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Champs In The East!!!! Champs In The East!!!! Thank you Mike Hamilton
Posted: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006, 10:51 PM • Permalink
How sweet is UT hoops. 20-4! A season sweep of Florida. Dane Bradshaw’s steal and hustle! Who threw the pass? Corey ‘I hate UT’ Brewer!’. How ‘bout the Florida fans laughing when Andre Patterson tried to get up but fell with the cramp issue? How ‘bout JuJuan Smith’s three ball from the corner? How ‘bout CJ Watson’s flying elbow? Bruce Pearl’s perspiration? Congrats to Barry ‘Tailpipe’ Booker who had the gall to wonder aloud during last nights broadcast about Bruce Pearl and the IU vacancy. Was I hearing things? Did we just beat Florida Twice in one year? If we just win our home games, we will be 22-5 in the regular season! Let’s sweep Vandy and Kentucky while were at it. BTW for Pat Dooley’s information, Florida is now 5-5 in the past 30 days with book end losses to UT! It doesn’t get any sweeter. Since I wasn’t around here for the 85 football season, I can honestly tell you that this is my favorite UT team in any sport at any time. I awake alas proud to be a TENNESSEE VOL!

Today on the show we celebrate!!!! & Then we visit with Nolan Richardson. & Then we celebrate some more! Champs in the east!!! Where’s the Macho Man Randy Savage to ask the Gator Nation, ‘Can you dig it?’

Remember: We need to hear from you! We need to find out who you are and where you're listening from. Thanks to all who've dropped us a line. Special thanks to Bronco ZR for bringing it strong on this site!!!!

God Bless

Tony B
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