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Posted: Friday, February 9th, 2018, 3:01 PM • Permalink
Reminder!!! Tennessee Basketball Listener Watch Party:

Tomorrow night 6pm.

Live @ Tapp'd on Cumberland Avenue.

I'll be there around 5:30.

All ages welcome.

Bring the family!!!

Let's have fun cheering on another win!!!!

You can listen to the following Podcast using the player below.You can find all of our Podcasts here.

Orange Throat
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GEORGE W. BUSH was president the last time our Volunteers celebrated on the Rupp Arena court. The "Barnes Stormers" were the tougher and more confident team down the stretch and Kentucky fans are increasingly left to wonder if John Calipari's "one-and-done" machine has thrown a rod. This is a poorly constructed Wildcat team. As bad a Big Blue shooting team as these eyes have seen. How bad? Kentucky is 255th in the nation in 3-point fg percentage and 343rd in three-pointers made per game. (For those of you keeping score at home, there are 350 teams in Division I basketball)

TENNESSEE'S FRONT LINE warriors played a lot of minutes at Lexington, especially workhorse Admiral Schofield. Barnes will need more minutes from reserves at Alabama tomorrow. Tide HC Avery Johnson is building a good program at Tuscaloosa and tomorrow will be a big challenge for the Vols to get win #7 in this streak.

THE NCAA BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT committee will release its current Top 16 seeds on Sunday. We don't think even a loss at Bama would knock the Vols out of at least a #4 seed. Tennessee's Kenpom ranking is #7 and RPI ranks 10th. Joe Lunardi had UT as a #4 seed before the road win at UK and Jerry Palm had us as a #3.

JEREMY PRUITT AND STAFF held on to blue chip OLB J.J. Peterson from Moultrie GA on NSD #2. The Vols beat South Carolina for DL John Mincey from Homerville, GA. JUCO DT Emmit Gooden was signed but the Brownsville, TN product has academic work to do to be eligible for next season, where he will have two years of eligibility.

WE THINK PRUITT took a very bad hand and did a nice job salvaging this class, especially on defense. Georgia blew everyone away. Fans get way too wound up over a spot or two or three in team rankings. JP got everybody's hopes up with a strong finish to the early signing period and got his new program in the hunt with some high profile players, but it was unrealistic to think there would be a late haul of those guys.

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A GOOD SHOW TOPIC soon will be if Butch Jones left the program in any better shape than Derrick Dooley. We certainly know that Tennessee's 0-8 SEC record was used against them early and often on the recruiting trail.

THE GOOD NEWS is Tennessee under Pruitt will now recruit to a philosophy that we know works in this league: defense first and an offense with a bruising running game that throws over the top for big plays. The product on the field will be a slow transition but it will happen.

WE HAVEN'T MENTIONED the news item that Bob Shoop and Penn State arrived at a settlement on his departure from there to go to Knoxville and destroy the Tennessee defense. He should have to answer to Knoxville authorities for "impersonating a defensive coordinator at UT."

PERHAPS LOST IN THE BUSTLE of national signing day, Wagner QB Alex Thomson chose Marshall as his landing spot as a fifth-year graduate.

Orange Throat


Throaty...Great stuff.

I'm excited to see how this Tennessee team plays tomorrow night at Tuscy. It's going to be interesting to see if they can get Bama to play their game. If they try to athlete Bama like they did at Arkansas earlier in the season, it won't be pretty. Bama has the raw ability to run Tennessee out of that gym if they get lulled into that kind of game.

Mark Griffin will break this down further in his patented Griffin's Three Pointers.

Griffin's 3 Pointers
Griffin’s 3 Pointers- Alabama

1. Alabama now a basketball school? In his third season with the Tide, head coach Avery Johnson has recorded an overall record of 52-39 (57.1%) as of today. In 2015-2016 18-15 and NIT, 2016-2017 19-15 and NIT and 2017-2018 projected to make the NCAA. 2017’s recruiting class was the 7th best in the nation according to Rivals and the highest recruiting class ranking on paper in program history!

