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Vanderbilt Game Preview
Posted: Friday, November 24th, 2017, 8:57 PM
by Josh
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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as we approach the end of this long nightmare of a season. The Georgia Tech game feels like it was 2 years ago. We now find ourselves on the verge of the worst season in Tennessee football history. It has been a hell of a week. As far as I'm concerned, the Grumors are dead. Tony and the Vol Colonel say there's little to no chance and I'll roll with those guys on this.

Some of you might not want to hear this. Some of you may not be ready to hear this, but it needs to be said. Jon Gruden is a narcissistic sociopath. There is no other explanation for a man who throws gasoline on the burning hot Grumors with no intention of ever taking the job. It all started this year when he sat among the fans for the South Carolina game AFTER the Georgia thrashing. It was clear that at best, Butch Jones was on the hot seat and at worst his fate was sealed. Gruden knew what he was doing by sitting down there in plain view. This was a few weeks after Paul Finebaum said on his show that Gruden would be Tennessee's top target. So in the eyes of many, this lended credibility to what Finebaum said and Grumors 2017 began. What followed was over a month of insanity. Behind the scenes, Gruden began reaching out to coaches about being on a potential staff at Tennessee. Of course this leaked out and some of the less experienced media members began reporting it, throwing more gas on the fire. There were reports that Tennessee had been in contact with Gruden since the Georgia game. All the while, when Gruden gets asked about Tennessee on interviews, he never shoots it down. In fact, he fuels the fire with comments like "Never say never to nothing", as well as bringing up Knoxville and Rocky Top unprompted. He effectively makes the Grumors a full blown forest fire visible from space. At this time, Tony was not shooting it down and saying there may be something to it. Former players were going crazy about an alleged meeting in Tampa. Then little things began to trickle out in the media like "Gruden has no interest in coaching at Tennessee" and Jayson Swain saying he was moving on. After the loss to LSU, Tony shot down the Grumors on the Garza Law 5th Quarter Fan Reaction based on the Dennis Dodd article saying Tennessee had concerns about Jon Gruden.

Before we move on, let's think about how stupid this is for a minute. Tennessee has concerns about a Super Bowl winning coach being able to coach in college. Did they not have concerns about hiring an immature 33 year old that got fired by the Raiders after a season and 4 games? Did they not have concerns about hiring a coach from Louisiana Tech with a 17-20 record? Did they not have concerns about hiring a slogan machine who's only head coaching experience was living off Brian Kelly's sloppy seconds? This article was intended to signal to Tennessee fans that UT was moving on from Gruden but it really ends up being an indictment of the level of incompetence that still holds power on the Hill. That alone should send fear down the spine of anyone to know that someone with this mentality is going to hire our next coach.

So last week, I think Gruden definitively told Tennessee no. And this week we are left with the realization that the administration is still as incompetent as ever. Dan Mullen seems to be the best we can hope for. If he says no, which he probably will, then get ready for Mike Norvell. We wasted over a month on a guy who never intended on taking the job.

To be fair to Jon Gruden, I've also considered this possibility. Maybe the reason he brought up Rocky Top and Knoxville was that it was his way of saying that he still loves Tennessee, despite not taking the job. My honest opinion is that he is a sick and twisted narcissist who desperately loves attention. I really hope the fanbase has learned its lesson with Gruden this time. He's never going to take the job. Quit obsessing over him and put your focus on other candidates.

The Vanderbilt game feels so secondary to me. Both teams are terrible. To me it just represents a merciful end to the worst Tennessee season I've ever seen. We've seen some bad years but this takes the cake. Not only does the offense suck ass, the defense is putrid too. Usually in a bad year, one or the other is at least decent.

I think I'm giving Tennessee the slight edge because they are at home. Of course, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see the team decide not to play for Brady the Hoke after he dismissed Jauan Jennings. That's absolutely absurd by the way and Currie should have never allowed Hoke to do that. I do think Tennessee will eek it out in a game that will set football back 20 years.

Tennessee 16
Vanderbilt 13

In other games....

Ohio State 44
Michigan 23

Florida State 29
Florida 17

Georgia 45
Georgia Tech 17

Clemson 35
South Carolina 20

Washington 30
Washington State 28

Alabama 37
Auburn 28

Last week (5-2) Overall Record (51-26)

As always, I appreciate everyone who took the time to read this. I have to be honest. I'm not feeling very good about Tennessee making a good hire. I think we will find out pretty soon, one way or the other. Here's hoping we make a good hire. Follow me on Twitter @Joshes_Blog and let's get the hashtag #TennesseeExcaptionalism trending.

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone. Go Vols and God Bless!

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