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Monday Live @ Stover's
Posted: Monday, September 11th, 2017, 10:57 AM • Permalink
Welcome to Florida week.

12 days until our Amachi tailgate (UMass game) and I'm getting super nervous. WE NEED TICKETS!!! MAYDAY...MAYDAY....WE NEED MORE TICKETS.

It's year #2 for our Amachi Knoxville Tailgate for the kids. You're sharing the Vols with the children of incarcerated parents by donating your tickets to our Tailgate For The Kids Weekend benefiting children served by Amachi Knoxville. Many kids going to the UT-UMASS Game will be attending their FIRST TENNESSEE FOOTBALL GAME. You’ll be sending youngsters that have never been to a game to a UT Game inside Neyland Stadium. And please come to our tailgate in Circle Park.

Here's the mailing address: Tony Basilio Show, PO Box 26011, Knoxville TN 37912. Please get your tickets in the mail now!!!

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Listener Watch Party #2!!! Bearden Hill Fieldhouse!!!! Saturday 3:30 Eastern Time is kickoff Presented by Miller/Coors

Special thanks to Tony (The Legend) Robinson & Jerry (The Playmaker) Colquitt for a tremendous time Saturday night on the Garza Law 5th Quarter Fan Reaction. Those guys take serious ownership of the UT program and took us inside the play of the QB's. Tony & Jerry are great together. This week we'll be back to full strength with Sinco, Beano, Jerry, Tony, Matt Dixon, Alex Myers and you.

Speaking of Alex Myers....A star is born. I love this young man. That recent college graduate logged 6 hours with me over the weekend. 4+ hours on our Garza Law Fifth Quarter/Fan Reaction plus 2 hours last night on Southeastern Sunday Night.

Orange Throat leads off our Monday offering!

Orange Throat
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'Basilio Universe:

Random musings as we quickly discard a forgettable performance against Indiana State and get serious about going to Gainesville:

TONY IS RIGHT. We don't throw any wins back in the lake. True freshman Ty Chandler showed his impressive ability by taking the opening kickoff to the checkers. Quinten Dormady had a couple of turnovers, but certainly grew in his second game. Jarrett Guarantano flashed potential but showed he's a little rough around the edges. Quez Callaway made another play. Young receivers demonstrated promise.

Larry Scott's offense labored in running the ball, averaging only 4.3 yards per rush against a Division I-AA defense and the Vols failed to crack 400 yards total, settling for 395. John Kelly's workload was way more than we had hoped for, getting 23 touches for 140 total yards. This offense is a work in progress.

JACKSONVILLE STATE held Georgia Tech to 322 total yards after UT surrendered 655 to the Yellow Jackets a week ago. The Gamecocks from Jacksonville, AL have co-defensive coordinators: David Blackwell and Brandon Hall, Combined, they probably make one-fifth the amount of money of Vol DC Bob Shoop. Shoop had eight months to prepare and gave up 249 yards rushing to Tech QB Taquon Marshall. Blackwell and Hall had a week and held the brother of former Auburn great Nick Marshall to 25 yards on 13 carries.

defense heading into Gainesville on Friday.

AROUND THE SEC: Clemson's defense was the stouter unit in holding Auburn to 117 total yards in grinding out a 14-6 win. Clemson DC Brent Venables is the real deal. He has talent and he knows what to do with that talent ... Alabama would be hurting without QB Jalen Hurts. He rushed for 154 and passed for 128 in a rout of Fresno ... Don't look now but Georgia made a big program move by winning at Notre Dame, 20-19, with a freshman starting at QB. The Bulldogs are better on defense, as they held the Irish to 55 yards on the ground. Notre Dame HC Brian Kelly is now officially on the hot seat, but if I'm Butch Jones, I don't get my hopes up on following Kelly into the third straight job.

