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Posted: Wednesday, April 19th, 2017, 1:26 PM • Permalink
Today’s show and blog are in honor of Bill Anderson….A great VFL!!! A super cool man….An absolute presence in the broadcast booth. Just a really cool guy that lived a super life. I LOVE Bill Anderson. There I said it!!!

We've got a lot of ground to cover today on the show.

We will discuss Vol Colonel's thoughts on the Vols with Dr. Sean Sinclair and John Brice. Should be a spirited discussion indeed.

Blank's Tank is in the tank? Will the Vols even play in the new stadium to start the season with Tech? This is VERY MUCH up in the air as you read this. Link

Further Thoughts on Early Signing Day:

No Difference:

I don't understand the difference between Signing Day in early February and in mid December. 6 Weeks? What is that?

What I'd Do?

Signing Day would be moved to mid July. It would occur right before SEC Media Days. This would be the unofficial official kick off for the upcoming season.

The Advantage: This allows the young people that know where they're going to sign, get it out of the way and enjoy their last year of high school football. This would be a tremendous convenience to the young people plus it would help the other young people that don't sign as they would become hotter items.

Plus this would give us fans (and yes I am one) an opportunity to gather and celebrate football in the middle of summer as college football fans all over the country. This would be a really great day if you think about it.

Traditional NSD: Will stay right where it is under my model. And I mean right where it is. And we would have another day of celebration just like we do now. Because, after all, you can't celebrate college football enough.

Summary: If CFB is going to have an early signing period, have an EARLY signing period. A December early signing period is akin to a four game playoff for the sport. If you're going to do something, do it. Don't half do it. Don't kind of do it. DO IT!

Caveat: I realize firing season occurs in the late fall with coaches. Therefore young men signed with programs where a coach is dismissed become free agents. This will be similar to basketball's model as it currently exists.

A family in the Halls community suffered a total loss this week from a house fire, and they have 2 kids in high school and one in elementary. If you would like to help, here are the details: They are in need of gift cards for gas, groceries and clothing. Donations can be dropped off at the high school or mailed to Halls High School, Attn: Cheri Duncan, 4321 Emory Road, Knoxville TN 37938

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On Tuesday's tough question:

Vols Could lose to:
Ga Tech
South Carolina

And still very much go to Atlanta. That could ABSOLUTELY happen this year. Georgia has a flawed O line and Florida isn't that good. Plus under this scenario Tennessee would own the head to head over Georgia and Florida. This could very much happen. If Tennessee takes care of business in the East and loses to a lesser like in the division they could cut the nets down in the east.

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3 Loss SEC Teams have gotten to SEC Title Game: Florida went to the SEC Title Game with a 9-3 Record. Vols were 9-3 in 2007. Arkansas was 8-3 in 2002. Miss St was 8-3 in 1998. LSU was 8-3 in 2001. LSU was 5-3 that yr. Can you believe that?

Hatfield's Nine
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I turned 46 yesterday. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the calendar seems to flip with each progressive year.

1. New Mexico State made a savvy hire in bring Chris Jans on board. They will reap the benefits of being the school to give him a second chance.

2. LIU-Brooklyn made a splash by hiring Derek Kellogg. My prediction is that both parties will receive good value out of that relationship.

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3. Cleveland still looks like a team playing at 3/4 capacity. They are no threat to repeat at this point.

4. I wasn't surprised to see Kevin Knox mention he turned down a multi million dollar offer to skip college and go to China. I expect foreign leagues to sell themselves as an alternative to one year in college basketball.

5. David Fizdale fights for his team. He is the perfect coach for that roster and that city.

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6. Milwaukee missed a tremendous chance to put a stranglehold on their series versus Toronto. The Raptors are fortunate to be tied at 1 right now.

7. Boston looks completely out of sorts. The Bulls have worked them in both games.

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8. Great to see Atletico Madrid advance again in Champions League. Spain needs a consistently excellent third club.

9. Bill Anderson was a true Tennessee treasure. He loss leaves a tremendous void in the Volunteer family.

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The Blankenship Field renovation project has already raised a staggering 2 million dollars. Go to to donate and keep the momentum going.


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Get On The Nashville Predator Bandwagon:

On The Preds Success:
Pete Weber was up to 1:09 Eastern early Tuesday morning, and he still joined us yesterday to discuss the series.

The season of the unexpected continues. The #8 seed is up on the #1 seed 3 games to 0 after a win on Monday night. The Preds haven't just beaten the Blackhawks, they've beaten the living hell out of them and made them like it.


Eye Ball Test: Sometimes teams get lucky due to injury in draws like this. In this case the Preds look like the better team. And they have since the first puck dropped.

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Secondary Players Stepping Up: Nashville is winning because they're complementary players have really come to play in this series. 'It's rare for front line players to play over 20+ minutes in these games so complementary guys have to do it.'

Defense...Defense...Defense... .Defense:
Nashville is balling. Pekka Rinne has been phenomenal in goal.

Posted: Fri, Jan 19th, 1:48 AM
by Beano
Posted: Mon, Jan 15th, 11:03 PM
by Doink
National Champions!
Posted: Tue, Jan 9th, 12:24 AM
by Alison
Nature Boy's Vocal Doppelganger? Preds Radio's Brent Peterson sounds just like Ric Flair. And I mean just like Ric Flair!

Preds overcame a 2-0 deficit in game 3 late in the 2nd period. This NEVER
happens to Chicago in this Stanley Cup era.

NHL teams in the modern era (post WWII) have only overcome a 3-0 Deficit 5 times out of hundreds of series.

'A snowball gathering downhill. Taking on ice. This is EXACTLY what the LA Kings did.'

A Victory For The Preds A Victory For The Vols? Did anybody think Nashville would beat Chicago in this series? Of course not. Most experts picked the Blackhawks in five games. This is no joke. It's time for our Tennessee Football team to surprise somebody. The Preds beating a #1 seed is a much more difficult accomplishment than the Vols winning a watered down SEC East in 2017. That's the truth. And I believe it's time here. Look to Nashville for hope and cheer for them to continue to shock the nation.

If Preds eliminate Chicago #2 seeded Anaheim is on the clock.

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What's Dr. Beverly Di'Avenport Going To Do Saturday? Can you think of possible activities for her? Could she recite Butch’s 3rd down chant from a couple of years ago? Could she recite the General's Maxims? Again, I love Dr. D. She's an asset to UT. She's a great follow on Twitter and she's flat out unintentionally funny. This truly matters to me and I don't mean maybe.

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Tomorrow at Tony Basilio Radio Show producer Brian Hartman returns to this space asking an age old question. Why are we even playing Spring Games these days?

Plus T-Mail and a whole lot more.

Final Thought: Bill Anderson has set the bar at UT for pure cool. The bar is out of reach to most mere mortals. RIP Bill Anderson.

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