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A "Feel Good" Scrimmage
Posted: Sunday, August 20th, 2006, 10:38 AM
by Beano
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I came away from tonightís scrimmage feeling better than last Saturday. Iíve got the sneaking suspicion however that it was by design. The offense was more productive and big-plays were much more prevalent than seven days ago. The thing I was most impressed by was team unity. In baseball terms the defense took one for the team. They threw our offense some batting practice by running schemes that were more Dairy Queen than Baskin Robbins. Chavis and company decided no double-chocolate-mint-caramel-swirl tonight. Give us plain vanilla baby. They went long on containment and short on pressure. Iíve got no problem with it. A struggling hitter needs a few BP fastballs for their psyche. Lets just hope that Calís defense doesnít look like Johan Santana after youíve taken several hacks off the bullpen coach.

On the comical side, (or on second thought itís not that humorous) our old buddy Alama Matthews ruled that David Holbert did not have possession of an apparent TD catch. Howís that for a 180?

Hereís the rundown:


-Freshman WR Quintin Hancock has been excellent. There is NO WAY we have five receivers better than him on the roster. I would argue that we donít have two.

-Montario Hardesty ran with confidence and strength. He was a one-man orange-zone offense carrying virtually every play for the last 20 yards of a scoring drive.

-There were far more big offensive plays in the ones-vs-ones including:
Ainge to Meachem for 35yds down the left sideline
Ainge to Brad Cottam for 35 yds down the right sideline

-Eric Ainge exhibited better pocket presence and decision making whether it be moving in the pocket to allow time to find Chris Brown for a first down or throwing the ball away when the play dictated.

-Jason Swain and Ainge appear to be developing chemistry. Swain made a nice diving catch and a caught couple of passes in the middle of the field.

-Jonathan Crompton moved well in the pocket and completed long passes to Josh Briscoe (who fumbled at the end of the play) and Austin Rogers


-Ryan Karl was very noticeable and constantly around the ball

-Demonte Bolden seemed to show up more than last Saturday

-To this point this seems to be a defense that tackles well

-Conceding that it appeared that this was intended to be a pass-heavy scrimmage, the O-Line once again struggled to establish any run blocking rhythm.

-Brett Smith has been totally MIA for two scrimmages

-Both QBs seemed to lose their rhythm as the scrimmage proceded

-Play fakes by Ainge and Crompton are still half-hearted and will not sell the run to a good defense

-Confusion on backfield alignment caused failure to convert a 3rd and short

-It was pretty obvious that the defense called off the dogs very early from a blitzing standpoint

-Jerod Mayo appeared to tweak an ankle early and did not return


Inability to culminate drives with TDs. Ainge has failed to direct his team to a sustained TD drive in either scrimmage

The O-Line, backs, and Ainge did a poor job once again responding to the blitz. There were two sacks and a hurry in the first seven snaps before the defense called off the dogs and rarely sent more than five from that point on.

Corey Anderson skated toward the hole on one run and later took a blow to the head.

Josh Briscoe had a drop and a fumble at the end of a long reception after Crompton bought time to make it happen. My guess is Josh is currently on the outside looking into the WR rotation.

Wilhoit was inaccurate and weak most of the night


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1 .. 489 490 491 .. 509

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