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Friday's Tony Talking Points
Throwback Time In Tennessee
Posted: Friday, February 17th, 2006, 9:32 AM • Permalink
Did the West/Powell game last night with BeanoItalia (More on that later). Saw a really classy move on the part of West Girls coach Chris Kessler. West has been decimated by injuries including a season ending knee injury to senior Laura Eldridge. Kessler inserted Eldgridge (who is still very injured) into the game and passed the ball in and called a 20 second timeout to insert a gal in to take her place. Really class move on senior night. You could tell from the girls face how much it mattered to her!!

How Appropriate To See UT Players in the Ernie and Bernie Garb. They’ve earned it this year!!!
SEC Throwback Week will run from Feb. 18-26. Men's basketball teams will wear retro jerseys for a few games of the regular season, and again during the SEC Men's Basketball Tourney.

Was talking to a friend in the industry: He confirms that Bobby Knight is as big an *** off the camera as on. A couple of his great friends were involved in the shooting of the ESPN show Knight School. One incident: Knight’s on a golf course, hitting a bunker shot. He duffs the shot. Reaches over to the cameraman and says ‘Give me that tape’. The cameraman, (from Knoxville) bewildered hands the tape over. Knight proceeds on the golf course to rip the tape out of the cartridge, while shouting a bunch of expletives about how no one would ever see that shot. Apparently Bobby cares what people think after all. Only not about the right things!

A Golden nugget from Mike Organ of the Tennessean on Bruce Pearl. This guy is shaking up the establishment and I love it.

Orange haze: Bruce Pearl's blinding orange blazer, tie and suspenders, along, of course, with UT's winning so many basketball games, has caught the attention of plenty of television analysts and sports writers across the country.
ESPN commentators recently called the jacket "hideous.''
As for sports writers, many are trying to come up with the cleverest lines to describe Pearl's wardrobe.
The Pensacola News Journal's Chuck Corder said, "I found myself wearing sunglasses … while watching Tennessee. I thought I had bypassed ESPN and landed on a Century 21 infomercial.''
The Milwaukee Journal's Jeff Potrykus praised UT's Chris Lofton for playing so well and wrote that Lofton's next challenge is "… to convince Pearl to ditch the gaudy orange blazer. Please.' ''
While pondering Pearl's antics, Lexington Herald-Leader columnist John Clay wrote: "Over-the-top? Perhaps. A sure-fire salesman? You bet. A showman? Case closed, considering his bright orange suspenders, striped orange tie and the orange blazer he brought out of Ray Mears' closet.''
Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinksy warned the rest of the SEC, "The Tennessee team is going to run your lips off. The Tennessee coach is going to shoot his mouth off. He's Nolan Richardson in orange suspenders.''
Pearl's orange flair also has been mentioned recently in Sports Illustrated, the Dallas Morning News, St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Tribune, and the Washington Post.
BTW: You can see Pearl’s son Stephen Saturday night at 9p on 7-WMAK’s high school basketball game of the week! Great job by Beano on the color commentary. What a terrific budding broadcaster Beano happens to be.

BTWII: Make sure you get out and see some HS b-ball next week as the districts begin.

To my boy Ben Zorio and his Bearden Middle School Bruins. A team racked with defections and strife all year has miraculously landed in the county championship game on Tuesday. They had a 7th grader hit a shot from 45 feet with time expiring in their quarterfinal game to help the run. Keep it up Benny Boy!!!

Not Your Daddy’s Olympics Anymore:
Is it me? Or are the Olympics just lame? The professionalized/X-Gamesization of the Olympics having me watching very little. I’m even hoping the US Mens team in hockey flames out. Give me the days of the kids versus the world. That was great sport and ultimately great television. Get the NBA and NHL guys out of the Olympics!

Based on preliminary Nielsen Media Research estimates, "American Idol" doubled the Olympics audience when they went head-to-head again on Wednesday. The 17.9 million people who watched Wednesday made it the least-watched night of Winter Olympics competition since at least 1988, according to Nielsen. Ouch!

Another Entrant On The Brandon Johnson Smoking Guns Defense: This One In Gainesville!

From The Orlando Sentinel:
Report: Tookes fired shot into apartment

The Palm Beach Post reported the gunshot entered an apartment with 3 women inside.
The details of Sunday morning's incident involving Florida football players and a gunshot at an apartment complex here grew clearer Thursday.

The Palm Beach Post reported that junior wide receiver and Jacksonville native Kenneth Tookes fired the shot that pierced the wall of an apartment occupied by three women.

Gainesville police spokesman Keith Kameg said Thursday night he couldn't comment on Tookes' involvement because department detectives continued to investigate the case. Tookes could be charged with a felony connected to the incident as soon as today.

The Post also reported that Tookes and his father, Kenneth Tookes Sr., were scheduled to meet Thursday with UF Coach Urban Meyer. Team spokesman Steve McClain could not confirm whether the meeting took place and said Meyer will not comment until the investigation is complete.

Initial reports about the incident did not link Tookes to the incident scene. Three others with ties to the Gators program were implicated, including active players Andre Caldwell and Reggie Lewis.

Dee Webb, a Jacksonville native who in January declared himself eligible for the NFL draft, is the legal owner of four guns confiscated from around the scene, police said. Caldwell and Lewis, who also grew up in Jacksonville, rode to the scene with Webb in Caldwell's truck that morning.

Tookes and Lewis were classmates at Jacksonville's First Coast High School, also the alma mater of Gator freshmen Michael McIntosh and Ryan Stamper.

Stamper's mother, Gloria Westcott, said Thursday night she didn't believe her son was involved.

"He didn't say anything about it," said Westcott, who spoke with Stamper this week. "I haven't heard about it."

John McIntosh, Michael McIntosh's father, shared the same sentiments on Thursday.

"The first I've heard of it is from you," he said, "and I'd think, if he had something to do with it, somebody would have told me by now."

Remember Kingston Alley Today! I'll have Arkansas Tix and a few other surprises! Also, keep the e-mails coming. Need to know who/where you are!

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