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Tuesday Live @ Stover's
4505 Asheville Highway
Posted: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016, 6:46 AM • Permalink
Vol Colonel
'The 5-2 Tennessee Volunteers continue their quest for a 10-2 regular season and an SEC East Division Championship as they march into Columbia, South Carolina this coming Saturday night. The injury riddled Vols will be looking to pick-up win #6 and get bowl eligible against Will Muschamp and his lowly Gamecocks. The Vols opened a 12 1/2 pt favorite over SC and it's already jumped up to 14 at some offshore books.

Even with all of our injuries, I fully expect our Volunteers to take the Gamecocks behind the shed. I see a real beat down waiting to happen. UMass went into Columbia this past Saturday as 21 pt underdogs and headed back to Amherst with their heads held high as they gave SC fits before bowing out 34-28. One positive aspect to come out of the UMass game for South Carolina was finding the right signal caller to man the ship.

Muschamp turned the keys to the offense over to Freshman QB Jake Bentley against the Minutemen. Bentley, who goes 6'3 and weighs 225 lbs was a highly touted pure pocket passer coming out of high school who had offers from Alabama, LSU, Stanford, Nebraska and a host of others before deciding to set-up shop in Columbia. You say to yourself, "How does a kid who could go to any major college program in the country end up at South Carolina?". Well, Will Muschamp decided his daddy Bobby Bentley was the best candidate to be South Carolina's new running backs coach.

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The kid tossed a pair of TD's and had a little better than 200 yards through the air in his debut. He'll get his first real test Saturday night as Derek Barnett and company will bring heat early and often and will look to disrupt the 18 year old gunslinger. It will be interesting to see how this kid keeps his poise. I think he's in for a long night against Tennessee's pass rush. I'm going to set the Over/Under on the number of INT's Bentley throws at two.

Hopefully we get some bodies back for this game, but it's really hard to speculate at this point who will be available and who won't. Butch Jones said yesterday to the press that everybody that could be expected back will be there. One thing is for sure, we need to exit Columbia without any more injuries. It's bad enough as it is, but if we lose any more guys during this little road trip we're going to be in deep doo-doo coming down the stretch, no matter who we play.

That's some of my thoughts on this game. I think having this past week off will do wonders for our guys. They needed a break and it couldn't have came at a better time. I think we handle the Gamecocks by 3 touchdowns. I see this game somewhere in the neighborhood of 38-17 Big Orange!

Your Vol Colonel Scopes The Nation:

Leonard Fournette absolutely trucked an Ole Miss defender Saturday night that brought back bad memories of Herschel Walker running over Bill Bates. Fournette was a beast in that game rushing for 284 yards and 3 TD's. He had runs of 59, 76 and 78 yards. Wow!

Ed Orgeron has LSU playing their best ball in a few years, especially on offense. They're going to be a handful for anyone who crosses their path. As good as Alabama is, I can see them being lucky to escape Baton Rouge with a victory. With Tom Herman's star starting to lose a little luster, I won't be surprised if Orgeron gets to keep that gig full-time.

Auburn is another team that I wouldn't want to face right now. They not only whipped Arkansas, they took their dignity in doing so, 56-3. In Auburn's last 3 games they've outscored the opposition 152-24.

Hats off to MTSU. They dropped 584 yards of offense on Missouri and took the Tigers down 51-45. Mizzou may have came into this league with a bang under Gary Pinkel, but with all the turmoil they've had at that school over the last year and a half, I won't be surprised if that program stays down for quite a few years.

Just when you start to think James Franklin might've been a flash in the pan at Vanderbilt, he and his Nittany Lions pull off a monumental upset victory over Urban Meyer and Ohio State. Penn St cracked the AP Poll for the first time since 2011 this week. With the Michigan and Ohio State games now in their rear-view mirror, there's not a lot of stiff competition left on PSU's schedule. A 10-2 regular season is not out of the question in Happy Valley.

