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Posted: Thursday, August 10th, 2017, 9:33 AM • Permalink
Today's show and blog are dedicated to the memory of Eli Fly who passed away earlier this week. His obituary reads as follows.

'Eli was born on February 5, 1935 in Milan, TN, and was the only child of Francis and Emerson Fly. Raised from the age of 2 by his widowed mother, Eli joined the U.S. Navy and became an Aviator on the USS Intrepid. After his military service was over, utilizing the GI Bill, he earned a BA in Accounting from the University of Tennessee in 1961, became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and joined the University of Tennessee as an Assistant Auditor.

Eli held various positions of increasing responsibilities at the University that culminated as the President of the University of Tennessee. He retired in 2002, only to be called back in 2003 to serve as Interim Executive Vice President. During this time, he also served in the USN Reserves, retiring in 1995 at the rank of Commander.

In 2001, the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) gave its highest award to Eli in recognition of his almost 40 years of “outstanding contributions to business and finance management in higher education.”

Eli was an also avid sportsman, UT sports fan, and a wonderful and caring husband, father and grandfather.'

Everybody I know at UT that worked with or around Eli had nothing but praise for him. May this VFL RIP. In the day and age of carpet bagging, check chasing college administrators, they don't mint them like Eli Fly anymore. May he rest in peace.

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25 days until Tennessee kicks off with Tech in Atlanta:

I've talked with both Tech's play by play voice and their color commentator and here are 25 things I've learned about the Jackets.

1. Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson really likes this edition of his team. He's compared them in pre-season camp to his Orange Bowl team from 2014. This is Tech's most experienced team since the Orange Bowl edition.

2. Tech won 9 games last year with a defense that struggled to get off the field.

3. How much did Tech struggle to get off the field in 2016? Well consider they ran the fewest amount of offensive plays at Ga Tech since 1965. That's 51 years of football!

4. This year's Tech team will be led by Mathew Jordan, a junior QB with limited experience.

5. Jordan served as Tech's short yardage QB in 2016 plus got a spot start in place of injured Justin Thomas. Jordan rushed for over 100 yds in a win over Va Tech.

6. In that win over Va Tech, Jordan failed to crack 100 yds in passing. Jordan is only 8-18 for his career as a passer for 205 yards. He has two INT's against 2 career TD's.

7. Tech likes their offensive line. This is a veteran group that plays within itself. The only position up for grabs is right guard. They're pretty much set everywhere else.

8. Tech's center actually lines up in a 4 point stance. Ole School. Fo' real.

9. Though the Jackets have a triple option offense, they have some weapons around their inexperienced QB. In fact, Tech had 12 plays last season of 50+ yards against D-1 competition. These #'s don't count empty calorie stats against 1-AA (FCS school).

10. Tech also had 19 touchdowns of 20 plus yards on offense in 2016. Not bad for a supposedly plodding triple-option offense.

11. Like Tennessee, Tech's biggest question mark defensively rests on their d line. They are thin up front and this has kept them from better things in recent years.

12. Tech top returning DE's had 1.5 sacks combined in 2016.

Tony B Needs You For Gate Twenty Won & Vol-Scars!!! I'd like to get your personal stories to include in our Gate Twenty Won and VolScars audio podcasts! Here's a link to the contact number and a list of all of the games.

13. Tech saw the spread twice in 2016 with mixed results. They were gashed for 636 total yards by UNC including 353 through the air. Meanwhile they were successful in holding Va Tech to only 20 points but still allowed their opponent 6.7 yards per play.

14. Tech's strength on defense resides in their secondary. On paper this appears to be a real edge Tech could have in this game versus Tennessee if the Jackets can generate a pass rush.

15. Tech has huge shoes to fill with the graduation of their inside linebacker. They will be leaning heavily on Knoxville Webb product Matt Mitchell. At 6-2, 240 Mitchell would be a really nice addition to UT's line backing corps. He can really play.

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16. Mitchell isn't the only Knoxville product on Tech's roster, West High School's Nathan Cottrell hopes to see action on offense.

17. Cottrell's career at Tech has been slowed by injury. He's currently running 4th team at 'A' back but figures to see some kick return duties. JJ Green is Tech's #1 option at kick returner.

18. Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson who serves as the team’s offensive coordinator works without a play sheet. He simply calls what he sees and scripts very little of his offense.

19. The key to stopping Tech on offense is penetration from the defensive tackles.

20. Tech color commentator Sean Bedford (an Aerospace Engineering graduate) believes that Tech's biggest worry from Tennessee will be TE Ethan Wolfe.

21. Tech's Defensive Coordinator Ted Roof in a 1987 graduate of Ga Tech. He was head coach of Duke when the Vols beat the Devils 23-6 back in 2003 in Neyland Stadium.

