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Team Bring It Tonight!
Posted: Wednesday, January 31st, 2007, 9:46 AM • Permalink
690-9885. Please give the great Dennis Bowlin a shout out!!!Kingston Pike in Farragut behind Biker Rags!

If you're going to the game tonight, ROCK the joint! We need to be a factor. I get the feeling that Georgia is coming in spitting mad after what was perpetrated in their gym last year. They have the edge in talent on the floor tonight as well. Yet still, I wake up today and take to the air the glad tidings that Tennessee will win this game tonight.

Dogs recall UT’s postgame antics
By Chip Towers | Tuesday, January 30, 2007, 03:38 PM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sometimes I think Georgia basketball coach Dennis Felton relishes controversy. Take Wednesday night’s game at Tennessee.

You may recall that, after the Vols beat Georgia 83-78 last February in Athens, Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl and his players ran up into the stands at Stegeman Coliseum to high-five and shake hands with the large contingent of Big Orange fans, whom Pearl had implored to make the road trip down to Athens.

Well, Felton didn’t like that move then, and he still doesn’t like it now. He said as much when the subject came up again this week.

“The way I remember it is Coach Pearl instructed [his players] to go up into the stands and I felt that that was inappropriate to do that on the road in somebody else’s gym,” Felton said on Monday. “I also think it makes your players very vulnerable to a combustible situation. You’re up in the stands with 9,000 to 10,000 other folks who are disappointed and you’re celebrating right there amongst them.

“Fortunately, we didn’t have any fans that did anything that could have turned into something dangerous or made for a dangerous environment.”

For his part, the ever-rambunctious Pearl said he was sorry about the incident.

“It’s something I regret and I apologized for,” said Pearl, who was reprimanded by the SEC for his actions. “I’m sure Georgia, amongst many things, can use that as motivation.”

Pearl is obviously out of the Dale Brown mold of coaching in that he’s big on self promotion and generating excitement. I’m sure everybody saw a week ago when he attended a Lady Vols’ game, shirtless, with his chest and face painted.

I asked Felton if he’d ever do something like that. Not only did he say he wouldn’t, he added, “I don’t know another coach in the country who would.”

So did you have a problem with the Vols running in the stands last year? Do you like Pearl’s coaching style and occasional antics? Do you wish Felton was a little more animated or is he just fine the way he is?

Meanwhile, the Nashville Tennessean is reporting that the Vols’ leading scorer Chris Lofton will NOT play against the Dogs tomorrow night. Pearl said earlier it would be a game-time decision.

Georgia’s Sundiata Gaines, for one, hopes Lofton plays.

“It’ll be a better win if he’s on the court,” he said.

Now that’s confidence.


Tuesday was Super Bowl Media Day, the annual cattle call for reporters and American Idol losers to frantically search for a worthy quote or sound bite. The best way to participate is watching via the NFL Network. So let me chew my cud from afar:

Rex Grossman was the first player on an assigned podium, apparently eager for the grilling. Good for him.

Tank Johnson said he was on "a business trip," and it sounded scary. But when Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke asked if he was "sorry to society" for his legal problems, the Tank ponderously turned away and refused to reply.

Asked about waiting until Monday to bring his Colts to Miami, Tony Dungy said he wanted them to have Sunday for church and family. Attack that, media herd (or should it be hoard?).

Georgia coach big fan of UT's Lofton
Felton: Injured Vols star 'almost indefensible'
Chris Lofton has earned his share of respect from Southeastern Conference coaches.

But nobody has been more outspoken about Lofton's ability to shoot teams into submission than Georgia's Dennis Felton.

A year ago in Athens, Lofton blistered the Bulldogs for 33 points and went 9-of-12 from 3-point range, many from deep and defenders draped all over him. Afterward, Felton called Lofton the best contested shooter he's ever seen.

"He's the single biggest reason for the success they've had," Felton said soon after Lofton went down with a sprained right ankle Jan. 20. "Chris Lofton has won many games for Tennessee single-handedly. He's just made outrageous plays and shots to beat people. He's by far the best pressured shooter in the country. He's been an almost indefensible player.

"He's very scary because you can do all the right things, and he can pull a rabbit out of the hat."

Lofton's magic won't be on display tonight when red-hot Georgia visits Thompson-Boling Arena. He'll miss his third straight game, and it still may be another week before he's back.

Without him, the Vols (14-7, 2-4 SEC) may need to pull a rabbit out of the proverbial hat if they're going to make a second straight trip to the NCAA Tournament.

After losses in five of their last six games, it's to the point that Coach Bruce Pearl has called this a must-win game against the Bulldogs.

