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Sliding Past Brocky into Seventh
Posted: Friday, July 16th, 2010, 10:47 AM
You'll have to forgive me for the delayed start of my blogging. I've been in sports mourning for the past week. With the World Cup ending the same weekend that several of my Vols decided to go bar hopping immediately after a viewing of Fight Club which happened to come on the tube after LeBron's nonsense went off, well, let's just say that Labor Day weekend can't get here quickly enough.

That said--and even though I've never been one for doing what's "so in right now"--since the latter two are the issues that everyone keeps taking about, I might as well weigh in, even if I am a little late. Today, LeBron-sense. Tomorrow, THE WORLD (of alcohol- and testosterone-fueled police brutality, unfortunately)!

On LeBron:

How is it that we criticize the guy who goes to the crappy team to get more money (see A. Roid, Texas Rangers) instead of taking less money to ensure his team has the salary space to sign a complete, championship caliber team AND THEN turn around and criticize LeBron for turning down more money to go play for a sure-fire winner? I don't blame the kid for wanting to win. He put his (slightly less, although still astronomically ludicrous) money where his mouth is. Instead of saying "I just want to win" and, like so many of his contemporaries, going to the Warriors or, dare I say it, staying with the Cavaliers, he went to someone else's town (Wade County ring any bells?) for less money to give himself the best chance to win multiple championships. He knows he's generationally rich at this point, and it was clear the Cavs weren't willing to help him win an NBA title. If you don't believe me, just check out AA's blog a couple of months ago where he adroitly delineated LeBron's "supporting" cast. Really, Geriatric Shaq? Is that the best you can do, Dan? And you expected him to stay for that? LeBron doesn't owe the Cleveland Cavaliers anything. He gave them seven years, and they gave him nothing but a ton of money, which any other team coulda woulda done.

As far as the Clevelad fans go, I understand them being sad and diappointed for themsleves. But they should be happy for LeBron. When the local kid makes good, you throw him a party; you don't throw him out of town. If your son gets a high-paying job doing what he loves where has a chance to make it big with his best buddies, shouldn't you be ecstatic for him even if it means he's not staying in the family business? Shouldn't Cleveland's/Akron's son get the same treatment?

Now, granted, I was beyond sick of ESPN force feeding us LeBron rumors and Chris Broussard speculation for months on end, but to LeBron's credit, he took the opportunity to turn the circus into a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club. Face it. ESPN was going to do an extended interview with him about his decision at some point anyway. And he's shown by his lack of bad publicity and police record (that we know of) before this that he has some common sense and media savvy. So he had to have some idea that there would be backlash from his decision to leave Cleveland, but he did the show anyway. I'm not suggesting he wasn't at the same time trying to further his "brand." But he didn't take money from the show itself. Whatever you think about LeBron and the decision (which I refuse to capitalize, by the way), that fact says something positive about the guy. And the fact that he wants to maximize his championships more than he wants to maximize his salary tells me all I need to know.

Magic had Kareem and Worthy. Bird had McHale and Parrish. Jordan had Pippen and Rodman. Now, LeBron has Wade and Bosh.

Hmmmm.... I might even watch an NBA game this year.

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