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Live @ Stovers 4505 Asheville Highway
Posted: Monday, July 27th, 2015, 8:36 AM
Today's blog and Tony Basilio show are conducted in honor of VFL Pat Shires who passed away over the weekend. Link

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Orange Throat laid it out there on Friday right here. Every time you turn around there's a reason to feel better and better about the Vols in 2015. And as Houston Kress says here, even when you look for reasons to pump the brakes, the schedule just won't let you. Tennessee has a hot program full of very good young players in a division that has gone soft the past couple of years. When you combine this with a FAVORABLE schedule the program can't help but take a step forward. Period. End of sentence. Link

Keith Hatfield nailed this. Austin Nichols looks Virginia bound. Link

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Where's the national media on this Junior Seau HOF controversy. No way should the NFL be able to shut this family down. Seau gave his life playing NFL football for 20 years. He sacrificed his brain in the process. Pretending none of this happened is so NFL. It's the league of poor pr where symbolism trumps free speech and freedom of thought. Keep squeezing Dan Snyder of the Redskins national media! That's the ticket. Whatever you do don't look in Gödel’s closet where he keeps all those skeletons.

In case you haven't been following this, Seau's lovely daughter wants to present her late father for the HOF at the upcoming ceremonies in Canton. It's similar to when Reggie White went in posthumously and his son and wife spoke on his behalf. Well, the NFL has now had a 'change of policy' in the way inductions will be handled. Is this a reaction to the brain injury stuff? Of course it is? Where's the national media on this. There's NO WAY Gödel and his goons should get away with shutting down this young lady and her family.

She's promised not to get into the brain injury issue but so what if she went there during the speech. It's a fact that NFL football contributed to the death of her father. Will one less person watch the NFL if Sydney Seau said this? Of course not. So, why shut her down. Could this possibly be handled any more poorly? For a highly decorated modern sports commissioner, Fidel Gödel continues to misstep. He must have a merry band of sycophants around him that are afraid to call him out. This is really horrible of the NFL. It's offensive on so many levels. Link

ACC coaches want your respect. Do they have it? Link

Tennessee holding up in the cost of attendance derby. Link

This is akin to making another bowl game for FSU/Bama. Insane. Link

I'm with Beano. This head coach at Arkansas is growing on me. Link

Why are so many of these college coaches bald? Stuff like this will cause you pull your hair out. Link

Terrific reporting here. What almost became of the Big 12. Link

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34 major college football head coaches will be calling plays in 2015. Interesting. Link

Selection process in NCAA Tournament is changing. I like ALL of this. Make the big boys earn their way into the real dance after a mediocre season. I really like this a lot. #2 seed shouldn't be with overall #1 seed in same region. Makes sense. Link

Will Ed O'Bannon go down as college football's Curt Flood? Link

DeflateGate will never happen again. Link

Cosby's # is up to 35. The chances this is a witch hunt are fading.Link

She grew up in privilege but lived a tough life. Link

Viva Mexico! A relatively easy 3-1 win last night over Jamaica last night in Philly. That place was jam packed. I wonder how that many folks from Mexico got to Philly. Must've been a lot of flights moving out of Mexico City! 'The U.S. hosts Mexico on October 9 for a spot in the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia. USA is unbeaten in its last 6 meetings vs. Mexico.' (Courtesy ESPN) Link

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Government and its size and scope is completely out of control. Link

Interesting stuff here on the role of the other UT in furthering the progress of women's sports. Link

Gloria Ray..HOF. Link


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