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Junk Bonds and I Aint Buyin
Posted: Monday, May 29th, 2006, 11:22 AM
by Beano
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Major League Baseball like no other game is tied to its historical numbers and the efforts of active players to surpass them. I have always reveled in the opportunity to view players reaching or surpassing those milestones. That is until yesterday. If anyone would have told me I would one day be upset by the interruption of a Womenís Super Regional softball game (or that I would be watching one for that matter) to show ANYONE passing Babe Ruthís career home run total I would have replied, ďyeah right, that will happen when a womenís basketball coach is making a million dollars a yearĒ. What an enlightening week Iíve had. As ESPN gave Bonds a hickey with a ďthis is your lifeĒ highlight montage all I could think of was Jefferson Pilotís never ending post game show while we miss the 1st quarter of the SEC headliner on Channel 8. That shows what a truly sorry state of affairs weíve reached.

Bonds is a fraud and has about as much business being in second place on the all-time Home Run list as the three stooges at a formal gathering. He has invaded our lives and baseballís sacred ground with his surly, steroid-saturated self to the point that it is long-since nauseating. I havenít puked since I was 13 but yesterday was a test. If he hits 40 more my streak WILL come to an end.

Maybe Iím just a sentimental old fool but you tell me. Was the career home run list not more credible when it read as follows?
1-Hank Aaron (755) 2-Babe Ruth (714) 3-Willie Mays (660) 4-Frank Robinson (586) 5-Harmon Killebrew (573) 6-Reggie Jackson (563) 7-Mike Schmidt (548) 8-Mickey Mantle (536) 9-Jimmie Foxx (534) T-10 Willie McCovey, Ted Williams (521).
Now sadly it has evolved to this:
1-Aaron 2-Bonds (715) 3-Ruth 4-Mays 5-Sammy Sosa (588) 6-Robinson 7-Mark McGwire (583) 8-Killebrew 9-Rafael Palmeiro (569) 10-Jackson
Schmidt, Mantle, McCovey and Williams supplanted by Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, and Rafael flippin Palmeiro? Whoís kidding who here? I would be able to stomach it a little better if it was the career RBI list. That is if RBI stood for Regular Butt Injections.

As for Bonds letís look at his progression as a hitter. It provides all the information that Balco technology has to this point hidden.

1st SEVEN FULL SEASONS (1986-92)
22-28 yrs old
176 HRs; 25 HR/Yr; Top season 1992 with 34 HRs

Candlestick Park
29-35 yrs old
269 HRs; 38 HR/Yr; Top season 1993 with 46 HRs

Last 5 FULL SEASONS (00-04)
PAC-Bell, AT&T, SOB, Whatever
36-40 yrs old
258 HRs, 51.6 HR/yr; Top Season 2001 with 73 HRs never hit less than 45

Okay Iíll buy the increase from 25 to 38 HR/year in his second full seven seasons. Thatís the natural progression of a hitter. But to increase your home run production from 34/year to 52/year approaching 40 years old? Regardless of what MLBís ďstringentĒ testing process says he didnít do that on Advil brother.

As I think back on the enjoyment Iíve received seeing players of my youth and early adulthood reach sacred ground I canít believe how numb yesterday felt. Aaronís 714th and 715th were breathtaking, Pete Roseí 4192nd hit was amazing, and Cal Ripkenís 2131st consecutive game was heartwarming. I enjoyed Rickey Hendersonís 939th steal, Steve Carlton, Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, and Randy Johnsonís 4000th strikeout and Ryanís 5000th. Heck I enjoyed Tom Seaverís 300th win even if it came at the expense of my beloved Yankees. Although Iím now ashamed to admit it I enjoyed the McGwire-Sosa Home Run race of 1998. All thatís changed however. Bonds 715th Home Run was the haymaker that sent my fading interest in baseballís power number hierarchy and hitting numbers as a whole to the canvas. Now all thatís left for me to do is cheer against him in his pursuit of King Henry. Barry Bonds #2. Thatís fitting. Iíve got to bring this blog to a conclusion and go #2 myself.

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