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Live Tuesday at Stover's
Posted: Tuesday, March 21st, 2017, 7:21 AM
Get well Soon Vol Colonel!! In his absence today let's tie in the beginning of Spring Practice for the Vols....

Playmakers Win Games:
In both CFB and CBB you must have playmakers if you want to play in truly meaningful games. Tennessee has playmakers by the bunches on this 2017 edition. Either QB (I think Guarantano wins the job eventually) has the physical skills to make plays.

Coaching Matters:
Go back and look at the first two rounds of the tournament and you will see that the team that adjusts adroitly is still playing. This is also true in college football. Tennessee's staff last year wasn't exactly an adjusting on the fly bunch. This 2017 staff will be more cohesive in that they were chosen by the respective coordinators. This will lead to better in game coaching. Adjust or go home.

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Toughest Teams Win:
Whether it's South Carolina over Duke, Wisconsin over Nova or Florida over Virginia, the toughest teams in college basketball usually advance. I hate to admit it, but Florida played like a team possessed in their first two efforts out of the box. Something will have to give with Florida versus Wisconsin because both teams are playing like Bama in college football. And yes....I hate to admit it, but Bama is the model here. Bama wins games because they are tougher than you. Truth is, Tennessee's season never really got started last year because they just didn't get it done in the strength and conditioning department. With Rock Gullickson on board, I believe Tennessee will come into 2017 as a much tougher program.

Teams That Get Stops Advance:
Arkansas was feeling wonderfully about themselves with 3 minutes to play. They were up 5 and it looked like Carolina was going home. That is until the Heels buckled down on D. Now, Carolina got the Blue Whistle late but they simply clamped down on the Hogs to get through to the next round. Orange Throat hit it out of the park yesterday when he said that Tennessee must be better on defense if they're going to get to Atlanta in early December. Part of this has to come from Butch Jones parting with a few of his beloved collection of wide receivers to play on defense. There's no reason Tyler Byrd isn't going at least both ways for the Vols. It's silly to have a secondary as deficient as the Vols and not at least try a few guys back there this spring. That better happen and it needs to happen soon. You at least do this so you'll never see a play like the one that almost cost Tennessee the Georgia game. Defense wins games!! Especially late in both games.

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Special Teams Matter:
In college hoops special teams are akin to things like rebounding and foul shooting. These are hidden stats for sure. Not sexy stuff. Shooting above 80% from the foul line and taking care of the boards gives a lesser team an opportunity to stay in games. Same can be said for solid special teams play. Tennessee has been EXCELLENT under Butch Jones in special teams. 2017 should be no exception.

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It's All In The Draw:
After a murderous 2016 schedule, Tennessee gets a respite in the upcoming Fall. Sure there are trips to Bama and Florida but the rest of the schedule is relatively manageable. The Vols actually have a pretty good draw if the goal is getting to Atlanta. Non-conference is nowhere near as difficult with the opener with Georgia Tech setting the table. Southern Miss won't be easy, nor will it be particularly difficult. The rest are joke games. Georgia and South Carolina are both home and will both probably determine UT's fate in the East. If Tennessee goes 2-0 there they might just survive and advance. Coach O led LSU on Nov 18th is also a break of sorts. By this point, LSU should be a complete mess with him at the helm for an entire season. I'm telling you that the schedule makers have given the Vols are really nice draw.

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Lady Vols On Wrong Side Of History Last Night:
The Lady Vols were eliminated in un Lady Like Fashion last night by a scrappy Louisville team 75-64 in the round of 32. This is the first time in the history of UT's Women's hoops that the Lady Vols have exited in the round of 32. Holly's resume now reads,

Year One    Elite 8
Year Two Sweet 16
Year 3 Elite 8
Year 4 Elite 8
Year 5 Round of 32

In most cases, Holly Warlick would be celebrated for the job she has done here. Tennessee isn't most cases when it comes to college hoops. Elite 8's constituted a disappointing season under Pat Summitt. Holly Warlick's teams have hit some bottoms including being the only UT team in history (this season) to ever lose in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Tennessee was 28-0 in the round of 32 going into last night. That's just sad. The Ladies made a real game of it last night by going full court press. Why didn't they do that earlier? Plus Tennessee was really hard to watch on offense. Nared was having a career night if they would've fed her the ball. It was pretty tough to watch indeed. Not to mention that insane flagrant one call on UT with 1:43 left in a 6 point game. Tennessee created a steal and Nared made an amazing shot on the ensuing possession. I give the Ladies credit for not quitting but they should've used more pressure in that game.

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A Fun Fact Dr. Davenport Might Enjoy:
The good Dr. had a silly criteria in UT's AD search that even she couldn't meet, thus shrinking the pool. Meanwhile, Illinois shocked the college hoops world by pulling Brad Underwood away from OK State after only one year. The best part? Illinois AD comes from the Division III ranks. To Dr. Davenport he's like a Dalit caste member in India. He's a street sweeper or an outcast. This place is classic.

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Maybe Getting Political So Skip If This Will Offend You:
Not trying to get political, but how sweet is it that Duke (of all schools) got beat partly because they were playing in Greenville, SC and not Greensboro, NC because of the "Bathroom Issue." Truth is most of us don't care about the bathroom bill and most of us realize it's pure silliness and most of us are held hostage by the wishes of a few. That's life in modern America.

Back to the court, it's amazing that Duke fans are using this as an excuse for losing to South Carolina. I will say this though, between the Duke Lacrosse Case and and this latest chapter that bastion of left wing political thought has been hoisted on their own petard. That whole rush to judgement on those kids along with the whole rush to judgement on the state of North Carolina by the NCAA make for an untidy world when the rubber meets the road. Food for thought.

Might Be Getting Political Part II:
Not trying to get political again, but Spike Lee's comments of the absence of Colin Kaepernick from any NFL camp is so predictable. I saw Stephen A. Smith say yesterday that Kap isn't on a roster because he can't play. He wants to be a starter and he's not good enough. In fact he kind of stinks. That's called truth.

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Personal Inventory Reveals.....I'm A MORON!!
I'm a complete and total fool with my Duke hatred. I'm idiotic. I'm 50 years old and I literally went to sleep Sunday instead of watching Duke because they aggravate me so. What's wrong with me? And btw, I'm not kidding with this. So sad. I should never have allowed it to come to this. But it has. And I'm the real loser because I could've been enjoying that moment with the rest of America on Sunday. Oh well.

Thank You Steve In Chatty:
He called my show and confessed to an unhealthy hatred of Alabama to the point that he won't watch them at all. He said he saw maybe 7 Bama plays last year. One of the plays he saw live was Bama blowing up an Ole Miss kick returner. This of course not only wasn't called targeting but explained away on CBS by a sycophant/SEC official in Birmingham. Classic.

Tell Me Who You HATE!
Steve HATES the Tide....Do you have a school/team like this that you despise so deeply that you can't even watch them??? Do tell...I wanna hear about it.

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