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Kentucky Game Preview
Posted: Monday, November 25th, 2013, 5:50 PM
by Josh
The amount of excuse making that I have heard since Vandy beat Tennessee is sickening. Why would people rather blame the players than to say anything negative about Butch Jones? I absolutely refuse to entertain any nonsense about a talent disparity when trying to explain a loss to freaking Vanderbilt away. It's just excuse making bull crap. That argument works against Missouri and Auburn. Not freaking Vanderbilt. Let's just call it what it is. James Franklin is a better coach that Butch Jones. He has made a bowl in all 3 of his seasons at Vandy and had a really good chance to win 9 games in back to back years. AT VANDERBILT! Want to guess the last time that happened? NEVER! It has never happened. Why on Earth did Gus Malzahn or James Franklin never even get looked at last year for the Tennessee job? Now Butch is recruiting well. When he gets all his talent in here, then what? Franklin is winning 9 games with less talent than Tennessee has right now. Butch can't even get to a bowl. So what happens when Butch brings Tennessee's talent up to Alabama or LSU's level? Does he win 9 games? Maybe 10? Can he win a championship with his conservative style, gimmick offense and mid major coordinators? I don't think so. He will have to adapt or we will have to be content with 8-4 or 9-3 consistently. If that's what everyone is happy with then whatever. The Tennessee I know should compete for conference and national championships and shouldn't settle for anything less.

On this Kentucky game, I think Tennessee can take care of business but I don't say that with a lot of confidence. And it's not because of Josh Dobbs. I'm tired of people piling on him. He didn't have a great game but he also wasn't helped by such conservative playcalling. It's hard to have a lot of passing yards when your offensive coordinator calls 764 screen passes. And why didn't they run him more? Anyway, I think Tennessee can just stay on the ground this game like they seem to want to do to go along with their screen passes and keep Kentucky low enough to win. I wouldn't be surprised if Tennessee lost but I don't think it will happen. Tennessee wins and gives the sheep something to hope for next year.

Tennessee 24
Kentucky 17

In other games...

Alabama 35
Auburn 21 (I would love for Auburn to win, just don't see it)

Florida State 52
Florida 14

Ohio State 38
Michigan 21

South Carolina 27
Clemson 23

Texas A&M 37
Missouri 34

This season showed a lot of promise on October 19th. It will end on November 30th in Lexington with no real questions about Butch Jones answered and only National Signing Day to look forward to. I've told you all year brighter days are ahead...and they are. I am just afraid that it may be a shift from lower mediocrity to upper mediocrity, instead of rising to the top.

For those who want you can follow me on Twitter @Joshes_Blog.

Thank you for reading my blog all year through the ups and downs. You have seen me grow wool and then you saw me shave it off. I hope Butch can prove me wrong but I fear that people will be happy with 8-4 and 9-3 and will never demand better so he will probably be here for a long time. Hopefully he wins at a higher level than I think he can. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and be safe this holiday season. God Bless!

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6515 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN

Calhoun's on the River
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Calhoun's at Pellissippi Parkway
10020 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN

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