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Posted: Friday, August 15th, 2014, 1:18 PM
Worst kept secret in the world finally got out yesterday when Butch Jones named Justin Worley the starting QB for Utah State game. I love what Butch Jones said about Worley. I'm not buying it but I love it nonetheless. I wish Worley luck. It's hard not to like that young man. He's a senior. He gets the most out of his God given ability. Whether he can execute at a consistent major college level in 2014 remains to be seen. For the record, my prediction is that Peterman will start at least a game or two before the season is over. Why or how, I'm not quite sure but something tells me this is far from settled.

And remember, during fan day tomorrow night I predict that Peterman will have a tremendous practice fueling the controversy of those that want him to start.

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NON SEC BIG GAME ROAD MAP: The magic of college football is its soon-to-be-extinct regionalism but in order to fully appreciate the season I have to allow my eyes to wander outside the confines of the SEC Network. Here are some games that I will almost certainly be keeping up with...

SEC SEASON ROADMAP: Coming off the league’s first non-National Championship year in 8 seasons the path to the playoffs is mapped below....[more]

Reed Carringer of turned a garden variety radio appearance into a firestorm when he basically called this QB race in camp a sham.
Reed: 'I'm a little bit surprised that Butch put himself on a timetable like that (for naming the starting QB). I thought it might go game week again like last year. I get why he doesn't want to do that this year. I think he's put himself in a little bit of a pickle by naming a QB this early because the guy he wants to name (Worley) is getting outplayed right now.'

Me: 'Did you just say that?

Reed Carringer: 'Absolutely.'

Me: 'Expound on that'

Reed Carringer: 'I think everybody expected the starter to be Justin Worley. Look, Justin Worley has been getting outplayed since Fall camp started. And he's been getting outplayed by Nathan Peterman. And he's behind closed doors he's been getting outplayed by Josh Dobbs a little bit as well. I think Worley, when you take into account all of fall camp, has probably had the second best camp. If you just consider just live situations in camp he's the 3rd beset QB. And that's the guy they're determined to name the starter.'

Me: 'I'm trying to process what you just told me.'

Reed Carringer: 'Hey we've been talking about it for a while.'

Me: 'But that's really strong. I mean the way you put that. Do you understand? That's extremely strong. Because what you're telling me is that they're (UT coaches and some media) spinning the press. You're not buying the spin?'

Reed Carringer: 'Oh no. You can read between the lines with what Butch is doing. Worley has always been, since Butch got hired on December 7th, 2012...Worley has always been the default QB, the safety blanket for that staff. And last year Spring practice if you think back on it, he didn't really win the job but he got most of the first team reps. Same thing in Fall camp last year. He didn't really win the job but he got most of the first team reps. Same thing in Spring practice this year. Same thing in Fall camp so far. So, they've given him every single chance realizing that it is a best case scenario if your senior QB wins the job. They've given him (Worley) every chance but he hasn't quite done that.

Me 'I thought it would've been really interesting to see them use Saturday's scrimmage as a measuring stick. There will be pressure there with the huge crowd in attendance. Why not let it go a little longer? Use this opportunity to see what you have.'

Reed Carringer. 'That's kind of what I would do Tony. I think Butch is going to get the job done here. But my biggest question mark with that staff continues to be how they handle the quarterback position. It didn't go very well last year. I think the off-season didn't go as well as they would've hoped. And right now I would five these guys a chance and trot them out there in the open practice and see what they can do. I think the reason they probably don't want to do that (let Saturday be a measuring stick) is somebody's probably gonna outplay Worley in that open practice. And they (UT's coaches) probably aren't ready to name Peterman or Dobbs the starter.'

Me: 'I think that's right. In fact, here's what I said (Thursday) on my site (you're reading it). I believe that after naming Worley the starter, Peterman's going to go out there and show up and show out. Just like he did last year in the Saturday night open practice. I'll be on the air chatting with you afterwards (on the Smartway/Dalton Bearing 5th Quarter, Fan Reaction, immediately following the scrimmage LIVE) and fans are going to be saying 'why didn't you name this guy the starting QB?' Book it, that will happen, because that's how it always goes around here.'

Me (cont)...We had a caller earlier say he believes that Peterman is the guy who's skill set most fits what they need in a QB and he's coming back next year. It would only make sense to hit the ground running with him.'

Reed Carringer 'Eligibility is the same with Peterman and Dobbs. They're both sophomores. Peterman's a redshirt sophomore but they're both sophomores. They both got a ton go time ahead of them here at Tennessee if they choose to stick around. I don't know why they're not willing to turn the reigns over to somebody other than Worley. I do expect you'll see that at some point this season. My best guess is that they really want Dobbs to get the job but they named Worley the starter knowing that 3 or 4 starts in this year they can turn the reigns over to Dobbs and see if how does and just kind of ride the bus out. It's clear he's more talented than Worley but they didn't expect Peterman to have the Fall camp he's having. And Tony....It's not hyperbole when I say he looks like a completely different quarterback than I saw last year. And I thought he was close to Worley last year throughout Fall camp, Spring Practice and throughout the season before he got hurt. To see what he's done so far to improve his accuracy and his mechanics, reads and live situations. The catastrophic mistakes, the inaccurate passes..... Those are gone...And Peterman's been lights out in Fall camp.'

