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Tuesday Live @ Wings Xpress
Posted: Tuesday, September 12th, 2017, 8:44 AM • Permalink
On Florida Tuesday, I'm begging you to please help me spread the word on getting tickets in for the UMass game. It's a Noon time kickoff which makes these tickets that much more expendable. Ask around in your office and among your friends and let's get us over the 200 ticket mark. As I've said here, I will literally pay for every last young child to get into that game if need be. But I know you won't let me down on this. How do I know? Well, you've never failed me before in matters such as this. What I'm talking about is this.

Tailgate With The Kids Benefiting Children of The Incarcerated. September 23rd Circle Park @ Tailgate Tennessee Every child and mentor needs a ticket to the game. Please help. We're also furnishing a full tailgate for these children & Mentors. Thanks To Neal Heath & Hunter Rodgers for purchasing a spot in Circle Park at Tailgate Tennessee!!

Great stuff!!!

Please attend if you can!!!

Send your tickets TODAY to Tony Basilio
PO Box 26011
Knoxville, TN 37912

If you want to get your tickets in my hands, you're more than welcome to stop at a remote this week.

Tony's Remote Schedule This Week: Today: Wings Xpress: Clinton Highway Wed: Copper Cellar Cumberland Ave Thur: Bearden Hill Fieldhouse Fri: Dixie Kitchen 605 N. Broadway

Come on out!!! Let's do this thing for the kids.

Maysie'sFine Resale
4475 N Broadway
Open 11a-6p
Requiem For Our Vol Colonel: Generally OUR Vol Colonel has this space but he won't today because OUR VOL COLONEL is feeling negatively about this Florida game. If you'd like to read the Vol Colonel today, please e-mail me and I'll be glad to share his article with you. Vol Colonel needs a rest. Butch Jones-itis is apparently catching. Poor Vol Colonel is SOOOO down on his Vols. And believe you me that poor guy is beyond invested in OUR VOLS. It's just that he's allowed himself to be sucked into making it about our coach. He's decided that he doesn't want to pollute our space here with negativity and I can really respect that magnanimous gesture on his part. Again, if you'd like to read the Vol Colonel's piece today e mail me and we'll get it out to you.


Go Vols

Tony B

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Vegas Thinks Little Of Our Vols???

The sports books generally are cautious about a game like Tennessee @ Florida. Consider the following.

Vegas issued an 8.5 point line favoring Florida despite the following.

Not knowing where the game is going to be played. Gainesville/Atl/Knox.

Not knowing if Scarlett & Callaway are going to play for the Gators.

Not knowing who the starting (or, more to the point, finishing) QB is for Florida.

They just can't think much of Tennessee. Either that or they're trying to lure people into taking Florida.

It sure is a curious opening line. Of course the sharks bet it down. Will it go off at 3? Or what if the Callaway/Scarlett deal drags on? I'll have more about that below.

Ordinarily, Vegas would stay away from a game with all these variables but they couldn't wait to throw a seemingly absurd number out there.

I just don't understand it.

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Think of this game from a Florida standpoint. How will those kids be able to focus on this game with all that disruption around them this week? Think of all the kids on that Gators team that hail from Central or South Florida. Jacksonville has flooding that they haven't seen since the mid 1800's. Think about that. Plus, Tennessee has some guys from Florida. How were they impacted? Just way too many variables.

Plus, what if the game is played in Atlanta? Florida looked flat out of sync on a neutral field against Michigan.

8 points? Are you kidding me? What did I miss?

I'll tell you what could change this in my mind. If Florida decides to put Luke Del Rio out there this could change the game. He's the ONLY signal caller on that roster that half scares me. I can't believe I'm typing this but I am.

Otherwise I believe as you read this that Tennessee has a really great shot to win this game. Why? Because of one of the variables I've discussed.

The Status Of Antonio Callaway & Jordan Scarlett?? Hands down. These guys are Florida's two biggest playmakers. As of this morning they still haven't been cleared for this game. And it's unclear as to whether or not either or both will play in this game. If these guys miss this game, what does it do to the line? If these guys remain suspended this becomes a MUST WIN FOR BUTCH JONES. FLORIDA WITHOUT THOSE TWO GUYS IS A BRUTAL OFFENSIVE FOOTBALL TEAM. THEY HAD 14 YARDS RUSHING AGAINST MICHIGAN.

Congrats Ty Chandler: On the strength of his blazing KOR TD, Chandler was named SEC Freshman of the week. Chandler went on to only touch the ball four times from scrimmage for the rest of that game. I'm promising you that when you see this kid run with the football he's going to jump off the page at you.

