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Thursday Live @ Stover's
Posted: Friday, August 4th, 2017, 8:58 AM • Permalink
You'll notice on this Thursday that we're dropping a couple of new podcasts today.

Please take the time to enjoy these shows that celebrate the highs and lows in Big Orange Country.

Our Vol-Scar from today takes us back to 1980 when Herschel Walker's Dawgs bested the Vols in a real killer.

This episode of Gate Twenty Won features a superb podcast on the 1991 Miracle at South Bend. This is fun stuff!

These podcasts are indicative of the fresh programming we aim to bring you in the months and years ahead. These are being presented commercial free so please help us if you feel led after giving these a listen.

Also, please consider becoming a member of our T Club. I'm telling you that if you'll turn me loose and free me up we'll produce a bunch of stuff that you'll love.

We also want you involved. Please call 865-544-Vols if you have either a Vol-Scars or a Gate Twenty Won story.

Here's our list of Gate Twenty Won/Vol-Scar games we're going to cover.

Gate Twenty Won: 1959 LSU 1969 Georgia 1965 UCLA 'RoseBonnet' Bowl 1971 Penn State 1972 Penn State 1979 Notre Dame 1982 Bama 1985 Auburn 1985 Bama 1986 Sugar Bowl 1989 Auburn 1990 Cotton Bowl 1990 Florida 1991 Notre Dame 1992 Georgia 1995 Bama 1997 SEC Championship Game 1998 Syracuse 1998 Florida 1998 Arkansas 1999 Championship Game 2001 LSU 2001 Florida 2003 Miami 2004 Florida 2005 LSU
Vol-Scars: 1958 Chattanooga 1962 Ole Miss 1972 Bama 1973 Georgia 1975 N. Texas State 1980 Georgia 1980 Virginia 1990 Auburn 1990 Bama 1992 South Carolina 1993 Bama 1996 Florida 1996 Memphis 2001 LSU 2005 Vanderbilt



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Inside Tennessee's Danny Parker joined the show yesterday ahead of Tennessee's first day in pads on Saturday.

Parker had some interesting thoughts mere hours before the pads go on for the first time Saturday.

'I think Dormady has the starting job nailed down on this team. It's going to be a while until they admit it but he's cool, calm and collected. He's going to start.

Marcus Tatum looks the part. A pure OT. He's in the mix. Former 4 star sophomore.

LB Quarte Sapp. Tore ACL vs Ohio last year. Will be tough to keep off the field.

Secondary: Wiggins at 100% will be near impossible to keep from starting.

Martin has matured and is taking things more seriously this season.

I'm really high on Shawn Shamburger as a 2018 starter. He's looked great thus far.

At safety you have 4 for 2.
Warrior is most athletic. I'm high on him. But Kelly is cerebral high IQ guy. Perhaps it's situational. Against Tech you want the best tackler out there.

Warrior, Berry, Abernathy could battle for other safety slot.'

Tatum and Shamburger appear to be hits from that 2016 signing class. Tennessee needs a few others to join them for a bright future.

Can you imagine keeping Nigel Warrior off the field this year? Surely he's going to play early and often. Our Vol Historian Tom Mattingly reminded me that Dale Carter had to come off the bench at the start of his UT career. When he was finally inserted into the line-up in the 1990 season opener with Colorado he had two interceptions and became a breakout star.

Parker had great news on Justin Martin. Tennessee needs a few guys to develop back there, for they're an injury or two away from disaster in the back four.

The log jam at safety is a good problem to have. I wonder how many of those guys will get on the field when Tennessee goes into the dime.

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Five guys Danny Parker wants to see when pads come on Saturday:

1) Guarantano: 7 on 7. Underwear and shorts, he looks great. He's got the athleticism and the big arm but I want to see what he looks like when the bullets are flying.

2) Ty Chandler: I want to see how physical he is if we get to see him get hit.

3) Cortez McDowell: Butch Jones praised Cortez for getting his body "a little more right" to play linebacker. He put on some "bad weight" for some of the other positions he's played including safety.

4) Kongbo: #1 DE on this team right now. He's down to about 265 pounds. Is he going to be the guy?

5) WR: Johnson, Calloway...One of those two must step up. Tyler Byrd and Josh Smith are going to have room to roam in the slot as Jennings will draw some double teams. I want to see one of those guys show up and win the job. It would be a huge development for this offense.

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It's Thursday...So it's T-Mail Time.....

T-Mail Time!!!

'Greetings Tony,

I saw that nugget in yesterday's blog where Tennessee is in the midst of a long streak.

The 18 year drought for Tennessee is still a work in progress!

To date, 10 of those seasons (1999-2008) (55.5%) belong to "Hall of Fame" Coach Philip Fulmer.

Butch has 6 more seasons to catch up with the leader of the current streak. Seven to become the lead dog.

Bleed Orange ... !

Mike G. in OKC'

Mike: Ouch. The truth will get you in trouble around here. No denying this. If I would've told everyone in Arizona that night to soak it up because you won't win an SEC TITLE FOR TWO DECADES, people would've had me committed. Barring the unforeseen, we're probably going to see this here. I just wonder a couple of things;

1) If Saban stays 10 more years will this streak reach 30?

