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Vanderbilt Game Preview
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Posted: Thursday, November 24th, 2016, 12:28 PM
by Josh
The Missouri game went more or less as expected. I didn't expect Tennessee to score 63 points. That's the most Tennessee has scored since Lane Kiffin's first game in 2009. The defense is still nonexistent and very hard to watch. The offense torched a defense that's basically as bad as ours.

The good news is, Tennessee has won the Championship of Life already and only needs to beat Vanderbilt to likely end up in the Sugar Bowl. As long as Florida doesn't somehow beat Alabama that is.

Vanderbilt has a pretty good defense. They give up about 21 points per game. Their rushing defense is okay. They give up 165 yards per game. Their passing defense gives up 236 per game. The numbers aren't staggeringly great or anything but they are tough at any rate. Vanderbilt's defense is the biggest worry for this game because they possibly have the ability to take away Josh Dobbs' running threat. We all know, when Dobbs doesn't run, all bets are off. Cunningham is a great player on that defense but overall they are just very well coached.

Vandy's offense isn't as great, but against Tennnessee's defense, Ralph Webb could put up some big yards. Vandy averages 162 rushing, which probably means they will be over 200 against Tennessee. They average 174 passing, which isn't great at all and that is the reason they don't pose a serious threat to Tennessee. They would have to be able to pass decently to keep up with Tennessee. I don't think a team like Vanderbilt can beat a team like Tennessee being one dimensional.

On offense I think Tennessee will struggle a bit. DeBord will have to be on his game. But I think in the end Tennessee's playmakers will make enough plays to get the job done. Dobbs will have a good passing performance in his final regular season game. Jennings will make some big plays as well.

The defense will suck, much like it has most of the year. Vanderbilt will probably rack up some yards on the ground but their lack of a passing game will ultimately be why they don't have a legitimate chance to beat Tennessee. I look for Barnett to have a couple sacks which would allow him to break Reggie White's record. I also think there will be some key interceptions to shift momentum in the game.

The game will be close for a while but Tennessee will pull away in the second half. The offense will be frustrating and ugly to watch at times but a few big plays will be the difference.

Tennessee 39
Vanderbilt 23

In other games...

Alabama 41
Auburn 17

LSU 27
Texas A&M 24

Washington 38
Washington State 20

Ohio State 35
Michigan 34

Florida State 27
Florida 21

Overall Record (40-29)

We have finally come to the final game of the regular season. Sure we didn't win the SEC East, but we did win a life championship and that's something to be proud of, according to Butch Jones.

If we do get to the Sugar Bowl, that will be special. For SEC fans, the Sugar Bowl is every bit as special as the Rose Bowl is for Big Ten and Pac 12 fans. Our coach is a moron and I hope the rumors are true about him looking for other jobs. I think it would be great to make a coaching change before the program is in the ditch again. The job is a lot more attractive than it was when Butch took over and I think a lot of really good coaches would be interested. Hopefully the administration will move quickly to hire David Blackburn so he can make the hire. I don't see what the debate could be about. It's a no brainer. The power people that don't want Blackburn need a reality check because the fans would all be behind it. Either way, as I've said before, I don't think Butch will ever win any championships here because he's not an SEC coach. I think this year and last year are as good as it gets with him because recruiting has fallen off.

For those who want, you can follow me on Twitter @Joshes_Blog.

I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe over the long weekend. Go Vols and God Bless!

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