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Posted: Thursday, November 2nd, 2006, 8:46 AM • Permalink
Can you believe that Glen Gilbeaux and Mark Schlabaugh and D. Dodd & Herbie & every other major player on the media scene is picking Tennessee this weekend. If that is so, then why is this market so dead? What do we know that they donít? That itís our preconceived notion from the beginning of the year that the Vols would lose this weekend no matter what? That Tennessee isnít as good as their 7-1 record and lofty ranking would indicate? Is it the Ainge situation? I donít know but this market is dead. And we have the game of the season coming up. This is chance to position ourselves for a Top 5 finish and who knows? Maybe better than that.

And by the way, Ainge is going to be ready to go. And if heís not, Crompton can do the job. But Ainge will be ready. So donít sweat it. It stands to reason that Crompton probably will be called upon Saturday. Again, LSU has the best defense (top to bottom) that UT will see this season. Still, Tennessee will win the game. Donít ask how, but seeing is believing. When I saw Ainge throw that ball into double coverage the other night and end up with a TD, I knew it was on. And itís on!

Here are the numbers from C-Low on LSU:
But on paper, LSU is about as good as it gets. The Tigers rank first in the Southeastern Conference in 12 different statistical categories, including scoring offense, total offense, scoring defense, total defense, passing defense and sacks.They've gone nine straight quarters now without allowing a touchdown and have scored 40 or more points in five of their eight games.

Two words to negate all this:
Les Miles!

SCOTT RABALAIS of Baton Rouge Advocate Ranks the Teams in The SEC

1. Auburn (8-1, 5-1 SEC)

Last week: 1st

Arkansas State? Just what Auburn needs for its slipping BCS ranking ďan anchor.Ē

2. Florida (7-1, 5-1)

Last week: 2nd

Chris Leak didnít have a concussion, just a hangover after celebrating Worldís Largest Cocktail Party win a bit too much.

3. Tennessee (7-1, 3-1)

Last week: 3rd

Erik Ainge nearly lost last LSU game with one bad half. Heíll need one whole good game for Vols to win this time.

4. Arkansas (7-1, 4-0)

Last week: 4th

If LSU beats Tennessee, Tiger fans can tune in and root for Razorbacks to lose in an upset to South Carolina, helping LSU get back in SEC West race.

5. LSU (6-2, 2-2)

Last week: 5th

Tigersí last chance at real redemption, hope of the free world on their shoulders, biggest game of the year ó no pressure.

Bottom Line: LSU StinksÖ.Hereís confirmation from Todayís New Orleans Times
THE NOISE, THE STENCH: The Tigers moved indoors at the end of practice Wednesday, and the starting offense was running plays with the sound of Rocky Top, the famous Tennessee fight song, piped in over the speakers.

Some LSU players have rolled their eyes this week when the song is mentioned, and Miles said he did want the team to polish its communication with a noise level similar to the one they will hear Saturday at Neyland Stadium.

But the real reason the team was inside had nothing to do with signature tunes and decibels.

Instead, Miles said the players and coaches were sick of the stench that has hung over the practice fields all week, the result of a broken sewer main at the entrance to the Tigers' football facilities.

Wac-Man Gets One Game?
If youíre going to suspend Wac-Man Jones for only 1 game, whatís the point? Thatís discipline? Whatís next? Will the Titans trade for Tony McDaniel. Wac-Man is a credent. He has no respect for life, himself and others. I could share a story with you right here to underscore it, but I canít do it! Case Closed!

Donít ask me why, but I love Chad Johnson. Usually guys like that are finger nails on a chalkboard to me but for some reason I find him amusing. Comical. ĎOcho Cincoí has shaved his Mohawk after losing to the Falcons over the weekend. 85 had a bet with De Angelo Hall and he lost and kept his word. I like the guy!

Bob Stoops Has a Good Point: This from Tony Barhardt of the AJC.
Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops wants the Big 12 to do away with divisional play and get rid of the conference championship game. In exchange heís willing increase the number of conference games from 8 to 9.

How Heroic is this concert goer?
Concertgoer Throws Drink at Streisand
The funny girl wasn't laughing. Barbra Streisand had a drink lobbed at her Monday after a mid-concert skit poking fun at President Bush.

Streisand's publicist, Dick Guttman, said a paper cup filled with some sort of liquid was thrown on stage but apparently did not hit Streisand during her second performance in this Fort Lauderdale suburb.

Streisand's manager, Martin Erlichman, said she shrugged off the incident and responded to the angry audience member by saying: "It's a free country and they're entitled to express their opinion."

It's at least the third time the skit, which includes a George W. Bush impersonator, has angered Streisand's audience. A heckler targeted her at the Philadelphia opening of her 20-city comeback tour, Guttman said, and Streisand made headlines with her response to a jeerer at Madison Square Garden last month.

Erlichman said Streisand, 64, believed the skit was in good fun and noted impersonator Steve Bridges, who wrote it, is a Republican.

"This skit has been so massively covered by media, it's impossible that it still could come as a surprise to any of the Bush admirers who bought tickets," Erlichman said.

Despite the controversy, Erlichman said the skit would remain a part of the tour.

"It stays in the show except for the few performances where Steve has a conflicting commitment," Erlichman said.

Streisand, an outspoken liberal, is touring the country after a 12-year absence from the stage, offering fans a repertoire of her four decades of hits.
############### End Babs###################

Take West Virginia and lay the points!!!!!


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