Me: 'Come on man. Lights out?'

Reed Carringer 'Exactly!!! Lights out!!'

Me: Pausing

Reed Carringer 'He looks like a different Quarterback. Here's the thing. I was joking with the staff here at that even though Dobbs and Worley went out there to George Whitfield's camp....He's the acclaimed quarterback guru. And both of them (Dobbs and Worley) look they've regressed since Spring.'

Me: 'Here's the thing. If I'm paying my quarterbacks coach six figures, I don't want him studying under some other guy. I'm with Jimbo Fisher at Florida State who won't let his QB's work with any third party folks. You have a coach. This ain't golf! Am I wrong?'

Reed Carringer: 'Exactly. Those guys don't look good. Worley and Dobbs took steps forward in the spring. After last year, and the Spring, I expected both guys to step up in Fall camp and make this a real race and they just haven't. Peterman...I remember we asked him, 'hey what did you do this Summer?' and he said I just threw the ball at my old high school. While Worley was at the Manning Academy, Peterman was throwing it around with his old receivers at his old high school (laughs)... We thought that his answer was indicative of a guy that didn't care and as it turns out he was getting better over the Summer break than the other guys did.'

After his comments, Reed got attacked on twitter and I felt badly because Reed was just calling it like he saw it. Reed, please don't change. I say keep on keeping on. The truth always sets us free. The coaches did a sales job yesterday after naming Worley the starter. That's their job. Reed knocked it down beforehand and essentially called the 'competition' a sham. That's his job. Job well done guys all the way around.

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When I say Butch Jones will get it done, I mean:

Keith Hatfield brings another edition of his new radio show 'Show Cause' today at 1 eastern on your Tony Basilio live stream. It airs as soon as our show ends. Tune him in and give him a shot..Here's Keith with the Hatfield IX.
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'A big sports weekend awaits the good people of Knoxville. A vintage base ball, two words intentionally, doubleheader at World's Fair Park and an open UT football event makes for plenty of action.

1. Kentucky will have its most versatile team since the '95-'96 title squad. Their size and depth will allow them to play effectively at any pace.

2. It never hurts to make the final group for a player the caliber of Skal Labisierre. I just wouldn't get my Big Orange hopes up too much.

3. I like Stephen Curry's self assurance. If you fully believe you are that good, say it.

4. If you want to be uplifted for 30 minutes, check out Nolan Richardson's Hall of Fame speech. It's part sermon, part sociology lecture.

5. Steve Masiello has had a top flight summer. He gets his job back and receives immediate eligibility for Jermaine Lawrence.

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6. Tiger Woods made the best decision for all parties involved by pulling out of Ryder Cup consideration. He's in no shape to play, but it would have still been tough on Tom Watson to leave him at home.

7. The charade that Major League Baseball is perpetrating is insulting to anyone with a modicum of intelligence. Both final candidates for Commissioner were just fronts for the continuance of Bud Selig's policies.

8. Justin Worley gets another shot to make the quarterback spot his own. For the sake of Tennessee's season, here's hoping he succeeds.

9. One thing I want to see in the open practice Saturday is how the respective lines stack up against each other. We should get any idea of the relative progress of each rebuilt unit.

Tune in today at 1 for Show Cause.

Thanks for being there


Vol Colonel for those of you not familiar is a gentleman I give carte blanche in this blog. He checks in when he sees fit and I listen and print his stuff here. Why? Because he knows. How does he know? He's a high level donor who has unfettered access to practice. For some reason he blesses me (and you) with his take here. He was on Peterman's hot camp before anyone in the media and he shared it with you here. Kudos Colonel! He gives his passionate perspective on the decision by Butch Jones to name Worley the starter.

Vol Colonel
'Butch Jones followed the script as I expected Thursday afternoon and named Justin Worley Tennessee's starting quarterback. Jones basically told us that this decision was based on Justin's overall body of work and his leadership. One thing I know for certain about this decision, It wasn't based on Justin earning the job over camp the last few weeks. I told you on this blog last week, that if I were being totally honest about things, Nathan Peterman was looking the best in camp. Well, another week of practice has come and gone since then, and nothing has changed my opinion of where our QB's are at.