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Florida Michigan Tape Does Not Lie: Michigan's level of activity at DE versus what UT will do is stark. Michigan collapsed the pocket from EVERYWHERE. Michigan put extreme pressure on Fla's QB's without blitzing. Watching the film with Jerry Colquitt last night showed me that Tennessee should be able to pressure the QB better than are to this point. Realizing injuries have slowed some of these guys, Tennessee needs to get after it.

Wanna Bet??? Butch Jones was highly sensitive to the criticism from former players that UT's defensive alignment versus the last couple of opponents was silly. Fab Five Freddie called it 0-6-5 formation where Tennessee put the DL at LB. He said, 'Tony, we have the biggest linebacking corps in the Nation. We go 6-4, 300 pounds and 6-2, 290 pounds at linebacker.' It's a great line because it's a great line. Absurdity begats absurdity. Here's your bet...How much do you want to bet that Tennessee lines up nice and tight on Florida? I'm talking about close enough to smell their breath. I'm talking a half a head off the ball. Too close for comfort.

Calling The Shot??? These Florida games have been crazy. Saturday's game for the reasons mentioned above could just be the craziest of them all.

Josh Smith's Impact Against Florida: I have a feeling that Knoxville's own Josh Smith is going to play a huge role in this game on Saturday. Why do I feel this way? It just seems that he's due for a signature moment a la his catch a couple years ago against Georgia in Knoxville.

One For The Legend: Tony Robinson is featured tonight in ESPN's 30 for 30 premiere of 'Year of The Scab.' This living fan will NEVER forget T-Rob balling out on Monday Night Football with his merry band of scab players versus the entire REAL roster of REAL players of the Dallas Cowboys. T-Rob flat out went crazy in that football game. Tony Robinson was a MUCH better QB than Doug Williams who led the Skins to the Super Bowl later that season.

From Johnny Majors Blvd To Peyton Manning Pass To Sesame Street:

Before I give you that stat that Tennessee is touting about our Vols, I'd like to share lyrics to a song you may have heard in your youth.

One of these things is not like the others
One of these things just doesn't belong
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

Clemson 19-2
Oklahoma 18-3
Tennessee 17-4
Ohio State 17-4

Did you guess which thing was not like the others?
Did you guess which thing just doesn't belong?
If you guessed this one is not like the others
Then you're absolutely...right!

Tennessee Is....So Close...Yet So Far Away... That's the elite of college football over the past 21 games. Tennessee is really proud of that number, as they should be, but they've somehow managed to be the only team on that list to not only not make a college football playoff but not even win a rather putrid SEC Eastern Division. I'm not sure what to make of that number. It's almost numbers shaming in a way to publish it. It seems like a way to say to this fan base, 'Look at us. Aren't we great?' And the answer, not really. Like a lot of things about this era of UT football I don't know what to make of that number. I'm not sure if it's an accomplishment to make a list like that and be the only team in that rarefied air to not even come close to playing meaningful football in late November. How have they managed this? What do you think? I do know that one of those teams are not like the others on that list. I'm sure even Butch Jones would have to agree with this.

Here's a little So Close in honor of our Vols. Link

We'd like to get your Feedback. Click here.

Florida is a nebulous football team but Tennessee seems sure of itself. At least through the eyes of Butch Jones.

Here's Matt J. Dixon's report on the Vols and Media Day from Florida Week.

Matt Dixon
'Butch Jones Press Conference Notes:

— Expects Tennessee to play in Gainesville on Saturday. Miami at Florida St. has already been postponed until Oct. 7. Georgia Tech at Central Florida was cancelled on Monday. If Florida can’t host the game, Atlanta is the most likely neutral site.

— Running back Ty Chandler was named SEC Freshman of The Week for his performance against Indiana St. Chandler ran the opening kickoff back 91 yards for a touchdown and also had 14 yards on four carries.

— Wide receivers Josh Smith, Tyler Byrd and Latrell Williams will be available for Saturday’s game against Florida. Jones said Smith could’ve played on Saturday, but was held out.

— Returner Evan Berry, right tackle Marcus Tatum, tight end Eli Wolf, linebacker Austin Smith and cornerback Baylen Buchanan are all questionable for the matchup with the Gators.

—Quarterback Quinten Dormady needs to be more involved in the running game. Through two games, Dormady has four carries for only one yard.

Coach Speak Butch on the defensive line lining up off the line of scrimmage: “We are always about a yard past the line of scrimmage or hand behind the ball. Not quite a yard, but that is something we continue to talk about, and to grow and develop. We have seen some very nontraditional offenses in the last two games and with the amount of communication that was required last week our players were allowed the ability to communicate.”

