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Thursday Live @ Citizens National Bank Sevierville
Posted: Thursday, September 22nd, 2016, 6:18 AM • Permalink
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If you're in the neighborhood today, we'd love to see you at Citizens National Bank in Sevierville. It's going to be a wonderful time!

I'm jacked for Florida. Being on TV with Tony Robinson last night got me all jacked up. Carlos Reviez was beyond next level, as was Jerry Glanville last night.

Jerry had an interesting tactical thought regarding the Florida game that we will unpack later today when he appears on my show at Noon Eastern. Coach Glanville said that anytime you have a weak offensive line that struggles to protect, you need to run draw plays at them. He said he hasn't seen any of that thus far this season. Is this something Tennessee attempts on Saturday? Will the Vols, dare I say, actually use a fullback Saturday? So much to talk about with Coach Glanville as well as Mike Hugenin of Plus Jerry Colquitt will join today with another award winning film study breakdown of Florida.

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A win Saturday will be history in the making! With a win Tennessee will start 4-0 for a rare occasion. In the past 60 years, how many times has Tennessee started a football season 4-0? Here it is. The stone cold truth.

Tennessee 4-0 Starting Teams Since 1956....How They Fared.

Year Final Record
1956 10-1 Sugar Bowl Lost Baylor
#2 Final Rank

1969 9-2 Gator Bowl Lost Florida

1973 8-3 Gator Bowl Lost Texas Tech

1987*** 10-2 Peach Bowl Champs Beat IU
Tied Auburn 4th Game Season***

1989 11-1 Cotton Bowl Champs Beat Ark

1990*** 9-2-2 Sugar Bowl Champs Beat VA
Tied Colorado wk 1 & Auburn***

1991 9-3 Fiesta Bowl Lost PSU

1992 9-3 Won Hall of Fame Bowl Beat BC

1998 13-0 Won Fiesta Bowl (National Champs)

2003 10-3 Lost Peach Bowl Lost Clemson

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I'm counting 10 X's that Tennessee has started a football season 4-0. That's 60 years worth of college football sports fans. If it weren't for Auburn and then Florida this # would be a lot higher. Truth is, Tennessee has had to contend with a couple of elite major college football programs at various times. Auburn of the 1970s-80's was as good as it got, while Florida when they rotated onto Tennessee's schedule literally revolutionized the way SEC football was played in the 1990's. Of course, the past 10 years are the past 10 meaning everybody gets in line on the Vols. Those days are over. That crap ends on Saturday in Neyland Stadium. I really believe that. What does this say about me? I believe.

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How rare would a win over Florida be on Saturday?

Florida and Tennessee have played 36 times since 1970.
Tennessee has only won 8 times out of 36 tries.
Vols have a 22% winning percentage versus Florida during this time.
Tennessee has had only 6 head coaches since 1970.
Florida has had 9 full time coaches since 1970.
Every UF coach (1 full season +) post '70 owns a win over UT.
Florida and Tennessee have played in Knoxville 16 times since 1970.
Tennessee has won 5 of the 16 games.
Will Muschamp was .571 overall at Florida & 3-0 against Tennessee.

How Rare Is A Win Over Florida by Tennessee?
My children are 17 and they don't remember a win over Florida? Most Freshmen at UT don't remember Tennessee beating the Gators.
The last time Tennessee beat Florida, Barak Obama was a state senator.
Goodies by Ciara featuring Peter Pablo was the #1 Song in America.
Desperate Housewives was 5 Weeks from making its debut.
The Forgotten was the #1 Movie in America.
The Expos still called Montreal home.
There was no such thing as an I Phone.
A Hot Spot was something Beano got on his inner thigh from Jeter.
Rick Barnes was still relevant in college basketball.
Bruce Pearl was still at Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Buzz Ball was still in full effect in Knoxville.

Tony's Totals are back again. Play these with your friends! Talk them over in your office. See me outback of CNB in Sevierville if you want to take some action.

Tony's Totals For Florida Game:
Dobbs Keepers 8.5
Kamara/Hurd Snaps Together 6.5 Snaps
Touches Kamara 6.5
Catches By Croom 1.5
Catches UT's Leading Receiver 6.5
Dobbs Completions 14
Dobbs Receptions .5
Fla QB's Int's Thrown 1.5
Fla Turnovers 2.5
X's 3rd Down 4 What Plays 2.5
Medley Field Goals Made 2.0
Medley Field Goals Attempted 3.5
UT Sacks 3.5
UT Trick Plays 2.5
Fits of Rage Butch Jones Off Board
# of snaps Chance Hall 22.5
# Carries Hurd 12.5
# Preston Williams Targets 3.5
# of Tackles Colton Jumper 6.5
Total Rushing Yds Tennessee 125
Total Passing Yds Tennessee 200
# of Punts BOTH TEAMS 12.5
# of Passing Atts Florida 20
# of Completions Florida 12
# of balls thrown at Mosely 8.5
UT Screen Passes Atts For Loss 2.5
UT Penalty Yds Against 68
Time of Game (Telecast) 3:40

Tee Mail
'Tony B!!!