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2. As A Team- 15-9 (6-5) 10-3 at home Non conference notable wins- BYU 71-59 and Oklahoma 80-73 Losses- Minnesota 84-89, Arizona 82-88, and Texas 50-66. SEC ranked 2nd Blocks Per Game- 6.0 UT ranked 6th- 5.0 SEC ranked 5th Steals Per Game- 6.9 UT ranked 4th- 7.0 SEC ranked 11th 3 Point %- 32.2 UT ranked 2nd- 39.1 SEC ranked 11th Scoring- 73.1 UT ranked 5th- 77.0

3. Who To Look Out For- Collin Sexton- 6’3” Freshman Guard- Minutes Per Game- 29.7, Field Goal %- 121-282 42.9, Three Point %- 28-83 33.7, Free Throw %- 121-155 78.1, Assists Per Game- 2.92, and Points Per Game- 18.6 Leads the team in Minutes Per Game, Field Goals Attempted and Made, Free Throws Attempted and Made, Free Throw %, Assists Per Game, and Points Per Game- 18.6 SEC ranked 3rd Scoring- 18.6 SEC ranked 11th Field Goal %- 42.9 Consensus Top-10 player coming out of high school. Holds Bama freshman single game scoring record of 40 points vs Minnesota. Projected Top-10 2018 NBA draft pick.

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Tony Basilio Producer Extraordinaire Brian Hartman brings glad tidings to the basketball capital of the Southland. Here's proof.

Brian Hartman
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'Tennessee basketball is in some elite company. Only four schools in the nation have both men's and women's teams in the AP top 25.

Only Ohio St, Michigan, Duke, and Tennessee can make that claim. Check this out:

Tennessee 15th in Men's 11th in women's. Composite ranking of 13.

Ohio St 14th in Men's 13th in women's. Composite ranking of 13.5

Duke 9th in men's 19th in women's. Composite ranking of 14

Michigan 20th in men's 21st in women's Composite ranking of 20.5

So Tennessee is the only school in the SEC to have both men's and women's basketball ranked in the top 25! And both are in the top 15!

Almost cancels out the eyesore 0-8 SEC record the football program was responsible for in the 2017/18 academic school year.

Bama, you and Georgia can have football for now. Tennessee is a basketball school baby! And Florida, you have underachieved in both major sports. Hey Vandy, Kentucky, how did those broom bristles across your back feel? Oh BTW, you days of winning in football are over!

Check out these nuggets from Gyrate Stats LLC @gyratestats:

49 of the last 64 (76.6) Final Four teams entered the NCAA Tournament at 15th or higher in Ken Pom. Tennessee is ranked 7th currently!!!

Vols Are...

57 of 64 (89.1) were 50th or better offensively

58 of 64 (90.6) were 40th or better defensively

Tennessee can check all 3 boxes

Only 10 teams can check all 3 category boxes: Tennessee Auburn Purdue Michigan St Ohio St Kansas W. Virginia N. Carolina Virginia Gonzaga

Forget about football, football recruiting, Spring practice, new coaches, and Georgia. For now.

March Madness is a little over a month away. Start dreaming. BIG.

From behind the glass


Brian...You're right about the knuckledraggers to the north....Imagine if your're a VolCat...The last time Tennessee and Kentucky played in a revenue generating sport, you've lost....Classic.

Brian...You have me pumped up with that empirical information. This is real. The struggle is real for our opponents and this is real.

We'd like to get your Feedback. Click here.

Alex Myers knows the struggle is real.

Alex Myers
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'My Thoughts on National Signing Day

Before I share my thoughts, let me just say that I’m not here to sheep it up, but rather I’m here to give my true thoughts and opinions on NSD 2018.

Anytime itʻs national signing day, there will be a certain level of excitement and expectation here in Knoxville. However a couple different factors influenced how fans were feeling going into Wednesday.

First off, it’s important to note the situation that Jeremy Pruitt and his staff inherited. They’re taking over a team who lost eight games for the first time in program history. So, he and his staff realistically were taking over a historically bad situation. It’s never easy for a newly-named head coach to try and salvage a recruiting class with limited time, but a situation like Pruitt found himself in made it especially difficult.

