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Posted: Wednesday, August 26th, 2015, 5:59 AM
Tennessee is team united. Guys switching numbers to honor teammates. A great sign. Link

Jerry Colquitt does not excite easily. You know that if you've ever heard him on air he doesn't throw praise around faintly. He completely caught me off guard with his praise of Tee Higgins. I don't know if I've ever heard Jerry as excited as he was about Higgins yesterday. He referred to him as a 'generational' talent that is better than any player to ever come out of Oak Ridge. Not only that but Jerry said that Tee Higgins is a guy that will go down in the annals of UT in the same breath as a guy like Carl Pickens. Odd as it sounds, Colquitt kept talking about how Higgins is an 'electrifying' athlete that could even be an amazing basketball player. It truly was odd to hear Jerry Colquitt talk about him in this way. Why did I have Jerry on talking about this? A couple of reasons. Firstly, Jerry is an alum of that program plus Jerry has been telling me about Tee Higgins for literally 4 years now. Jerry went to school with Tee's mother who is known as 'Lady' or 'Lady Bug' by her friends/classmates in Oak Ridge. Great line yesterday from TC in Athens wondered if Dave Hart would make Higgin's drop 'Lady' from her name once that kid gets to UT's campus. I guess she'll be known as 'Bug' once Higgins reports to UT in a couple of years.

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Vols 2015 Schedule
Bowling Green*
W. Carolina
@ Florida
@ Alabama
@ Kentucky
South Carolina
N. Texas
@ Missouri
* Nashville, TN
All Times ET

I'm really starting to believe. I'm really starting to believe it's coming down here. Stranger things have happened. Two five star players in two consecutive days and no stomach punch on the back end of it leads me to believe that something great could be brewing here. Could the Vols be an out of nowhere champion this year in college football? When I say champion, I'll take an eastern division championship at this point and call it a championship. Look around this league, out of nowhere champions abound in the past five years. Did you see Mizzou the past couple of years winning it? How about Auburn the two seasons they contended for the National title (winning once)? Did you see Georgia coming within 11 yards of beating Bama three seasons back in the SEC Title game?

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Did you see Ohio State winning the National Title last year?

Who thought the Patriots would win the Super Bowl in 2001?

Did you see the Florida Marlins win either of their World Series titles before it happened.

Did you have the Detroit Pistons winning it all in 2004?

There's always the 1969 Mets...

Remember Miami back in 1983?...

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Oklahoma with Josh Heupel at QB?

NC State in hoops in 1983?

Did you have the Carolina WhalerCanes winning it all in 2006?

Did you see Buster Douglas beating Tyson in 1990?

Did you see the Mets running away with the East this year?

Was KC your pick to get to the World Series last year?

Did you call the LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup as an 8th seed?

Villanova won it all in 85 as an 8th seed?

2005 Chicago White Sox.....Did you see that coming?

Colorado Rockies in '07 went to the World Series with Helton.

Can you think of more examples along these lines?

I'm not talking about USA over USSR in 1980, I'm talking about teams that have a right to win winning. Tennessee, in case you haven't notices has paid their dues. It's time to start winning. It's either going to happen this year or next, so why not a year early. There's no way this UT team won't be the odds on favorite next year to win the division so, why not do it a year early? Bottom line is I'm not demanding it or expecting it but I am say why not us? Why not now? As you can see from the above stranger things can will and do happen all the time.

Did you see Baylor and or TCU dominating the Big 12 a few years back when that league reconfigured? That's what I thought.

And my point is upsets happen. Link

Vols getting love from Dawg Nation. Link

Whether he knows it or not, JuJuan Jennings might be the biggest break out star of the summer. Here he is in his own words. Link

Bunch of injured Vols got back yesterday. Link

Hatfield IX Time:

Hatfield's Nine
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'While it's good to be back from my short hiatus, it is incredibly sad to know Randy Moore won't be around to make the sports media a more civil and enjoyable place. This one is for him.

1. Butch Jones has the Tennessee recruiting machine running on all cylinders. One blue chip after another.

2. I'm not going to come on here and rip Steve Sarkisian. Going through personal problems and working for Pat Haden is bad enough.

3. It'll be interesting to see if Trevor Knight can ever reclaim the starting job from Baker Mayfield at Oklahoma. Quarterback inconsistency was a big part of the Sooner collapse in '14.

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4. I still think people are underestimating LSU. The Tigers should be in the fight for the West.

5. Just when it seemed John Calipari would not have his usual embarrassment of riches at Kentucky, he goes international to grab two elite talents. The cycle never seems to stop in Lexington.

6. The line between winning and losing at the mid major level is always razor thin. The departure of Bobby Hurley and the expulsion of Justin Moss probably puts Buffalo back on the bad side of said line.

7. Nobody has had a worse summer than John Groce. Illinois is a mess right now.

8. The Nationals are on the verge of having one of the most disappointing seasons I can remember. There's no way that roster should be in danger of missing the postseason in a weak National League.

9. The Rangers are, on the other hand, giving their fans a fun ride. They've done a masterful job of handling adversity.

Join us tomorrow night at Clancy's Tavern and Whiskey House for the Second Annual Basilio Broadcast Platforms Fantasy Football Challenge Draft. Should be fun time.


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I'm neither a psychological nor a drug/alcohol counselor but this isn't a good sign when a guy is mixing booze and bills and won't own that he could be slipping into the soup. Bad sign at USC. Link

Time for OSU to play openers at home. Berry Trammel is calling them out. Link

No beer yet at Death Valley but if they keep choking in big games those folks may want to drown their sorrows yet. Link

In case you're wondering what those stickers are on the side of the helmets of SEC teams this fall, here's a hint. It's called tribute. Link

Hey Hatfield...Is this really happening Texas and Washington in China? Whaaaaat? Link


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For more information about volunteering at the Community Chest contact Jim Wright at (865) 207-8572 or send him an e-mail. Thank you.

Is Art Briles in the clear with this revelation? Link

Oh Art Briles. Link

Why can I buy a lottery ticket anywhere, beer and wine in my grocery store, a fantasy team on yet I can't place a wager legally on the Tennessee opener with Bowling Green? Give the people in this country freedom to make our own choices. Feel me? New Jersey doesn't feel me. Link

15 games have a face value over $200. Huh? What? Link

From almost Vol to the Roughriders. Link

When you total up what assistant coaches make per hour it's not that much for what they surrender. Link

Michigan State continues to get it done. Link

How bad is the Steeler's backup QB situation when they're signing Mike Vick? Link

Great news!!! Vol Colonel is now CANCER FREE!!! Praise God for the great news. We love you Vol Colonel.

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