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The Hardee's March To Madness Continues Today.
As Does March Sadness in Rocky Top
And The Inside On Tubby's Departure
Posted: Friday, March 23rd, 2007, 1:08 AM • Permalink

Why not us, why not now just turned into ‘Yes we will’! That ought to be Tennessee’s battle cry for next year. Despite all their shortcomings, with guts, determination and the spirit of a champion, they gave us one terrific ride. This loss gives life to the notion that yes Virginia, there is a Tennessee basketball curse! PB and staff have to overcome this.

Here’s the deal: Lighty…..Freakin’ Lighty….Beat us…. Only 4 two point baskets in the second half negated 16 Three's any day of the week. A seldom heard from freshmen…And Pearl has to get a timeout and slow the second half run. Try something! But that’s his style and it works. One thing is for sure, he and his staff did a wonderful job of scheming a team that we (even though we should have won the game) really shouldn’t be competing with, let along playing with and beating badly. Bottom line. That was a game that will haunt these guys for days, weeks and months to come! It was like the UNC game in ’99 only this one mattered. If Bradshaw makes that lay-up at the 3:20 mark to give UT a 5 point lead, Tennessee probably escapes with a win.

I was so sure UT would win and now I feel like a stupid sheep who was fooled. But you know, I don’t mind giving my sports heart to a group of athletes who play the game like I would if I had the talent, drive and gifts from God. These guys take no prisoners! And didn’t wilt. They just couldn’t hit shots and had that 9 minute stretch that we dreaded all post season.

Look at it this way: Last year, Tennessee was happy to be there and won a game for posterity’s sake. This year they were glad to be there but not happy and advanced to the schools second Sweet 16 in the past 20 years! Now they are poised to take the next step and get through the Big Orange Tinted glass ceiling. There was no way UT should have lost a game they really had no reason being in two weeks back. What’s really frustrating is that Ohio State had no business being in that game as well. I despise those clowns. Oden is totally overrated. The guy can’t move! And he has 9 lives on the floor! How did he get to stay on the floor with blood all over his uniform? Here’s the deal. Next year, Ramar (not Raymar Brando you clown) will get that call with time expiring in regulation. But will he make the foul shot? That may determine whether or not we get through the Orange stained glass ceiling.

Kentucky update and PS on Tubby Smith:

First of all…I told you first over a month ago that they were circling the Big Blue wagons on Tubby Smith and organizing a buyout behind the scenes. The developments of yesterday with his departure for Minnesota lead me to proclaim once and for all that I stand by the story lock, stock and barrel. Now here’s the inside story that you won’t read anywhere else on Smith’s decision to leave the Bluegrass State. According to well placed sources, Tubby and Mitch Barnhart had a relationship that deteriorated beyond repair in the past 3 and a half weeks. Shortly after my blog entry, Smith confronted the UK AD and asked if the hubaloo surrounding the story was true. That’s when Barnhart committed the unpardonable sin in Tubby’s eyes and dropped a ‘BP’ on him. Barnhart’s candid response went something like this according to a source close to the now departed coach. ‘Yeah, Coach Smith. People are upset with you. We need you to be a little more like Bruce Pearl.’

To which Smith defiantly shot back. ‘More like Pearl? I’ve won a National Championship. Taken three teams deep into the NCAA Tourney. Have won several league championships. What are you talking about? More like Pearl? That’s a joke. If you ask me, Pearl needs to be more like me’. With that Smith arose and has said barely anything to Barnhart since. Game. Set and Match.

Sources tell me to expect UK to make a run at Jay Wright at Villanova (who I believe according to sources I have in Philly, where I’m originally from) would have interest in the job. Don’t be surprised if they put everything on hold for a couple of weeks and wait for Donovan.

Based on people I talk to, this is my hunch of what will happen. UK will wait. They will talk with Donovan. They will make him a rich man. And he will bolt along with the core nucleus of his team to greener pastures. Ain’t America grand? This is just my hunch. Then again, what do I know.

Peace & I can’t believe I’m writing this, Go Florida, Vanderbilt and Memphis! Before today, I wouldn't picture myself typing this, but after tonight I want Memphis, Vanderbilt and Florida to win.

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