Next, it’s important to take into account that this was the first year with the early signing period. Pruitt wasn’t alone in this new era, but certainly programs and coaches who had just gone through a change were at a disadvantage, considering in some cases they may have just had a couple of weeks to try and get players to sign. I’ll say this though, whether it was Pruitt, Willie Taggart with his first class at FSU, or a coach that has been in place for 5 years, this December signing period was an adjustment for all.

Into the early afternoon there seemed to be some panic setting in for some Vol fans. However, when we take a step back and look at the overall class, it’s not some huge let down.

One thing that may have skewed fans’ perception of what this class was going to be, was the strong December class Pruitt signed. While it wasn’t some top 5 class, it was a very strong start to Pruitt’s tenure in Knoxville. With such a strong start, a lot of people imagined how well Pruitt could do if he had six or so weeks to get together a class. The Vols swung at a lot of big fish, and sometimes when you do that you miss. This was the case with several big-time prospects on Wednesday, but don’t let that fool you. The Vols got some very talented pieces to help build the program back up.

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One of those pieces, linebacker JJ Peterson, is a highly-touted four star prospect from Moultrie, Georgia. Many thought Peterson and linebacker Quay Walker might play together in college, but when Walker threw down his Tennessee hat and put on a Georgia hat many throughout Volunteer country got nervous. However, Peterson stuck with his commitment to Tennessee and is now a Vol.

That’s just one example, but it shows me that this staff is doing something that works. So while Wednesday may not have produced a top 15 ranked class, don’t be fooled into thinking it produced nothing. This staff is made up of a ton of PROVEN recruiters, and recruiters who know how to recruit in this conference. Given a full recruiting cycle, and a year in which the state of Tennessee is set to produce a lot of talent, I expect Tennessee to have a lot of success on National Signing day in 2019.

Side note: With how many low points there were in 2017, don’t you dare let yourself get lost in the moment and forget how good you felt after Tuesday night’s Kentucky win. Don’t rob yourself of the great season this basketball team is having. Enjoy it, and Go Vols!

P.S. Special thank you to all of the T Club members for making Wednesday’s Apptacular possible! I appreciate your support.

Alex Myers (@AlexMyersTV)'

Posted: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2:26 PM
by Beano
Team USA
Posted: Sat, Feb 24th, 10:13 AM
by Alison

Butch Jones taught me to appreciate what might have been. I keep having this vision of insufferable Greg Schiano leading this program or even Dave Doreen. Against that back drop, I'm just glad we still have UT football to celebrate. And we will celebrate for a long time to come the great times that are sure to come.

Hope you'll come out to our Tennessee Basketball Listener Watch Party tomorrow night at Tapp'd on Cumberland.

Go Vols & USA!!!








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Posted: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2:26 PM
by Beano
Team USA
Posted: Sat, Feb 24th, 10:13 AM
by Alison
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Q: Tony, you didn't say anything about your daily show yesterday. Will you continue to do this?

A: Absolutely. I'm looking forward to year #24 with you.

Q: Tony, you used the word 'subscribe'. What Am I subscribing too?

A: Great question. 'Subscribe' is a misnomer. What you actually are doing if you choose to help us monthly (and we need this for budgeting reasons) is actually acting as a patron. The goal is to keep the content (ALL CONTENT, from postgame offerings to various podcasts) free for all.

Posted: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2:26 PM
by Beano
Team USA
Posted: Sat, Feb 24th, 10:13 AM
by Alison
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A: Because you value the content and our contribution to the market and you want to help us keep this stuff free for everybody.

Q: Are you going to beat us up for money all the time here?

A: Absolutely not. I will bring this up a few times heading into the football season as we attempt to meet our financial goals and create new programming. I'll also mention it in the post-game format as well as the regional programming. I will not however wear you out with this. Either you feel the need to help us or you don't. This is why I'm taking today to field some question I received after day one.

Q: What happens if this doesn't generate the revenue you're seeking?

A: We will scale back our online offerings accordingly. The blog itself could even disappear. I really don't want this to happen but will be forced to spend my time in the most profitable way necessary. That's why we're having the conversation. All my cards are on the table here.

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A: Click on "Podcast" wherever you see it on the site, and it will take you to our Podcast page.

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