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Georgia Game Preview
Posted: Thursday, September 28th, 2017, 6:01 PM
by Josh
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What can I say about UMass? Tennessee looked like crap the whole game. They put Guarantano in at a weird time and called stupid plays to make him look bad. I keep hearing, "Guarantano just isn't read?" And Dormady is? I hate to be too critical of a college kid playing hard but if Dormady is the best we can do at QB, then we will be lucky to make it to a bowl. The guy is a walking turnover machine. To me, if you have an older guy that keeps turning the ball over and a more talented guy backing him up, then go with the more talented guy. Guarantano is clearly more talented than Dormady. He has better zip on the ball and more importantly, he fits the freaking offense. I could understand sticking with Dormady if he made decent decisions but the truth is that he is careless with the football. You can't beat good teams with competent defenses if you turn the ball over multiple times. And calling the zone read with him is just a waste of a down.

This week has an ominous feel to it. I really hate Georgia. I consider it a huge embarrassment to lose to them. I consider them an inferior program to Tennessee. Every year the media hypes them up like they are regal. They win a game against a good team and the media can't wait to crown them East Champions. It happens every year. Last year the media shot their wad because they beat North Carolina. They shot it this year because they beat Notre Dame. Georgia has always found a way to choke though. This Georgia team is different though. I was one of many people who thought Kirby Smart was just another assistant riding Saban's coattails. That is until Georgia destroyed a really good Mississippi State team. This Georgia defense is for real. Defense wins championships. That's why Alabama has been so dominant. They have consistently had the best defense for pretty much all of Saban's tenure. And now Kirby Smart seems to have brought an elite defense to Georgia.

Another thing we are witnessing with Kirby Smart right now is the big second year. Most coaches who end up being great have a really big season by their second year. Look at Saban's 2nd years at both LSU and Alabama. Look at Spurrier and Meyer at Florida. Richt at Georgia. Tressell at Ohio State. Stoops at Oklahoma. Pete Carroll at USC. I believe we are seeing that right now with Kirby Smart. We are piddling around with a corny, insecure doofus while Georgia has found a real coach.

It feels like the sun is setting on Butch Jones and it feels like Tennessee's window is closing. The East has been down since 2009 really. It has just been waiting for someone to take control of it. We screwed around. Florida screwed around. The other teams are also rans. And now it looks like Georgia is ready to take control of the East. It really sickens me. Tennessee should have won the East 2 straight years and we have nothing to show for it except a laughing stock at head coach who is making us a laughing stock.

Butch Jones' big year was 2015. That's when the team was at its most cohesive and the talent could compete with anyone. Any competent coach could have easily went 10-2 that year and probably ended up in a New Year's Six bowl. We ended up 8-4 because our head coach held us back with his mediocrity. We squandered a 5-0 start last year to choke against two crappy teams that barely made bowls. Butch Jones gagged his way out of winning the East and then he gagged his way out of the Sugar Bowl. Why keep him? Why would anyone still defend him? This is only going to keep happening. He's Jim Donnan, only he's not as good of a coach as Jim Donnan.

We all know the sheep arguments. They are all stupid at this point. You either want to win championships or you don't. Anyone still defending Butch Jones is happy to never win another championship, as long as we keep a coach that can get us to bowls. It's really funny when these sheep call into Erik Ainge and Baghdad Brian's Sheep Therapy show and call people who want a change stupid. As far as I'm concerned, these sheep are a bunch of spineless cowards and they are doing nothing but holding Tennessee back with their appeasement bullsh*t. They are the idiots. Only an idiot would still defend a coach that's coming apart at the seams to the point that he calls Jimmy Hyams fake news. If you pansies don't want fans to expect championships from their coaches, then go cheer for Vanderbilt or South Carolina. As long as I'm around and bleeding orange, I will demand that Tennessee be the best it can be. I sit through these games just like you do. I was on the edge of my seat hoping that we would hang on for overtime against Florida. My palms were sweaty and my heart was racing. When Franks dropped back I stood up and then I saw the receiver behind our defense and I knew. All I could do was say "Oh no" as the Gators found yet another way to beat us. I got angry afterwards, just like you did. Profanities streamed out of my mouth as pillows flew across the room. I sat numb as I listened to Basilio's 5th quarter. All I could do was think back to the great Tennessee teams I watched in the 90's and early 2000's and ask myself if we were ever going to get back to that. We will never get back to that with Butch Jones. That's a fact. If you are okay with that then you sicken me. If you are not okay with that then we have to demand Tennessee Exceptionalism.

Sorry for rambling there. It was just a stream of consciousness thing that I had to get out.

Needless to say, I don't feel good about this game. I don't feel good about an ostensibly certain loss to freaking Georgia. I mean, we all know what's going to happen don't we? Georgia will shut down Kelly and force Dormady to beat them. He will make terrible decisions that lead to several turnovers. Shoop will try to shut down Chubb and Michel and Tennessee will get torched by that tight end again.

I do think Tennessee will come out and play hard and I think they will play as well as they can but they are still coached by Butch Jones. Unfortunately, I don't think this one is close.

Georgia 34
Tennessee 17

In other games....

Mississippi State 27
Auburn 24

Mississippi State bounces back after last weeks beating.

Florida 17
Vanderbilt 13

Florida looks like garbage again but still manages to beat Vandy.

Alabama 45
Ole Miss 10

Bama being Bama.

USC 47
Washington State 31

I've learned my lesson. I'm going to stop picking against the Trojans.

Duke 38
Miami 34

Cutcliffe is having another nice season at Duke. They upset the Canes at home.

Clemson 26
Virginia Tech 23

Fuente comes close to knocking of Clemson at home but falls just short.

Last Week (4-3) Overall Record (17-11)

That's all I have for this week. As always, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this blog. Follow me on Twitter @Joshes_Blog and let's use the hashtag #TennesseeExceptionalism We all need to keep fighting for it. I know things seem pretty dark right now. It seems like we are years away from any championships. I think things are going to get better sooner rather than later though. I just have this weird feeling. I know it's counterintuitive to what Tennessee usually does, but I think that we might end up with Bob Stoops. If we do, then we can start winning big next year. There's enough talent here for him to work with. Just keep believing and never stop fighting for Tennessee Exceptionalism.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hang in there and be safe. Better days are ahead. Go Vols and God Bless!

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