WILL MUSCHAMP'S SOUTH CAROLINA program got a second straight big win in beating Missouri on the road, 31-13. This Gamecock team proves that stats sometimes are for losers as they were outgained by the Tigers, 423-359 ... Former UT assistant Mark Elder's Eastern Kentucky Colonels pressed Kentucky to the end but the Wildcats prevailed, 27-16. QB Stephen Johnson continues to grow, throwing for 224 and one TD ... Vandy continued its joke of an early schedule, beating Alabama A&M 42-0 at home. QB Kyle Shurmur threw for 202 and four touchdowns as the Commodores outgained the Bulldogs by a margin of 401-103.

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4475 N Broadway
Open 11a-6p
TEXAS A&M SURVIVED 264 yards passing by Chase Fourcade (nephew of former Ole Miss great John Fourcade) to scratch out a 24-14 win. The Aggies are searching at quarterback ... TCU QB Kenny Hill outplayed Arkansas' Austin Allen as the Frogs cruised to a 28-7 road win. Not a good night for Hog HC Bret Bielema, whose seat may be warming ... Ole Miss' defense is going to give our Vols a run for worst in the league this year. The Rebs surrendered 188 yards to RB Ladarius Galloway of UT-Martin in a 45-23 win ... LSU's offense is stabilizing under QB Danny Etling. He went 8 for 14 for 227 yards in a workmanlike 45-10 win over Chattanooga. The Mocs held RB Derrius Guice to 102 yards on 15 carries.

about the Tennessee at Florida game being moved from Gainesville. Florida will do everything possible to keep it at home. An 0-2 start would destabilize Jim McElwain significantly, especially if he loses to a wobbly Tennessee team. The loser of this game could face a bad season.

Orange Throat

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Anytime you start out a report by saying I was right, that's a great article from you. As to your contents, did you see where Mizzou fired their DC last night? People are watching. Perhaps the wrong kinds of people but people are watching nonetheless. I must have a complex but a bunch of teams I saw over the weekend in college football seemed to be playing in a different gear than Tennessee. And as you said, don't even get me started on UT's punchless defense. They simply should've been better Saturday. I realize they kept ISU in front of them but UT should've been able to run that team over on both lines of scrimmage. Color me alarmed.

Then again, I like Tennessee to beat Florida. Don't ask me why but I just do.

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My live blog on UT Indiana State Game:

Beautiful day for Football! You can't beat this weather.

Eli Wolfe hurt ankle 8 min into game. On crutches at end of game but expected to be okay.

Justin Martin upper body injury. Hurt on TD drive by WR running him over.

Osborne played in his place and wasn't stellar.

John Kelly was a skateboarder. SEC Network crew covered it twice. Check that in the words of Dave Neal...They mentioned it 4 times.

Ty Chandler is electric TD KOR.

#8 got beat on over thrown ball.

3rd down hands up.

Gus Manning misses 1st UT home game since 1946.

UT in a spot after Monday game Indiana State is a perfect opponent.

First offensive play to Chandler on swing pass.

Dormady missed Palmer on deep ball. Like to see him hit that.

Checked into wrong play on 3rd. UT shouldn't punt vs that team.

Dormady must improve accuracy on deep balls

Tennessee sloppy on punt returns early. 2 penalties.

Guarantano in to begin 2nd Q.

Got hammered after Richmond missed a block.

Jeff George dropped an intermediate deep pass. He had it but couldn't maintain possession.

Guarantano got 2 Straight 1st half series. Then disappeared till 4th Q.

Boulware & Robertson with great blocking on Fils-aime 2nd TD run made it 21-0.

Dormady nice job of checking & altering protection before hitting Brandon Johnson making it 28-0.

28-7 Dormady with forced pic to Brandon Johnson.

Guarantano threw an awesome ball on the slant to Palmer with 5 min left.

Thoughts on game. UT needs defensive help. I agree with Throaty. It's time to get all hands on deck and try things. It's time for UT to think Byrd in secondary and any other.

News & Notes on your college football weekend that was:

This was my cheat sheet for last night's debut of Southeastern Sunday which airs 7p to 9p Eastern Time on Sunday Nights. Tell a friend.

Ohio State 900 yds passing allowed in 2 games

Mayfield 12-0 as road starter
Love him
Planted the flag
Lincoln Riley OC owned OSU

USC 623 yds total offense in win over Stanford

GA held ND to 55 rushing yds. True Frosh Frohm wins on Rd in comeback.
GA 10 starters back from 2016. They look the part.

