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Wed: C&D Tire Today In Da House
Break Down Bernard King!
Posted: Wednesday, October 25th, 2006, 9:42 AM • Permalink
I hate to get controversial on you but we will discuss the thought of retiring Bernard King’s jersey today on the show. Should UT bring King back and crown him. Or should they let it be? Does King, a non-graduate from the school with a checkered past at the school, deserve this honor? Does a guy who won’t even acknowledge his former Coach Ray Mears deserve this honor? Does a guy who’s had nothing to do with his alma mater deserve this honor. He’s probably the greatest athlete UT has ever seen. He’s easily the best basketball player in school history, but does he deserve to be the first to have his number retired? Let’s talk about it today!

Why is Steve Spurrier the best coach in College Football?
Check this out from today’s Columbia State Newspaper
Spurrier switches play calls
USC’s Cock ‘n’ Fire offense has changed to take advantage of personnel
By the end of USC’s 15-0, season-opening win at Mississippi State, Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier had reached two conclusions:

Laborious film study is overrated, and he would not be able to use the passing offense on which he had built his reputation.

Months of preparation and game planning throughout the summer went for naught as Spurrier watched Mississippi State overpower the Gamecocks’ inexperienced offensive line for four sacks and numerous quarterback knockdowns.

“We had all summer to get ready for Mississippi State. And I watched, I think, every game they played last year,” Spurrier said. “We had this play and that play and this formation and, man, we were going to go up and down the field. We’re going to show this new passing game.

“And lo and behold, we couldn’t even get a ball off. ... I said, ‘This is ridiculous. We can’t run that offense right now.’”

Spurrier tried to remedy the line’s problems the following week against Georgia by incorporating more three-step drops and shorter pass routes. But when the Gamecocks managed only 15 first downs and 255 yards in the 18-0 loss, Spurrier decided to change his quarterback and his offense.

The mobile Syvelle Newton replaced drop-back passer Blake Mitchell, and Spurrier’s Cock ‘n’ Fire offense was shelved in favor of a scheme that utilizes the running abilities of Newton and tailback Cory Boyd.

The transformation has been striking.

After rushing 39 times against both Kentucky and Vanderbilt, the Gamecocks are on pace to finish with a larger run-pass ratio than any of Spurrier’s Florida teams. Credited with bringing a sophisticated passing attack to the SEC in 1990, Spurrier finished with more runs than passes in three of 12 seasons directing the Fun ‘n’ Gun offense in Gainesville.

Though Spurrier’s first USC team finished with more runs (365) than passes (355), Newton has further tipped the balance toward the run this season. Through seven games, the Gamecocks have 232 rushes and 190 pass attempts.

Topping that talent list is Newton, who added a dimension to the Spurrier offense since moving from receiver before the Wofford game. USC is 4-1 since Newton became a starter and has jumped from 11th in the SEC in third-down conversions (29.2 percent) to fifth (44.8 percent).

Yeah. Spurrier’s the man.

I told you the Cardinals were going to win the World Series. It’s like this. Baseball is a game of streaks. The Tigers weren’t going to keep it up. Baseball with a watered down playoff season has become an extension of the regular season. I know, match-ups and this and that. But the longer it goes, the more streaks and tendencies come into play. The Tigers where hot and cold down the stretch. The same team that smoked the Yankees were swept by the Royals 6 days earlier. Georgie Cee will be on Cloud-9 come Saturday night.

JC and all the Ole Miss lovers thought it was funny when David Cutcliffe was run out of town 18 months ago. Now who’s laughing Ole Miss' 35-point loss at Arkansas was the most lopsided in Ed Orgeron's two seasons as head coach. The Rebels dropped to 1-8 on the road under Oregron and have lost eight straight road games. They also fell to 5-14 overall and 2-11 in SEC games under Orgeron. Ole Miss has lost 10 of the 14 games under Orgeron by 10 points or more (Ron Higgins, Memph Commercial Appeal)

If furniture disease doesn’t take it’s toll, the fan base seems like it’s mounting up against him.
Bobby Bowden Getting Some Serious Heat
Some Florida State boosters are calling for 76-year-old football coach Bobby Bowden to retire with the Seminoles (4-3, 2-3 ACC) in last place in the conference. Palm Beach, Fla., attorney Peter Mettler, who is a former board member of Seminole Boosters, told the Palm Beach Post in a letter he was one of many boosters who have written to Florida State, calling for Bowden to retire. "I am convinced and frankly have been for the last two seasons that coach Bowden should retire or be forced to retire," Mettler wrote to Florida State president T.K. Wetherell, the newspaper reported. "Someone has to stand up and make this difficult decision. As our president I urge you to be the leader I know you are, and do what has to be done." Mettler, who is a Golden Chief in the booster organization ($6,000 minimum donation) told the newspaper he sent his letter on Friday, the day before Florida State lost at home to Boston College. Bill Davis, a past president of Seminole Boosters, told the paper in an interview, "This is a real tough business. It boils down to one of two things: It's either the horses or the jockeys. And we think we have some pretty good horses." With the season's final road trip on tap Saturday at Maryland, Florida State needs a win to avoid heading into the season's final month at .500 for the first time in Bowden's 31 years at the school. The Seminoles' three losses to Clemson, North Carolina State and Boston College are by a total of 16 points. FSU, the defending ACC champs, have lost seven of their last 12 games dating back to last (Ron Higgins, Memphis Commercial Appeal)

LSU’s on the horizon with an agent scandal brewing there. Sources tell me that you can expect more to come out on this. Needless to say, not a good sign when you have a strength and conditioning staff member working as a runner for an agent. This is inevitable at schools were coaches are making in the hundreds of thousands and the support people get peanuts. I’m surprised this doesn’t come to light more often. Notice how I don’t say, ‘doesn’t happen more often’. Because it goes on more than you think. You can book that Dano.


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