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Posted: Tuesday, October 10th, 2017, 6:53 PM • Permalink
The Real Story: Butch & Erik will probably call this fake news but here’s the real deal on Taylor's suspension. First of all this DOES stem from last week's incident involving Trey Smith that occurred in practice. We all know this. Here's the untold story. Multiple sources around the Tennessee program have told me that the team voted to have Taylor kicked off the team but that Butch Jones has decided for now to suspend the UT defensive lineman indefinitely.

Allegedly Taylor stepped on/stomped Smith pretty strongly after an altercation at practice. When I relayed this bit of news to couple of VFL's both essentially had the same reaction. "So this is why this team struggles. They are weak."

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I was told that incidents on the practice field and even fights are NOTHING NEW and that usually these types to things are handled internally by team members without the interference of coaches. I spoke with a player from the Majors era and one from the Fulmer era plus a couple of other guys that played major college football, and ALL recounted multiple incidents happening on and off the field. These usually involved matters bubbling over either from the practice field or trash talking or personal beefs. You can imagine that the combination of 85 different ultra competitive guys from different backgrounds and different cultures beating on each other daily can lead to some unforgettable confrontations.

One VFL I talked to said that in the early Fulmer years if a D-Lineman would've taken liberties with an O-Lineman back then he wouldn't have had a chance to finish practice because the veteran guys on that team would finish it for him. And none of us would've known about it because there would be no need for a suspension. The picture I got is that teams that handle things internally are healthy groups.

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I was also told by both guys that in the Majors and Fulmer era neither coach responded with suspensions nor team votes when stuff like this occurred. The picture I got is that in every case once the parties fought it out, it was over and done with, and each party learned their respective lesson.

One former player said, "I hate when coaches try to punish the guy that won. It takes two to tango." For the record, I wasn't there and don't know what truly happened in the case of Taylor and Smith but I do KNOW for a fact that Taylor's indefinite suspension stems from last week's incident on the practice field.

The gist I got from both former players is that coaches should let players handle these types of matters and NEVER with team votes. One guy said, "That could be what's wrong with this team. No leadership. You don't vote a guy off your team because they got the better of an encounter. And if it was a cheap shot from Taylor, so what? Do you know how many guys I've seen take a cheap shot when things get heated in practice? It's football. Tempers are going to flare. And that Butch Jones would even put something like that up for a vote is also a problem. Why would a head coach do this?"

As it was put to me by a player from the Majors era:

"In my day these things would build up from competition from Spring practice, Summer practice, not to mention 9 on 7 drills where all DB's and WR's are taken off the field and the playing surface was condensed to an 8x6 box with all running plays being called. We're talking about lineman fighting for their lives in this situation while competing for positions.

"On this team, incidents like these could build up from losing and the fact that their goals are already gone and we're not even to the midpoint of the season. Plus these guys have been beating up on each other as well. It makes sense to me. What doesn't make sense is suspending guys over this. Neither does taking team votes. That's silly."

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Not saying I agree with this line of thinking but it's an interesting point of view from two different VFL's that played for two different very successful college football coaches. Maybe things are different these days. Or maybe this incident was so egregious that Butch Jones was forced to take action. Then again maybe this is further proof that poor Butch Jones is out of his depth.

In short order two very popular Vols (among their teammates) (Shy Tuttle & Trey Smith) have sustained eye injuries at the hands of fellow players during extracurricular activities. This can never be a good thing. The Butch Jones era is taking eye discipline to another level. This poor guy just can't get out of his own way right now. This is exactly what a couple of former Vols I talked to feel like he should’ve done in these issues. Believe me, the stories I heard last night about guys that you know and love as a part of Vol lore are better left unspoken here but speak to a sport where even the most mild mannered of guys have a breaking point.


RANKING POSSIBLE JONES REPLACEMENTS: I really hoped not to and I’m surprised to already be doing so with the calendar barely penetrating October but it’s time to think about who Tennessee’s next football coach could be....

NOTE: Odds were taken from various publicized sources








LOSING THE GENIUS TAG. I am a big fan of Jim Harbaugh....


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Vol Colonel is wondering where the breaking point comes for Butch Jones.