22. Speaking of Neyland Stadium, the last time Tennessee faced Georgia Tech was in Neyland Stadium in October of '87. I attended this game as a first year transfer student at Tennessee.

23. Tech's Stadium is named for a former Vol QB. Boddy Dodd played for the Vols back in the early 30's before embarking on a legendary coaching career at Tech that spanned 22 seasons where he went 165–64–8. Dodd also served as Tech's AD from 1950 until 1976. He spent 57 years in all at Tech. This VFL may have been TFL.

24. Tennessee has seemingly never fared well against a triple offensive football team.

25. Days away from kickoff and the inside word is that they're nervous about having EVERYTHING finished at Mercedes Benz Stadium. As we say around here, only at Tennessee.

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I'm deployed and read your blog every single day I can. Love it! Absolutely love it! I use the front page of the app and it works perfectly. Thank you for what you do! You think you're providing a service just to keep us up to date on the Vols...from where I am you provide much more than that-a taste of home every day. This is more than what you asked for but I wanted you to know what this blog means to the men and women fighting for our freedom overseas. Thank you for what you do, it's a blessing to those far from home.

Keep up the good work and GO VOLS!

Ken...A message like yours waters my soul and means the world to me. Thank you so much for your service to our great land. YOUR efforts and those of all our military allow me to live my dream. Praise God for you reaching out my great friend. When you get back to Rocky Top, please look me up as I'd love to meet you!!!

Go Vols


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Next up I'm turning you onto VolPoll.


Long time listener.

I was mulling doing this poll last season, but never got around to it, but I finally set it up for this season. You can check out all the info at It's set up for the whole season and the Preseason Survey just opened today.

What I wanted to do was break down the pulse of Tennessee fans using in depth demographic data. Also to get a bird's eye view of the expectations of the season and during the season how fans feel about different things that happened during the game and the direction of the program.

I thought you would enjoy it and be able to use some of the data for talking points on your show if need be. I can send you a PDF of the results each week if you'd like.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions you may have and feel free to go ahead and take the Preseason Survey.

I'm not making any money off this or looking to make any money. I'm just a huge Vol fan and the industry I work in does a lot of this type of data mining, so I decided to combine the two for some interesting data all Vol Fans can enjoy.

As with any poll, the more data I can compile the better the results will reflect how the fan base feels.


Twitter: @VolPoll'

Bill!!!! I love the idea....

Please keep me posted as you go with this in 2017....

Here's the link to VolPoll if you wish to bookmark it. Link

Tony B Contributor Eric S. chimes in on the passing of Glen Campbell.

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'RIP Rhinestone Cowboy.


My favorite tune of Glen Campbell was Country Boy. You’ve got your feet in LA, but your minds on TENNESSEE. A boy does great in showbiz, goes to Las Wages, looks around and sees nothing but showbiz kids making movies of themselves, and pines for home and simplicity. When he sang his songs for free. All I know is it’s a pity life can’t be simple again. What a brilliant line that the Boudreaux penned when they wrote Rocky Top.

Yes, now Glen and Willie can team up and play together at that great roadhouse in the sky.

Oh Sorry....

Here's Country Boy...Link

Eric S.'

Eric I did 10 good minutes on our Fairways and Greens 19th Hole with Dr. Sean Sinclair on the passing of Glen. As guitar players, we both love the guy. Brilliant musician. A terrible loss for our world. His music will live on forever. Bonus points with your dig at the deposed Vol Colonel.


Tell Vol Colonel MidState said it ain't nothing for him to whip a man's ass. Especially if he dresses like he should be holding a bucket of fried chicken.


Posted: Thu, Jan 18th, 1:49 PM
by Beano
Posted: Mon, Jan 15th, 11:03 PM
by Doink
National Champions!
Posted: Tue, Jan 9th, 12:24 AM
by Alison
Mid-State...I realize you probably aren't cultured on the king of sports as I am but that's not the Tennessee Stud Ron Fuller. What you've presented is a picture of ROBERT Fuller...This is from his Colonel Rob Parker days when he managed such world class killers as Meng.

To you and VC....I say bring it!!!!

VC has not appeared contrite thus far on Periscope. I'm not sure what ya'll are going for here but it's not going to endear VC to Commissioner Tennessee Stud Ron Fuller.

So Vol Colonel is Robert Parker, and his brother is Ron Welch?
Ok I never even really thought about about who Vol Colonel was. No wonder he is a drama queen. 😜

Do they live up here or in FL?


Thank you to Arutenberg at UT for cluing me into this wonderful story on Josh Dobbs who gets the start tonight in Pittsburgh. Link

All in Alopecia/Vol Nation stand today with Josh Dobbs.

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