Clemson Kelly Bryant was a different player after being dinged up
Aub started the game w 13 play drive and did little else.

Stidham had only 79 yds passing

Clemson @ LVille Sat 7:30 Eastern

Auburn held under 150 yds for 2nd time in 20 yrs. They had 117 yds. Sacked 11 times.

Austin Bryant 3 1/2 sacks coming into y day.

Lamar Jackson. Made Andre Smith from UNC eat his words.

Jackson 525 yds total offense

LVille having trouble running ball conventionally. Can't beat Clemson like this.

Tony's Top Five Clemson Bama USC Oklahoma Penn St

SEC Hotseat Bret Bielema Sumlin Nobody Else For Now








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Hurricane Irma Rescheduling: Miami vs FSU rescheduled for 10/7
GA Tech vs Miami moves to October 14 from Oct 12th

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Southeastern Sunday Six Pack Of Games This Week: Florida Vs Tennessee
Clemson @ Louisville
Kentucky @ South Carolina
LSU @ Miss State
Kansas State @ Vanderbilt
UCLA @ Memphis

Why is UCLA playing at Memphis? Why is Kansas St play at Vandy? Why am I fearing South Carolina?

Posted: Thu, Jan 11th, 1:31 PM
by Beano
Posted: Mon, Jan 15th, 11:03 PM
by Doink
National Champions!
Posted: Tue, Jan 9th, 12:24 AM
by Alison
Tim Priest cuts an absolute promo on Bob Shoop and UT's players in this clip. Forward to the 4:14 mark and listen to Priest offer up a gem about 'players having to overcome coaching.' Link

Guys like Tim Priest, Tony Robinson, Jerry Colquitt, Albert Haynesworth & Jayson Swain care enough to call it like they see it. Good for them. Bob Shoop needs to fix Tennessee's defense. He's not connecting. It's obvious.

Haynesworth isn't going for it. Link

Big week...Florida week...

Pray for Florida


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FAQ's Asked Of Tony Per Our Relaunch Announcement:

Q: Tony, you didn't say anything about your daily show yesterday. Will you continue to do this?

A: Absolutely. I'm looking forward to year #24 with you.

Q: Tony, you used the word 'subscribe'. What Am I subscribing too?

A: Great question. 'Subscribe' is a misnomer. What you actually are doing if you choose to help us monthly (and we need this for budgeting reasons) is actually acting as a patron. The goal is to keep the content (ALL CONTENT, from postgame offerings to various podcasts) free for all.

Posted: Thu, Jan 11th, 1:31 PM
by Beano
Posted: Mon, Jan 15th, 11:03 PM
by Doink
National Champions!
Posted: Tue, Jan 9th, 12:24 AM
by Alison
Q: So, if I'm not subscribing and I'm already reading this, why give?

A: Because you value the content and our contribution to the market and you want to help us keep this stuff free for everybody.

Q: Are you going to beat us up for money all the time here?

A: Absolutely not. I will bring this up a few times heading into the football season as we attempt to meet our financial goals and create new programming. I'll also mention it in the post-game format as well as the regional programming. I will not however wear you out with this. Either you feel the need to help us or you don't. This is why I'm taking today to field some question I received after day one.

Q: What happens if this doesn't generate the revenue you're seeking?

A: We will scale back our online offerings accordingly. The blog itself could even disappear. I really don't want this to happen but will be forced to spend my time in the most profitable way necessary. That's why we're having the conversation. All my cards are on the table here.

Q: When will we be able to hear these new podcasts, like that X-Cast?

A: It's all coming soon. We premiered a new Gate Twenty Won yesterday after the Basilio Show live on the app and will debut one today from the 1980 Georgia game. As for the 'X'-Cast....I'm going to upload these in real time with minimal production. Therefore I'm hoping to get one of these up in the next 10 days. It all depends on 'X's schedule.

Q: When will Southeastern Sunday debut?

A: We're shooting for the Sunday after the first full weekend of the football season.

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