Vol Colonel
'South Carolina comes rolling into Knoxville this week fresh off of a 48-22 beat down of Arkansas in Columbia. Will Muschamp most likely stuck a fork in the career of Bret Bielema. He may very well stick a fork in the career of Butch Jones here in Knoxville this coming Saturday. Butch enters this game 0-4 against Muschamp and I fully expect that number to reach 0-5 this weekend.

It's a sad thing when you lose hope and faith in winning a game, especially a game against the likes of South Carolina, but that's where I'm at. I see a team full of division and chaos and quite frankly, I think our kids have given up playing for this coach. I can't say that I blame them!

It's hard to play for a guy you don't trust and I absolutely believe there are players on this team who don't trust this guy. When your coach doesn't put trust in you, how can you put trust in him?

The biggest reason this team has little depth is because this coach doesn't trust some of the younger guys to perform and play in games. I look around this conference and I see teams with half our talent that get plenty of kids prepared and ready to play, and they do play. Not here!

Here they usually only play due to injuries. Just look at guys like Daniel Bituli and Quartʻe Sapp. They both look like they could be quality SEC players and they've only seen action due to injury. This coach knows nothing about building depth.

Back to the trust issues for a moment. On Monday, Coach Jones announced that Darrell Taylor was suspended indefinitely due to his altercation/assault of Trey Smith. Not only does he wait for days to dish out this punishment, but what about Nigel Warrior? Where is his suspension for sucker punching Shy Tuttle and giving him one of the worst looking shiners I've ever seen?

Is it a case of not suspending him because of his Royal UT bloodlines or is it a case of having to back up your blatant lie that Shy somehow landed on a football? Which is it? What do the kids on the team think when they see one player suspended, but not another? I guess under Coach Jones, he splits hairs and it just depends how you assault someone whether you garner a suspension or not.

I'm just ready, as I know most of you are, to see this nightmare over with. I'm hearing a lot of chatter that the powers that be at UT are ready to pull the plug with a loss to the Gamecocks, Saturday. Personally, I'm now leaning to letting him coach through the Alabama game. He deserves to be the one who trots onto the field having his UT team being the biggest underdog in the history of Tennessee Football. We've heard Bama will be upwards of a 35 point favorite over the Vols. I also think it could be one of the worst beatings a UT team has ever taken. I say let Butch Jones be the one who takes it! He absolutely deserves to! It just makes the most sense to me at this point. Let the disgrace be on Jones, not our kids. Let him take his beating down there and fire his rear end in the locker room after the game!

Game Prediction: South Carolina 34 Tennessee 13

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Have a Great Day and Go Big Orange!

Your Vol Colonel'

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Vol Colonel: Great Report!!!! Interesting point from you on the duplicity of Butch Jones with regards to his handling of these different but eye popping incidents. You can't be half pregnant here. Then again maybe my former players quoted above are right and nothing should've been done.

Leadership Reps??? Here's the deal. If UT had pride and a plan they would already have a new coach and wouldn't have to be begging students to come to that game. Did you see yesterday where UT sent out an alert telling students they could buy at least 8 tickets for the South Carolina game? Good luck with that one. Leadership Reps? Does that mean anything? Does it have to do with not kicking a guy off your team that the players wanted jettisoned? Does it have to do with having multiple players miss the UMass game? When is enough going to be enough and why hasn't that happened already? And again with Butch it's not all about the W's & L's though his record in the past 365 days is troublesome. It's all of it adding up into something that's off-putting when it should be a diversion and a delight for everybody reading this. Butch Jones must go!!!

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Put It On Ice: Congrats to Iceland!! Smallest country EVER TO MAKE THE WORLD CUP. They have a population of 334,000. This is like Knox County making the WORLD CUP in soccer. I'm just going to guess that neither Jimmy Haslam nor Dave Hart had anything to do with Iceland. I realize I'm going out on a limb in saying that.

Tomorrow...Matt Dixon comes by with the annotated Butch Jones plus his scope of the SEC!!!! Plus I'll return to the airwaves...Maybe...

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Posted: Thu, Feb 15th, 2:29 PM
by Beano
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A: Absolutely. I'm looking forward to year #24 with you.

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