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Pilot Pepsi Sports Fantasy II
Posted: Thursday, November 30th, 2006, 9:16 AM • Permalink
Come by and see us today and get signed up! Lot's of stuff on tap today!!!

Mike Hamilton was great yesterday! I love his honesty in defending his guy! If he thinks the football program (which is completely stuck in the mud after an average+ season is heading in the right direction, more power to him. If the naked eye can’t see that Georgia and Florida have healthier programs, more power to him. I do really like the guy though. Even when he got a little testy with me and the Bean.

Tony Barnhardt is saying the next 48 hours will be critical in the Spurrier to ‘Bama Soap Opera. The Huntsville Times reports that ‘Bama has formally requested permission to officially speak with Spurrier about the open. In the meantime Spurrier Today took a shot at Phillip Fulmer in the Process: Check out this quote! "I'm tired of talking about all of that. Miami, Alabama, Tennessee," Spurrier told The State. Spurrier had also been speculated as a candidate at Miami.
Who asked him about Tennessee? You have to love Spurrier! Always thinking!

Kevin Scarbinsky in the Birmingham News offers the following:
Reliable sources have offered conflicting information on the two heavyweights who've been at the top of Alabama's wish list, on whether they're still in the picture or off the radar.

Hmmm. Would Alabama allow Spurrier to bring his son, Steve Spurrier Jr., as offensive coordinator? Could that offer persuade Father Superior to say yes?

The quicker the press conference in Tuscaloosa, the more likely the man behind the podium could be Spurrier.

He's not known for dragging his feet when it comes to career decisions.

The longer this job remains open, the better the chance Saban could be the guy to fill it. His NFL season ends Dec. 31, and his Miami Dolphins are a long shot to reach the playoffs.

If you believe the statements from both Saban and Spurrier denying interest in the Alabama job are necessarily the last words on the subject, I believe you've never paid close attention to a coaching change before.

Tommy Tuberville was going to leave Ole Miss only in a pine box.

Dennis Franchione asked Alabama to hold the rope and then dropped everything to head to Texas A&M.

Meanwhile Greg Cote in Todays Miami Herald says that Saban to Alabama is still a possibility. Give the Tide credit. They’re swinging for the fences!

Ray Melick In the Birm News Reports that Spurrier will listen but stay at SC. Here’s More.
Spurrier might be in line for a raise and a contract extension from USC that would pay him as much as $2 million per year.

Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban, West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez, Louisville coach Bobby Petrino and Navy coach Paul Johnson remain possibilities, according to two sources who were briefed on the search. Other sources indicated that some UA officials are evaluating Arkansas coach Houston Nutt.
Bobby Petrino has turned down the Tide publicly and apparently privately. Something about his kids and not wanting to pull them out of school.
****end Bama****

I believe that David Cutcliffe has a 60 percent chance of landing the NC State job. There’s the connection with Lee Fowler, NC State’s AD. Fowler tried to hire Cutcliffe when he was at MTSU back in the 90’s. Look at their list of potential candidates! Unless somebody comes out of the blue, I see him getting the job over Navy’s Paul Johnson. Especially now that Bill Cowher has turned down the job at NC State. How silly was it to think that someone would go from the defending Super Bowl Champion to a Carquest Bowl champion. Never going to happen.

Hey We Don’t Want To Believe This But:
Georgia Just had the worst year they’re going to put up and what do you know? They went 8-4 and they will be heard from in the draft?
Below par year seen for Dogs in draft
Analysts project Moses as only first-round pick from Georgia
Only Miami and Ohio State have produced more NFL draft picks than Georgia's 38 over the past six years.

This year, the gap between those two and the Bulldogs could grow. Georgia might be looking at having three or four players taken in April's seven-round event, a few draft experts predict.

The Bulldogs' premier pro prospect is obvious; defensive end Quentin Moses passed on NFL money a year ago, returned for his senior season and now finds himself in the first round of most mock drafts.'s Mel Kiper ranks Moses No. 15 overall.'s Gil Brandt, a former personnel director with the Dallas Cowboys, also believes Moses will be a top-15 pick because of his athleticism and attitude. Rob Rang, a senior analyst for, would be surprised if he fell out of the first round despite his subpar senior season.

###### Who Is The Last 1st rounder we’ve had?#####

Bad News For Georgia Fans!
Martinez withdraws from FIU consideration
Dogs' defensive coordinator to stay on in Athens

Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez has withdrawn his name from consideration for the head coaching position at Florida International University.

"I'm extremely flattered that Florida International called and I had the opportunity to interview," Martinez said in a statement. "But our family is very happy in Athens and I look forward to continue being part of the building process that's going on at Georgia. I think we have a lot to look forward to here."

Martinez' defenses the past two years have been ranked among the top 20 nationally. He has been with Georgia and coach Mark Richt since 2001.

Martinez is the highest-paid assistant on Richt's staff at $260,000 per year.

Hey Carolina Hoops Fans:
Relax about your win last night over #1 Ohio State. What if Greg Oden plays last night?
Except for one. Greg Oden was reduced to a curiosity. What a shame. The 7-foot Ohio State freshman -- the guy the Charlotte Bobcats would love to have -- is out at least until January with a wrist injury. He showed up at the Smith Center wearing a white dress shirt, dark slacks and a white towel around his neck.
How bout that Dave Nathan, you Carolina Sheep!!!!

Greg Cote: Miami Herald. Don’t Count Out Schiano!
I believe Schiano remains Miami's preferred candidate, and I believe the interest is mutual, and I don't care who says what to the contrary.

Coaches lie, or at least are carefully disingenuous into microphones and notepads and save their truth for private conversations that you and I never get to hear short of a wiretap.

Do I think Nick Saban is happy with the Dolphins? Yeah. Do I think he has any ''plans'' to leave for the Alabama Crimson Tide? No. But would it be surprising if he did? Not really.

Just like it won't be surprising if Schiano ends up in the Gables, presuming ''The U'' is willing to lavish him monetarily, pony up an XXL buyout to Rutgers and risk a hit in recruiting by delaying the hiring.

Wisconsin AD and former longtime coach Barry Alvarez and UM defensive chief Randy Shannon stand ready if Schiano ultimately proves unobtainable.

So far, Greg Schiano has done that only publicly, because it's what coaches do.

Today, he has ''no plans'' to go anywhere else.

Ah, but plans can change. And sometimes quickly.

In Case You’re interested:
Here is the list of guys who’ve turned down Miami Publicly:
Everybody who is anybody seems to be saying no-thanks to the poor Miami Hurricanes, from preferred candidates such as Rutgers' Greg Schiano to speculated contenders such as South Carolina's Steve Spurrier to people who haven't even been asked but are firing off preemptive denials.

Arkansas' fabulously named Houston Nutt turned down Miami, despite nobody saying Miami was interested. Now Louisville's Bobby Petrino, South Florida's Jim Leavitt and Wake Forest's Jim Grobe among a plethora of others have joined the unsolicited chorus of no-thanks.
@@@@@@End Miami@@@

Huh? What?
Ron Higgins in the Memphis Commercial Appeal lists his top NFL Prospect in SEC
And the Envelope Please!
Best NFL draft prospect

LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell is a physical freak at 6-6, 250. He can throw a ball 70 yards with no effort, and a pass rusher can hit him dead on and not move him. While he can drive coaches crazy at times with poor decisions, no quarterback in the SEC could get more points in a hurry than Russell, who has engineered eight fourth-quarter or overtime victories in his 34-game college career.

****Did I just read that?***


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