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Tuesday Stuff
Posted: Tuesday, February 24th, 2015, 8:54 AM
It was great fun catching up with Mike DeBord yesterday. What can I say, the guy is a serious pro. He took every question on thoughtfully and in a stimulating way. I would call our conversation one that was adult in tenor. Did you notice he didn't drop one name during our time together. Not once did he hide behind Tom Brady. Nor did Mike DeBord speak in code. He didn't use one slogan. Not one. He never got offended. Not even when I told him I was luke warm to his hire before last week's press conference. I can only be honest with a person I'm talking to. It's the only way I know to do my job. I can tell that DeBord is going to provide a check and balance dynamic to Butch Jones. This is definitely for the better.

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He had so many tremendous things to say that it's hard just to put up a couple of them here. It's most appreciated that he didn't shirk anything I asked him. Nor did he bristle at the tough questions. He did laugh at my goofing on Butch Jones aversion to calling his offense a spread. DeBord really impressed me last week at that press conference, and yesterday my appreciation of that hire really grew. Early on, I'm calling this hire a very good one. My opinion of the guy has completely changed. A little bit of access isn't a bad thing. It's great when guys like that make themselves available to the common fan. It makes them easy to identify with and much more interesting. Please give the interview a listen here.

Look at this two deep. This is a team that could easily contend in the SEC East next year. When you look at it on paper, this is scary. Link

Great for Justin Coleman. I hope he gets drafted. Link

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I don't watch a tremendous amount of college basketball but the officiating in that UT/South Carolina game was absolutely abysmal. It was like 3 blind mice out there. There were phantom fouls all over the court. Missed calls abounding on both sides. Really sad. It's a shame because the Lady Vols despite not having Harrison really fought hard on the road last night. There's no crime in losing like that after getting pounded inside all night long. Lady Vols, despite have no answers for the length of Carolina, just about stole that game. Now the reality sets in that SC is going to win the SEC's regular season.

Would UT hoops play in the CBI if it came to that? Link

One play. Link

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Somebody could've gotten seriously hurt in the aftermath of KSU over Kansas. John Currie is a goof. Link

Look at Bill Self getting crushed. Scary stuff. Link

Could Russell Wilson's contract be a game changer? Link

Would the Rams really move Sam Bradford to Cleveland? Link

This would be a great game to see. Chris Petersen brings Washington into Boise in September. Link

Here's an artist you should know about! This is great white boy soul. Link

Sam Hinkie in Philly with the 76ers would be really proud of this. As would the Lakers and Knicks. Hey, the big boys can tank on purpose why can't the little girls. Link

Here's video of the sham girls game. I'm telling you, Hinkie will be intrigued by this. Link

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A quick 100 grand isn't a bad way to start a career. Link

If you've tuned into the combine, you're not alone. Link

Byron Jones is setting all time records at the combine. Link

This is a great tradition at Penn State. Link

Speaking of Penn State. Tom Bradley is getting a second chance at being a DC. He may be one of the few from Paterno's final staff that will be another opportunity of equal stature. The guy is a great coach too. He was brutal on Pittsburgh radio for a few years before resurfacing at WVU for a season. 30 seasons at Penn State, one in Morgantown and now he's going to LA. Culture shock!! Link

Finger in mouth. A-Roid. Link

Do you remember where you were 32 years ago when this happened? If you were not born, could you imagine an upstart league signing the consensus #1 overall pick in this draft? Link


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