2) Will Butch get to Atlanta if he sticks around 3 more years?

These are certainly food for thought. I just marvel at how patient UT fans have been through this down-cycle. This place has an amazing connection to the Vols.

Click to YMCA of East Tennessee!

Just now listening to your one alteration to Butch Jones...You are absolutely correct, but not just on the goal line.

Just watched the 2016 UT-Georgia game again a couple of nights ago...Id actually forgotten after Vols took the lead (28-24) on the Barnett sack and Vereen fumble recovery in the end zone, Tennessee actually intercepted Georgia on its next possession coming out with 2:04 remaining around midfield. Just like Florida the year before at Gainesville, Tennessee could NOT line up and get one (1) first down to put the game away, then run the clock out. I just cant think of any similar situations under Majors and Fulmer, where those situations were not automatic wins, by running the ball with a lead blocker (or two) and churn out 10 freaking yards to win an SEC games on the road.

So many chances the last few years that we could not convert a 3 down & two yards to go, from anywhere on the field.

I miss Roland Poles!

Fake Beav

Fake Beav: You're absolutely right. And I mean ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I just will never understand spread coaches who eschew any I-formation football. You could spend a few hours on this in pre-season practice and get the basic tenets of it down. It just makes no sense to not have this arrow in any team's quiver when it comes time to salt a game away. Finesse football is just that, finesse. I'm with you, bring back Amsler, Poles, Mose Phillips, Will Bartholomew. Bring it!!!


I wanted to give you my take on Butch Jones' tenure at Tennessee and his relationship with the fans.

Do you know what causes relationships to be destroyed more than anything? You may say broken trust, saying something hurtful, disloyalty, etc. All of those are just symptoms of the real problem. The number one destroyer of any relationship is unmet expectations. This will destroy relationships quicker than anything else. There is a cure for this, but more on that a little later.

Last year entering into the season we were told so many things about team 120 and expectations couldn't have been any higher. Remember, someone actually named it the geo-physical year of the Vols! We were sold that we had the talent to play with anyone and ALL of Vol Nation expected Tennessee to AT LEAST win the east.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you realize that Tennessee didn't meet those expectations. This in itself, with the fans and Butch Jones, has been the catalyst that has caused the fans to sour on Butch Jones in such an overwhelming number and caused Jones to say dumb things out of frustration to the fans. As a fan you may argue that it's his coaching decisions on the field, or his choice to not go for two against FL and instead he used his chart, or his silly comments about being "champions for life," but the truth is the unmet expectations have caused damage in the relationship. So what's the solution? It's this simple:

Unmet expectations - Observation = Frustration

Our fan base at times, because of their passion and expectations, fail to observe things realistically. Last year we were so decimated with injuries that by the end of the year we could hardly find any quality interior defensive line players for our offense to practice against to get better, much less challenge another team on Saturdays. Not to mention the locker room situation with Jalen Hurd's departure.

This year, both Jones and the fans need to take a step back and Observe what happens this year, instead of reacting out of frustration. I'm not a Butch Jones sheep, but it doesn't take a football genius a long time to see that Jones has helped bring Tennessee back to respectability after the Dooley years.

It also doesn't take a genius to see that Jones has really said some dumb things out of frustration with the fans. This relationship has problems on both ends. So this year my goal as a fan, is to just observe, live in reality, and enjoy the season.

For our sake, I really hope Butch can do the same. It'll be better for everyone.


Posted: Thu, Dec 14th, 2:12 PM
by Beano
The Solution
Posted: Mon, Dec 11th, 9:08 PM
by Alison
The Revolution That Saved Tennessee Football
Posted: Thu, Dec 7th, 7:58 PM
by Josh
Z-Man! Where have you been? That's one of the most well measured T-Mails I've ever featured here. When I was reading your correspondence, I couldn't help but appreciate the way you developed your analogy. Jones is interesting for me in that just when I'm ready to really soften on him he says things like he did to the Rotary Club the other day. My question for you is this...Who needs to chill first if this relationship is going to work? For my money, Butch Jones needs to be the bigger party and let his critics talk. My bottom line is that unless his most ardent critics set him up with the NCAA or steer players away from UT with inducements, talk is talk. Every fan base has a vocal minority. Jones has the job. It's time for him to start acting like it.

He's not the only thin skinned football coach that's had the big job here. Johnny Majors called talk shows the "legions of the miserable," while Phillip Fulmer used to goof on sports information folks at UT for publishing unflattering statistics on game releases. Every coach has a bunker mentality. Butch needs to let the rest of us love him. When he talks the way he did the other day it makes it tough for me. I think everybody involved is well served to heed your advice and say, "Dammit, I'm going to just enjoy the season and block out the noise." Great...great...GREAT stuff from you.

RIP: Ara Parseghian. Gone at the age of 94. Link

RIP John Reeves: A terrific redemption story of the old USFL. Reeves breakout led Steve Spurrier ascent in college football. Link

Every concerned Bama fan is wondering this today. Link

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Tomorrow at it's Orange Throat, Matt Dixon with a practice report, plus Jack Tate your Movie King!

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