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Muy Bien....Mas Bueno....
Posted: Tuesday, September 26th, 2006, 8:15 AM • Permalink

Give it up to Jason Whitlock of the KC Star who was recently dismissed from ESPN. Whitlock refused to pipe down on criticizing Mike Lupica (for his ‘crusade against Barry Bonds’) and Scoop Jackson (for his ‘anti-white rantings and his poor writing that played into every poor stereo type of African Americans.) Check out his blog that got him pushed over the top.

Tommy West was beautiful on the show yesterday. He’s always struck me as a poor mans Tommy Tubberville.

Quick question: What were U2 and Greenday doing at a pre-game/halftime concert for the return of the Saints to New Orleans? Were Dr. John and the Neville Brothers busy last night? What does U2 have to do with N’orleans? Greenday?

Might be time to put out and APB for quarterback Michael Vick. He jumped the shark in his second year when he insisted on being referred to as Mike. Sure Michael.

Those who want to change coaches consider this: Mac Brown had it rolling at North Carolina and handed if off to Torbush who ultimately ceded to John Bunting. Since Torbush took the job, Carolina's football teams have gone 42-57 overall and 26-40 in ACC games.

For the second straight week, a replay official has been suspended. This time in the Ok State/Houston Game over the weekend. I happened to watching/recording the game for a friend, Mickey who’s an OSU grad. They got robbed as the replay official invented a forward progress interpretation after a late first half fumble by Houston. Instead of Ok St. having the ball at mid-field, Houston retained possession and scored a few plays later. The only problem was that the replay official made a jugement on forward progress which wasn’t supposed to be reviewable in the first place. And, even if it was, he still got the call wrong. Mike Gundy, OSU’s head coach after the game was adamant about removing replay from college football because ‘we just can’t get it right in our game.’ Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think Texas is off to a good start in recruiting for the ’07 class. Texas Is Flying:
Texas is the early leader in recruiting (surprise) in the early 2007 team rankings released by

The Longhorns already have four five-star commits. The next 11 teams on the list have a combined seven five-stars.

In the ranking system, Texas is more than 1,000 points ahead of second-place Georgia.

The rest of the top 10: Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, Clemson, Alabama, Virginia Tech, USC and Notre Dame (D Dodd, CBS Sportsline)

D Dobb/Part II
Miami Short List:
Two more names to add to the Miami list: Terry Bowden and Titans coach Jeff Fisher

How can Jeff Fisher be @ Miami next year when he will be winning his division next year in Nashville?

Small Guy
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