Charlie Strong and Texas dropped another game this past Saturday at Kansas State. It doesn't get any easier this week as undefeated Baylor comes to Austin. It's no longer a case of will Charlie Strong get fired, it's now a matter of when. That clock is ticking.

Tom Herman is the name most heard when talk of that Texas job coming open gets bandied about, but if I'm in the brain trust making decisions in Austin, I take a long hard look at trying to bring in Bobby Petrino. Say what you will about Petrino's checkered past, but he would kill it at Texas.

West Virginia is 6-0 and they look for real. They're the only team in the Big 12 that has a legitimate defense. They beat TCU this past Saturday 34-10. I can't remember Gary Patterson and his Horned Frogs ever being held to 10 points. There's still a lot of ball to be played, but the Mountaineers are now in the playoff conversation.

The Pac-12 no longer plays football. That garbage that's on display out there every week is Pinball in Pads. Defense is nonexistent in that league. Washington looks for real, but I can't watch that bad football anymore. It makes me dizzy!

Clemson will have its last true test of the regular season as they travel to FSU this week. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jimbo Fisher and his kids wreck Clemson's playoff hopes in Tallahassee, Saturday.

That's all for this week, folks. You can follow me on Twitter @TheVolColonel

Have a Great Day and Go Big Orange!

Your Vol Colonel'

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VC: That's some great stuff right there! I love that Muschamp learned something valuable from his time at Florida and that's this...No quarterback, no chance. Look back at the straight garbage he had at QB during his brief time at Florida and the decision to sell out to get Jake Bentley is a rather shrewd one. I remember the good ole days when LSU and Kansas in hoops needed an extra row behind their respective benches for all their "assistant" coaches. Classic stuff.

As for LSU. I'm feeling you on them being a real live dog against Bama next week. IMO, even if the Mad Melungeon runs the table, there's no way they could sell him as a full time head coach. And that's even in crazy Cajun country. Ed Orgeron (if you talk with anybody behind the scenes during his brief time at Tennessee) was straight insane.

As for Tom Herman...It's interesting to see a guy get supernova hot and cool off in the same season. This guy is blazing new ground indeed.

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As for Gus Malzahn, he's the first genius that became a moron that turned back into a genius we've ever seen in college football coaching. Very few get off the hot seat. He's got a real chance with the way his guys are playing.

On the SEC West....How would you like to have Bama's stretch drive of LSU and Auburn? Bama may make it to Atlanta but they will get physically exhausted in the process. No doubt this is true. Both LSU and Auburn will make Bama pay. Look at Bama's game with A&M. That one game ended up costing them DB Eddie Jackson, who also happens to be their top kick returner.

Is there an inherent bias with Bama and the referees? Or are the Tide just better coached and thus don't commit as many penalties? These #'s have many other SEC fan bases buzzing. I can't speak of their 100% veracity, but I want to believe this with all my heart. When you play the Bammers, you're playing 11 on 16+. Check these #'s out. These came from an Auburn chat board and once again can't be confirmed because I have neither the time nor the math skills to do so.

'From 2007-2015:
9 years
121 games
8114 offensive snaps
55 holding penalties

37 holding penalties against OL or 1 every 3.3 games.

OL is flagged for holding every 219 snaps.

Alabama had zero holding penalties during 65% of their

Only 2 times during 121 games was Alabama flagged for
holding while trailing on the scoreboard.

During 78 conference games, their OL was flagged for
holding 19 times (1 every 4.1 gms).

During their remaining 43 games, 18 times (1 every 2.4

Interesting Breakdown... Holding Penalties against OL:9 games vs. Auburn .......... 26 games vs. Florida ........... 14 games vs. Georgia ......... 010 games vs. LSU ............. 39 games vs. Tennessee ..... 19 games vs. Ole Miss ........ 29 games vs. Arkansas ....... 6'

I love this stuff. I want to believe it. I do believe it. The SEC office must get out of Birmingham at once. Do it now!

