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Apocalypse averted
For now....
Posted: Tuesday, June 15th, 2010, 10:52 PM
by Josh
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Well that was a fun weekend wasn't it? Friday everyone seemed certain the Big 12 South minus Baylor was headed for the Pac 10. By Saturday, Texas A&M was on the verge of joining the SEC. Sunday they had enough votes amoung their regents to do so. Monday afternoon, Dan Beebe and Texas had convinced the remaining Big 12 that the best thing to do was stay intact and give Texas their network and uneven revenue sharing, although they will get more than they did previously. Who knows how much of this was posturing by Texas to see just how much power it really had? I do believe that if Texas A&M had gone along with the plan, they are probably in the Pac 10 by now. In the end the Big 12-2 is left as a 10 team league that will always come down to Texas and Oklahoma. Those two are the clear winners in all of this. The winner of that game needs only to get through a weakened conference to waltz into the BCS Title game and not have to worry about a Big 12-2 Championship Game.

Texas A&M showed some backbone and for that they have my respect. I am very disturbed, however, at the way Oklahoma conducted itself in all of this. Oklahoma is arguably a top 5 all time program. In my view, they are more prestigious than Texas. They have almost as many wins and have won almost double the amount of national titles Texas has. Oklahoma has the longest winning streak in major college football history with dozens of All-Americans through the years. Oklahoma latched on to Texas like a smaller fish latches on to a shark. Oklahoma is better than that but they don't seem to know it. Why were all of these schools letting Texas call the shots? Don't they have any pride? I realize that most people don't seem to remember past 5 years ago in sports, but I remember when the Big 12 was formed. Nebraska was the top school. They were in the middle of one of the best runs in the history of college football. Texas and Oklahoma were both down. Texas A&M was pretty good at the time. Colorado was decent. Kansas State was really good. Texas walked into that league as the 5th or 6th best program in the conference. Nebraska had every right to resent Texas and so did every other school. Oklahoma had as much right as anyone to resent Texas. Historically in the Big 8 Oklahoma was 1 and Nebraska was 1A. Oklahoma let Texas come in from the outside and force out its long time conference rival and ultimately take all the power. Oklahoma didn't even put up a fight.

With that in mind, let me throw this hypothetical at you. I know this is completely unrealistic and would never happen, but humor me for a moment. Suppose the SEC found itself in a situation similar to what the Big 12 was just in. Everyone really wants Alabama and knows they would have to take their biggest rivals along to get them. The ACC is after them as well as the Big Ten. The ACC and Big Ten both offer to take Alabama, Auburn, Tennesse, and LSU. Alabama and its 3 biggest rivals. Alabama wants to go to the ACC because it sees an easier path to the national title. Tennessee wants to go to the Big Ten because its a better league with more attractive teams. Would Tennessee forget all of that and go with Alabama? Or would it stand on its own and do what it feels is best for Tennessee, while giving up a very long history with Alabama? I am curious as to how it would shake out. Would the government in Tennessee let Tennessee and Vandy be split up? We will never know, but I would like to think that Tennessee would not give Alabama all the power and blindly follow it where ever it went. Knowing Mike Hamilton and UT's administration, you can pretty much bet they would have went to whichever conference paid them the most money.

In the aftermath of all of this, the SEC is still the strongest conference, the Big Ten is much less boring, The Big 12-2 is a two team league, and the Pac 10 added nothing. At least not as long as Dan Hawkins is at Colorado. The Buffs are capable of winning big. Of course since no one remembers past 5 years ago, people don't remember that. In 2001, Colorado single-handedly destoryed the Nebraska mystique. The Huskers have never been the same since that 62-36 thrashing. Colorado finished 10-3 with a Fiesta Bowl loss to Oregon and there was an outcry that the Buffs and not the Huskers should have been playing Miami for the national title. They shared the national title in 1990 with Georgia Tech. They were a top 15 program in the late 80s and into the mid 90s. Dan Hawkins is not going to work there, but they are definitely capable of being a great program.

One last thing. One main reason(excuse) Texas was using in wussing out of the SEC's offer was that the SEC wasn't on par with Texas academically. They have a lot of nerve to claim academic superiority when they produced Vince Young.

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