. He's lost at places like Rutgers, Miss State & Ole Miss. His conference road record is 0-8. There's simply no way Tennessee can lose to this bunch. If UT drops this game it would represent the low point in the Butch Jones era....[more]
Posted: Thursday, September 17th, 2015, 5:28 PM
by Beano


-Due to a commitment made to friends and teammates prior to understanding that the Senior Softball National Tournament would be played the same weekend as the Oklahoma game I was only able to listen to/view the latter stages of the 2nd quarter live. I was getting frequent updates from a friend following the game and was bitterly disappointed to learn the Vols had blown an opportunity to get a quality non-conference win –at home no less- versus a traditional power. As bad as I was hurting I can’t imagine the deflation the rest of Vol Nation felt after living the nightmare in real time. I just finished watching the replay and might as well have let a mule kick me in the privates


-It had been my contention since the loss in Norman that the return match in Neyland would signal the Vols return to National relevance....[more]
Posted: Thursday, September 10th, 2015, 5:39 PM
by Beano

BIG ORANGE REARVIEW MIRROR By the time you read this segment each week most of what is mentioned below will be old news. I’ve decided to include it however to remind myself that as George Santayana once said “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it”…but mostly because as I like to say “if I don’t write it down I’m doomed to forget it”.

-The Vols offense was very impressive regardless of how pedestrian Bowling Green’s defense proves to be going forward

-Tennessee’s pass defense was very unimpressive regardless of how good Matt Johnson, Gehrig Dieter and the rest of the Falcon’s offensive entourage prove to be going forward

-Alvin Kamara’s ability and how he compliments other weapons in the Vol offense reminds me of the addition of Charlie Garner in 1992

-Trevor Daniel was excellent in his debut as the Vols punter. Combining both booming and placement punts in your first start cannot be an easy task...[more]
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