I am responding to your plea to tell 5 new people per day about your show, post game show and website.

Richard "Big Al" Erwin
Carl "Sgt. Shultz" Fultz
William "Heartbreaker" Livingston
Scott "Dr.Bizarre" Thompson
Thomas "Loverboy" Guffey

Keep up the good work!


Tarterhead. Thanks I think. For spreading the word I think. Great hearing from you. Sounds like you have quite the motley crew you run with there. I would like to welcome Big AL, Sgt Shultz, Heartbreaker, Dr Bizarre and Loverboy to the ranks. Yawl won't be disappointed in me until you are. That's my promise to you. And yes, this comes with a money back guarantee.

'Tony, I am not on the tweeter but have been listening regularly last couple weeks. Did you hear Butch say at his press conference Wednesday that they have done a really nice job of getting Kamara the ball?? Yeah, really creative...if Kamara is in the game, the ball is going to him.

Is he on drugs?

Peace & Go Vols


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With a pithy, hot take like this you'd be effective on the tweeter. As for Butch Jones...He just needs to win this weekend. If he doesn't win this lay up of a football game, he's going to feel some heat around here like he never has in his coaching career. As I've said all week long, I'm pulling for the guy. I think he's a decent feller that's really worked hard here in Knoxville. One problem with Butch is that he just talks too much. He talks himself into circles at times and I think really believes his own BS. He can't believe that UT has done a nice job of getting Kamara the ball. If Kamara was used any less he'd be on the side of milk carton. And no, I don't think Butch Jones is on drugs. He's just a wired individual.


Some folks on your show have been spreading lies about me. Tell Cody Underwood there's a better chance of Butch Jones running a west coast offense on Saturday against Florida than me listening to that show in the morning. I've never called into that show featuring the two guys and Heather. Sorry but it ain't me.

Go Vols
John In Gainesville'

John: Great hearing from you. I've got to tell you that I was a little put off by you screaming 'Go Gators' the other day on the air with me. But that said you seem like an honest and trustworthy sort. Therefore, I'm going to take your word for it that you don't call Doc, Jeff and Heather. BTW, I deeply commend Jeff for the toughness he's shown in his fight with cancer. His work ethic is inspiring to us all. Jeff Jacoby has my vote in this election season. That's one tough hombre right there.

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So far, we’ve established that Appleby is no Danny Wuerffel, and a good chance he might just pee down his leg when Neyland starts rocking. So, if you and I know that, then UF knows it too. I heard they’ve closed practices this week (even the warm-ups are closed). What are they going to do? McElwain seems smart enough to know that they can’t just come right at us….I’m expecting an unknown-at-this-time surprise factor from the gators. What could it possibly be?


Kevin: Great hearing from you. Will it be Phillipe Franks? He's a highly touted freshman but he's nowhere near ready to play by all informed accounts. Appleby is a human turnover waiting to happen. Do they come out in the I formation and try to slam it at Tennessee a la Va Tech? That's probably what I would do until I got a couple of scores down. I just get the feeling that Saturday's game is going to feel like one that's played in soup. I just don't see either team doing all that much on offense. They are obviously very good on defense and Tennessee should be able to hold them at bay as well. With the total at 42.5, I'm thinking WAY under. And I mean WAY under.

'Tony B:

Last time we faced the #1 defense in America we hung 51 on the Georgia bull dogs! Loved what Mike from Powell said I was just thinking the same thing yesterday. We will roll sat. 21-3 Go Vols

Tip in Knoxville'

Tip...I could see something like this. I do think Tennessee will turn them over a few times and this will lead to a field goal or two. Looking at film last night, it dawned on me that Tennessee was going to probably have problems throwing the ball on these guys. Both of those corners are high caliber NFL quality players. Both guys like to talk but both guys can really play in space. It's going to be a real struggle for the Vols offensively. What I keep coming back to is that Tennessee is going to win because they are. Thinking back to that time Tennessee rolled GA, I'd love to have that O line the Vols used that day.

If you're in the neighborhood tonight, I'd love to come and invite you to see the Fountain City Ramblers at Clancy's on Gay Street in Downtown Knoxville. We will take the stage at 8pm and go for a good 2 to 2.5 hours. Come on out and scream 'Freebird' at us.

Final Thought: Courtesy Mark In Columbus. In the last 23 meetings between Tennessee and Florida, Florida has lost by more than 3 points once. That’s a lot of history on Florida’s side. To me it means the Vols are due. IGYV baby. IGYV…

Tomorrow....Orange Throat...CC Hoops on UT Hoops recruiting plus Jerry Colquitt's Film Study....


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