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Posted: Sunday, February 19th, 2006, 5:20 PM
by Doink
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First of all, what you think of my pic? BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I answer for you peeps out there and way out there. What SOL??? Is that you Kentucky Blue? LOL! WHOwhowho!
You blue language honkers out there I say jam a whole bag of circus peanuts up your spew hole and a full can of silly string up both your nostrils,haters!
The clown has to blog about some big tops and topics. OK,OK.

Coach Pearl is staying here in Ktown. Forget about it.

Memo to Gottfrey: Bama cannot be alloted more timeouts than the NCAA states.
"Out of TO's,coach that is a technical," says the zeb. Coach G. replies,"Is that 3 or 4 T's for out of TO's, ref." Siff,siff! There is crying in basketball.
New nickname - Coach Gotjustfried Enjoy Bama fans Enjoy

That was mighty comical on the last segment of the "99" morning snooze show friday 2/17. Mike Griffith did not know that weight is added to the saddle area to make every jockey and equipment on the horse the same in a horse race. Mike hung up and MD called Griff "a dumbbell."
WHOA NELLY WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree. M. Griff, if you do not know horse racing how in bourbon laced chess pie can you write or talk about Kentucky sports? Major culture revolves around horse racing in the Bluegrass. What else do you not know in sports? Intangibles? (YES!)

The Doink is not watching the Olympics dude. Get that thru your dome! The Doink has a life.

Yes,yes I hear you peeps. The Doink is versed in a number of sports and activities. I will have some baseball takes shortly. Baroid, I am coming. Don't you worry. The Doink is a year round sports blogger.Not a one season only, one sport wonder here.

We now join in progress:
"Wow, I did not know how much is involved. I do not care
what it takes or what mountains we have to move. The deadline is March 12, period." To BE CONTINUED...

1 .. 435 436 437 .. 444

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