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Fight For Tennessee Exceptionalism
UMass Game Preview
Posted: Thursday, September 21st, 2017, 6:12 PM
by Josh
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Back in the summer, I started a Twitter hashtag. My intention was to start a grassroots movement to demand excellence from Tennessee football. I made the argument that Tennessee deserved to be mentioned in the same breath as Alabama, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Oklahoma, Texas, USC and Nebraska as the true royalty of college football. I made the argument that we should never settle for mediocrity. We deserve much better. We have earned it throughout history. The name of the Twitter hashtag and the movement I hoped to start was called Tennessee Exceptionalism. #TennesseeExceptionalism I would encourage all of you who hold Tennessee football dear to go back and read it here:

We aren't getting excellence from our program right now. We aren't going to get it with this head coach. It's painfully obvious after Saturday's loss to Florida. For five years, Butch Jones has done just enough to keep the fanbase thinking that we are on the verge of returning to excellence. But he's also made it abundantly clear that he isn't a good coach on game day. Many of us hoped that talent would be able to overcome it but that's not going to be the case. Butch Jones could take Alabama's roster and probably barely win 9 games with it. It's pretty unforgivable to have a running back as talented and hungry as John Kelly and not give him the ball a single time in 7 snaps inside the 10 yard line. Anyone who is that stupid will never be able to coach at a high enough level to win the SEC East. There were plenty of warning signs. The debacle against Vanderbilt in 2013. The Florida game in 2014 that he botched. I could make the argument that he botched the 2014 Georgia game. The infamous 2015 Oklahoma game. The 2015 Florida botch. The South Carolina and Vanderbilt games last year with the SEC East and then the Sugar Bowl on the line. And then the most egregious of them all. This year's Florida debacle. That Florida team is terrible. Tennessee was clearly the better team on both sides of the ball. They should have beaten that awful team by at least two scores. Fulmer would have won that game by three touchdowns, easily. So why did we lose? Because our coaches do things like not hand John Kelly the ball at all inside the 10 yard line. They do things like not have your 4 or 5 best athletes standing on the goal line for the last play of the game. They do things like stick with a quarterback who makes terrible decisions, even after he throws multiple interceptions. After five years, what more do you need to see to realize that he isn't winning anything here?

I keep hearing these delusional sheep say that Tennessee can still win the East. Tennessee isn't winning any championships with Butch Jones. I'll even go so far as to say this and I mean it sincerely.


Is it possible? Sure. It's possible that Yellowstone will erupt tomorrow too. Is it likely? I think Yellowstone erupting is more likely. Will I be happy if Tennessee wins the East this year? Absolutely. And I will gladly periscope my wife shaving my head. But I don't live in fantasy land. I live in the real world. There isn't a single bit of data that would indicate that Tennessee will win the East this year, or ever under Butch Jones.

These sheep are so scared that things will go back to being like they were with Dooley that they'd rather stick with a mediocre coach because at least he gets to bowls. Bowls are fine. Tennessee should never miss a bowl to be honest. The goal at a place like Tennessee isn't bowls. It is and always has been winning championships. All you spineless sheep are accomplishing is lowering the expectations of a program that has earned regal status throughout its history.

Any of you spineless, sniveling sheep that have a problem with what I'm saying, come at me. I've been owning you fools on Twitter and Facebook all week and I will continue to do so. Come at me with "How many games have you coached?" Come at me with "Don't you remember where we were before Butch got here." Come at me with "If you know so much then why don't you go coach them?" Come at me with "Tennessee has only averaged 8 wins throughout its history." I will decapitate you feeble little enablers one by one.

And just so you sheep know, Michigan averages the most wins per year all time. How many games a year do they average winning? 8.77.

How many does Tennessee average winning per year? 8.16.

Such a big difference isn't it? Why would Tennessee ever think it belongs in the same conversation as the other blue bloods? Give me a freaking break you coach worshipping losers. Here's an idea. Why don't we get a competent coach in here? That way you can worship a winner.

Oh, and another sheep staple is "Who you gonna get?" As well as, "Don't you remember how many people turned this job down last time?"

So much stupid here but let's break it down.

Last time, our program was completely gutted by Dooley to the point that our talent probably ranked at least 10th in the SEC.

I will give Butch Jones credit for this. He has brought our talent back. We are probably top 4 or 5 in the SEC in talent now and close to the top of the East in talent. This is a much more attractive job now than it was in 2012. The cupboard isn't bare and the East is flat out garbage. A competent coach could come in here right now and own the East. You don't think they can see that?

Who are we going to get? Let's see.

1. Bob Stoops- Offer him 5-6 million per year and see what he says.
2. Chip Kelly- Offer him 5-6 million per year and see what he says.
3. Dan Mullen- See 1 and 2.
4. Gary Patterson- He's done about all he can do at TCU. Make him say no.
5. Les Miles- He said he wants to coach again and he is definitely an upgrade from what we have.
6. Mike Gundy- Offer him 4-5 million and see what he says.
7 Justin Fuente- Offer him 4-5 million and see what he say.
8. Jeff Brohm- A young guy who has turned Purdue around quickly. Probably a big upgrade, but unproven.

That's just off the top of my head. There are also plenty of mid-major coaches that would know to give it to your excellent running back inside the 10 as well.

Listen sheep. We aren't enemies. We want the same thing. We want Tennessee to be great again. The path to greatness is full of failure. But you keep trying until you get it right. Success doesn't come without risk. We can live in fear of sucking like we did under Dooley or we can have some balls and take the risk to be great. Greatness doesn't just come to you because you hope for it. You have to go get it. We can hope against all logic that Butch will eventually be great, or we can go get a proven coach who will be great.

It's time for Tennessee to reclaim its rightful place among the elite. We haven't been to the SEC Championship Game since 2007. We haven't had a top 10 finish since 2001. We haven't been to a major bowl since 1999. We haven't lost fewer than 3 games in a season since 2001. Enough is enough. Let's take our program back. We may not have the money of the Haslams, but we have numbers. We have a voice. Make your voices heard. Let them know that you are tired of wasting time with goofy loser coaches. Let them know that the longest title drought in Tennessee history is unacceptable. Let them know that we deserve a good coach and we aren't out of line to ask for one. Let them know that we DEMAND our elite standing to be restored. Let them know that we demand Tennessee Exceptionalism. Hashtag it, spread the word and make your voice heard.

I'm also open to a shorter and catchier hashtag if any of you have ideas.

In the UMass game, Tennessee will probably flounder around in a hangover after the Florida debacle. The defense will make you want to pull out your hair and Dormady will probably throw an interception or two. UMass sucks. They are 0-4 against teams that aren't exactly good. Tennessee shouldn't ever be in any danger.

Tennessee 45
UMass 13

In other games...

Mississippi State 24
Georgia 17

Dan Mullen is in the midst of another special season in Starkville.

Alabama 38
Vanderbilt 7

Don't poke the bear.

Florida 19
Kentucky 17

I'll believe it when I see it.

Arkansas 34
Texas A&M 21

Loser leaves town?

Oklahoma State 49
TCU 38

Two potential Vol coaches put on a show.

Michigan 31
Purdue 37

Brohm gives Harbaugh all he can handle.

Last week (3-4) Overall (13-8)

That's all I have for this week. I know it was more of a rant than a preview, but did you really want me to break down UMass? Is anyone thinking about UMass? As always, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this. Follow me on Twitter @Joshes_Blog and let's get #TennesseeExceptionalism trending.

Have a great football weekend everyone. Stay safe. Go Vols and God Bless!

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