Can you imagine watching that crappy/one sided officiating in that Bama/A&M game and being told you can't take a Deuce. With all due respect to David Palmer, this could've been a real mess. Link

They said it...."If the NCAA suspended every player that smoked marijuana in the past month, you'd be left with Rick Barnes' recruiting class." Beano yesterday on Tony Basilio Show.

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Tennessee/Tennessee Tech is a 4p kickoff!!! Perfect for what we're planning with Amachi Knoxville. In fact, Donita McCartney of Amachi Knoxville is super excited that because of your generosity, a bunch of young people with an incarcerated parent will get an opportunity to attend a real, live UT football game. Think about what a thrill this will be to be a part of this.

Here's an open letter to the readers regarding the work of Amachi Knoxville.

' reader.

Thanks for allowing me to help you learn a little about Amachi Knoxville.

Many of our kids have never had the opportunity to attend a UT football game and many of them share that this is a dream they have. A lot of our boys are currently playing on junior football leagues and one is a well-known senior at Fulton who is getting a lot of recognition and going on to play college ball next fall! Mentoring matters and it’s a job that doesn’t require any special skills – just a willing heart to serve and make a difference in our community. What we like to say around here is, “Be someone who matters TO someone who matters.”

Amachi Knoxville is an evidence-based mentoring program for children of incarcerated parents designed to help children achieve their highest potential and break the generational cycle of incarceration.

KLF brought the program to Knoxville in 2004 to help children of prisoners achieve their highest potential by engaging in safe, committed mentoring relationships. Amachi staff work with more than 30 community partners to identify and recruit safe, committed mentors to work with the more than 4,000 children in Knoxville who currently have a parent in state prison.

Statistically, without intervention these children of promise have a 70% chance of becoming incarcerated as adults. We've got to stop the cycle. Children with mentors do better in school, get along better with their families and are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol than their peers. Having a mentor is great for any child, but for a child whose parents are locked up, it's a lifeline. A mentor shows the child by example that there is a better way. Mentors teach these children life skills that can literally save their lives.

To provide the best foundation for a strong and lasting relationship, Amachi mentors interview with program staff, complete a background check, and receive extensive training in risk factors, protective factors, communications methods, advocacy, and life and leadership skills. Mentors commit to spend a minimum of 4-6 hours per month with their mentee, attend quarterly mentor support trainings, and complete monthly surveys to track activities, challenges, and progress. Staff match participants based on their interests and compatibility, then facilitate a match meeting to introduce mentors and mentees. Professional training, support and guidance continues throughout program participation.

We currently have 110 active matches going on. There are 12 girls and 15 boys currently waiting to meet their mentors!

To learn more, visit or you can call me at 865-524-2774

Thanks for the opportunity!

Danita McCartney
Director of Mentoring Initiatives
Knoxville Leadership Foundation

Danita!!! We are really excited to partner with you in this endeavor to get as many youngsters in that stadium as possible. I want to publicly express to you that we will do anything in our power to get the word out there for you for your most worthwhile cause. God bless you for what you're doing!

To the listener....If you would like to help with this, please send your Tennessee/Tennessee Tech Tix and or cash for our tailgate to

Tony Basilio Show
Box 26011
Knoxville, TN 37912

We will have a tailgate that day as Clark at Select Tix Service has donated a choice parking pass for us. If you would like to get involved with our tailgate, please e-mail me. The bigger the better as far as I'm concerned and I want you to have a part in this blessing.

Thanks again for helping us serve our community!

Donita is going to join me live today and I'm super excited to bring more information about this to you.

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Final Thought: When is the last time you watched a Thursday NFL game plus one on Sunday and Monday in the same week? Been a while for me since I've hit this triple play. How about you?

Tomorrow.....Mid-Season Tony Awards preview....Plus T Mail. Plus more on targeting at the NCAA.


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