Butch on defensive end Kyle Phillips: “We thought he played one of his best games since he has been here. When we graded the defensive line, we thought he played the best in that unit. He was explosive, he used his hands well and he ran to the football. Again, he is another great story of resolve and perseverance. After everything that he has been through with injuries, he is becoming a great leader for us.”

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Butch on quarterback Jarrett Guarantano: “I don’t ever believe in the term ‘gamer.’ Those are instead what we call ‘loaters’ where the athlete never develops to their full potential. Jarrett is not like that. I love his approach to practice. He competes every day just like everyone else. That’s the standard expectation across the board for our program. There is no substitute for live game repetitions. He did some very good things. A couple of times he had some really good ball locations. He did a really good job at staying in the pocket and delivering the ball. All the nuances of managing the line of scrimmage and getting in the right plays come with reps. There’s really no way we can simulate that. The more game reps he gets, the better he is going to become.”

My Thoughts On The SEC:

— Tennessee is looking to start consecutive seasons 3-0 for the first time since 2003-04, which is also the last time the Vols beat Florida in back-to-back years. It’s never easy for Tennessee to beat the Gators, but after last year’s win the Vols shouldn’t be intimidated. This Florida team is very beatable, especially if Antonio Callaway and Jordan Scarlett remain suspended.

Georgia is looking more and more like the team to beat in the SEC East. The Bulldogs picked up a big win at Notre Dame. Any time you can beat a ranked Notre Dame team in South Bend, it’s a big win. To do it with true freshman quarterback Jake Fromm is even more impressive. Their defense is really good, and Nick Chubb and Sony Michel can carry the team until Fromm has a better understanding of the offense. A Sept. 23 trip to Starkville is all that separates Georgia from being 4-0 when it comes to Neyland Stadium to end September.

— South Carolina was impressive once again, beating Missouri 31-13 on the road. I thought there was a good chance the Gamecocks would start the season 0-2. Williams-Brice Stadium should be rocking this Saturday for South Carolina's home-opener against Kentucky.

— Missouri fired their defensive coordinator after just two games. The Tigers might lead the SEC in scoring offense and be last in scoring defense. There needs to be some kind of award for that.

— Auburn was flat-out man-handled at Clemson on national tv. Jarrett Stidham didn’t have a chance. 11 sacks? Really, Gus? Auburn has a really good defense, but unless that offense finds a balance between Malzahn’s power running game and Chip Lindsey’s passing attack, the War Eagle Plainsmen are staring at an 8-4 season.

— I didn’t get a chance to see any of the TCU-Arkansas game, but I’m sure it didn’t look good in Fayetteville. Tony, is Bret Bielema the best Arkansas can do? I think he might be. The Razorbacks are, at best, the 5th best program in their own division. Winning seven or eight games a year might be the ceiling for them. I never would’ve bet Arkansas was the first school you’d rip on Southeastern Sunday Night, but that was great.

— Alabama is the best team in country. Good for them. Moving along….

— LSU, Mississippi St., and Vanderbilt continue to look good against inferior competition. We still won’t know exactly how good each of them are for a few more weeks, but the Bulldogs and Commodores look like teams headed to bowl games while the Tigers could challenge Alabama in the SEC West if Matt Canada continues to develop quarterback Danny Etling.

— Texas A&M apparently took another Saturday night off, only beating Nicholls 24-14. Kevin Sumlin is in real trouble and the Aggies-Razorbacks game in Arlington on Sept 23 is setting up as another early season loser-leaves-town match.

— Shea Patterson set multiple records in Ole Miss’ 45-23 win against UT-Martin. Patterson, a former five-star recruit, is slowly making his case for best quarterback in the league. There’s still plenty of good players around Patterson, especially on offense, and I think that talent will lead to the Rebel Black Bears pull an upset or two in the SEC.

I'll check back later in the week with my thoughts on Tennessee/Florida.

Matt Dixon'

Posted: Thu, Jan 11th, 1:31 PM
by Beano
Posted: Mon, Jan 15th, 11:03 PM
by Doink
National Champions!
Posted: Tue, Jan 9th, 12:24 AM
by Alison
Matt: Amazing stuff from you my friend....I agree with so much of what you've written above about the league that it's almost scary.

Final Thought: This Tennessee team is the most confounding in recent memory. Through two games I have absolutely no idea what to expect on Saturday. It feels like we're still back in August.


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Posted: Thu, Jan 11th, 1:31 PM
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Posted: Mon, Jan 15th, 11:03 PM
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National Champions!
Posted: Tue, Jan 9th, 12:24 AM
by Alison
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A: We're shooting for the Sunday after the first full weekend of the football season.

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