"We've got to play this game like we're playing for the NCAA Tournament," Pearl said.

No place like home

Not having Lofton's SEC-leading 21.5 points per game has been a huge blow to the Vols, who were already showing cracks in the foundation with their inability to finish games before Lofton was hurt.

They've scored more than 69 points only once in their last five games. That's compared to their nine-game winning streak when they scored 89 or more six times.

The Vols are 10-0 at home, and a crowd of 18,000-20,000 is expected tonight.

"Our season's on the line now," said junior guard JaJuan Smith, who's averaged 22.6 points in his last three games, including a career-high 25 against Kentucky. "We're going to go into every game with the mentality that we've got to win."

Competing for NCAA

The Bulldogs (13-6, 5-2) have been what Tennessee was a year ago. They've won five of their last six games, possess a multitude of scoring threats and are finding ways to win close games.

Georgia is also one of those teams, like Vanderbilt and Kentucky, that Tennessee is competing with for NCAA Tournament consideration. The Bulldogs last went in 2003.

"I wanted my team to leave practice (Tuesday) and focus on that it's not OK for anybody to want to get to the NCAA Tournament more than us," Pearl said. "I want them to treat this game like it's a battle for who's going to make the NCAA Tournament.

"Is Georgia deeper? Yeah. Is there a size difference? Yeah. We've got our challenges to beat them. But one of them can't be the fact that they might want it more than us."

Pearl's guarantee

The SEC has never received more than six bids to the NCAA Tournament, but Pearl guaranteed Tuesday that would change this season.

"I will tell you right now that we will get more teams in the NCAA tournament than we ever have before, and I hope we're one of them," Pearl said.

Pearl thinks the SEC's RPI and overall depth will lead to at least seven bids and maybe more. The Big East Conference received a record-setting eight bids last season.

Ole Miss extends Orgeron's deal two more years
Story Tools
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By Scott Cacciola
January 31, 2007
Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone announced Tuesday that he and Ed Orgeron had agreed in principle to a two-year contract extension, giving Orgeron a public vote of confidence as he heads into his third season as head football coach. The deal has been in the works since December.
The Rebels went 7-16 during Orgeron's first two seasons, including 4-8 last year, but Boone said the program has advanced under Orgeron's leadership.

"We are pleased with the progress coach Orgeron has been able to make in his first two years," Boone said in a statement released by the university. "We anticipated the resurrection of this program would take four to five years. He assembled an extremely talented coaching staff, and their superb recruiting efforts give Ole Miss fans reason for optimism in the immediate future."
Orgeron was named head coach in December 2004 when he agreed to a four-year contract, which is the longest allowed by law in Mississippi. The extension, which is subject to approval by Ole Miss chancellor Robert Khayat and the UMAA Foundation Board of Directors, would run through the 2010 season.

"Everything to build a successful program is in place at Ole Miss," Orgeron said in a statement. "We're headed in the right direction and we will continue to build toward our goal of winning the Sugar Bowl. It's just a matter of time before we give Ole Miss fans the type of success they deserve."

He earned roughly $900,000 per season under his original contract. Terms of the extension were not disclosed.

Tank Johnson Pleads Racism:
''A lot of people are demons,'' said Johnson, who was ringed by dozens of reporters and cameras. ''You've got to look at it like that. A lot of people are out to get people just to hurt people. I never thought about racism in my whole life. I've never had a person come to me and say anything racist. Now I look at it like, 'Wow, is it because I'm certain things?' I realize people buy into stereotypes. I'm young, black and have tattoos, so it's easy to stereotype me and put me in a category. I've learned a lot about people. When you learn about people, you learn to stay away from some of them.

''It's easy to clump somebody. When you see me walking down the street, I don't look like you, I don't talk like you, I don't walk like you. It's easy to say, 'He's just like the other people who we see all the time.' I've given you guys opportunities to stereotype me like that. It's unfortunate.''

Specifically, who are these demons?

''They come in so many shapes and sizes,'' he said. ''Sure, they're in the media; they're walking around out on the street. They're everywhere. God has showed me what a lot of the demons look like. God shows me myself every day. He shows me I'm his child. He has a plan for me. He loves me unconditionally. I love him unconditionally.''

Reason #3 The Colts fall this weekend to the Bears
The #23! What famous Chicago champion wore #23? Yes, MJ.
Which Chicago Bear wears it these days? Give up?
DEVIN HESTER. The most electrifying player in sports entertainment today!
What do great players do on huge stages?
They perform.
World Title Back To The NFC.


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