Had this been a true open competition for the job based on fall camp, then Nathan Peterman would be your starting QB. I know a lot of you don't want to hear this. I'm sure some of you think I'm being a NegaVol for not towing the company line that's being pushed from our coaching staff. Some of you might think I just have it in for Worley because I like Nate Peterman. Hey, it's a free society, think as you will. I'm not looking to persuade you in any way. I'm just telling you the honest to goodness truth as to what I've seen with my eyes.

Could Nathan Peterman be a great practice player and never be able to cut the mustard when it's showtime?..Sure, that could be the case. He wouldn't be the first player to ever come through Knoxville or anywhere else for that matter, to practice like Superman, then go out and play like Tiny Tim when the lights go on. This holds true in all sports. There have always been guys who perform well in practice and when the lights go on, they fizzle out. It works both ways, there are plenty of guys who don't practice well, then when it's showtime, they get after it like world beaters. These types of guys are referred to as gamer's. Is it fair to say Peterman is a practice player based on what we witnessed in the Swamp last year? I don't think it's fair to make that judgment. I think that's yet to be determined. Did his performance at Florida last year hinder his chances at getting the nod over Worley this summer?...I think it had to play a part. I think that has to linger in the back of the coaches minds. The one thing I think the coaches need to be careful of in the future, is saying they're having an open competition, when in actuality, their minds are made up as to who the starter is going to be. I think that's a very slippery slope and while I don't think it blows up in their faces this year, it could cause problems down the road.

Coming out of spring it looked like the battle for #1 was going to be between Worley and Dobbs. When Dobbs fell back this summer and Peterman came charging out of seemingly nowhere, I think this put the coaches in a pickle. I think the decision to start Worley was made long before yesterday's media opportunity. Hey, I get that part of the puzzle from this aspect, you want your guys giving their all. You want competition at every position. Competition is what pushes guys to be their best. I just believe if you're going to have a true open competition, then have one. Don't change the game just because things didn't play out the way you thought they would. Don't say it's truly open for everybody, when in fact, it's not.

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I truly believe that if Josh Dobbs had been playing and performing the way Nate Peterman has performed this camp, then Joshua Dobbs would have been named the starting QB. I believe that Peterman's skeleton in the closet (last year's Fla game) is exactly why Justin Worley is the starting QB for the Utah St. game. Folks, that's exactly how I see it. That's my assessment. You don't have to agree with it, you don't have to like it, you can call me a moron until you are blue in the face, but I will not pump the sunshine just to tow the old Big Orange company line. I have always to the best of my ability, tried to bring you the truth and tell you what I'm seeing and hearing as it pertains to Tennessee Athletics.

In closing here, I want you to know, I truly hope Justin Worley can take this job and run with it. I want this football team to compete hard and get us back to a bowl game this year. If Worley can't get it done, then we'll move on to the next guy and hope he can get it done. I tend to agree with Randy Moore of I think all three guys are going to see action this year, but for now, it's Justin's job and I'll be rooting for him to succeed.

Have a Great Weekend and Go Big Orange!

Your Vol Colonel'


'Tony B:

I'm glad we got expert QB analysis from Jeeker on the show Thursday. ESPN's probably on the phone as we speak to have him replace Gruden. I hear all this stuff about Peterman, which is great that he's made the comeback, but let's slow down before we give him the keys to another car (the last one he drove is at the bottom of a deep canyon). Peterman could be a great story in 2014 and/or 2015, but let's pump the brakes a bit. Based on 2013 performances, Worley is the smart bet to start the season. Peterman needs to come into his next game in a non-threatening situation, unless by necessity, and get some confidence in live combat ... That was a devilish proposition you came up with on the Florida win/5-7 record trade. I don't buy, because this program needs a bowl berth more than an isolated win over Florida and a collapse in November, which would be the case if we beat them and still only won four more games the entire season. If you collapse in November, that's bad mojo going into the final stages of recruiting ... You won't see Tony Stewart back on the track until the investigation is completed and he's exonerated. His sponsors won't go for it. He can't talk to the media until the authorities in NY rule on the situation, and he can't get on the track until he explains what happened.

Ollie in Oneida'

Ollie: I don't know what to tell you on the QB deal. I just want to see competent offense. Hope that isn't too much to ask.


1. Why would the staff be reluctant to name Peterman
the starter if he has clearly demonstrated he is the
best QB?
2. Between the 2 new SEC teams, why do you believe A&M
will not last in the SEC but evidently Missouri will?

Bill, Maryville

My sense is that Worley starts because he's safe. Sometimes at QB safe beats better. As for A&M, I'm not buying because they don't fit. Mizzou fits more geographically in this league long-term. Just my take on things. Thanks for reading/listening

Remember, we will be live on the app/web stream right here immediately following the open practice in Neyland Stadium. Make sure to check in with us and we will take calls from all over the country with our all star panel. Thanks to Smartway and Dalton Bearing for helping us launch this exciting programming for you in Vol Nation of Domination.

Enjoy your weekend….
Make it blessed and safe…


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