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Live Thursday from Stovers
Posted: Thursday, September 21st, 2006, 7:45 AM
by Beano
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The discussion concerning what you would do if you were Coach Fulmer to improve the Vols chances for a successful season on the Wednesday edition of B&B was very good. The callers were imaginative and thoughtful. Tony mentioned that Florida used several youngsters in prominent roles Saturday (Fr Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow, So Cornelius Ingram) which at this point in the season is a rarity for Tennessee. Now that Florida is in the rear-view mirror and the “pucker factor” has eased I have this question for you:


Here are my choices:

The Freshman RB has the speed and pass-catching skills to provide a solid compliment to Montario Hardesty. Arian Foster’s ankle injury and the Vols need to gain yardage with some other method than slamming backs into brick walls will dictate that LaMarcus get a chance.

Honorable Mention:
Quinton Hancock, Jacque McClendon

Sometimes a hard-to-motivate individual is shaken into reality by the loss of a revered teammate. Justin Harrell definitely fit that mold. If Demonte’ doesn’t step up now IT AINT HAPPENIN

Honorable Mention:
Walter Fisher, Antonio Gaines


Talk about schedule-shock. The CFB world has slammed it to us with the stark disparity between last week’s slate and the one on tap for this weekend. We go from seven games between Top-25 teams to the “headliners” being Penn St @ Ohio St., Notre Dame @ Michigan State, and Arizona St @ Cal. If I ever actually did yard work this would have been the week for it.


Finally after the ridiculous misadventures of SEC (Yes SEC you do actually blow calls) and PAC-10 refs this past weekend a cry has gone out to revisit removing conference affiliations from official’s crews and turning to a national association. It wouldn’t actually improve the product but it would somewhat protect officials from the perception of bias. I DO NOT think that officials are intentionally bias but I do believe that different conference crews have diverse officiating styles. That favors the conference team with which they are affiliated because they are more accustomed to the style of officiating.

Tony Barnhart gives his suggestions for improving the College replay system below. Enjoy the reading and give us a call today with your take on whatever is on your mind as we reach T-Minus two days until Tennessee-Marshall

Replay rules can be improved
By Tony Barnhart | Wednesday, September 20, 2006, 03:55 PM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
So we now know the instant replay system isn’t perfect. No one ever said it was. But from the fiasco that took place at the Oklahoma-Oregon game, there is a chance to learn. Here are some changes that could be made to improve the system.
1) Expand the standard officiating crew to include the replay official. Some leagues use retired officials and frankly that’s not fair to them. Except for the running around part, the job of the replay official is now under more pressure than the guys on the field.
2) It would cost some money, but the replay official probably needs to be neutral. If he represents either conference it opens up charges of favoritism-even if it’s subconscious. I don’t know if it’s practical, but I’m not sure it’s fair to be putting all of this on one man. I’m not real big on doing things by committee, but it might be wise to have more than one guy making the call.
3) Any game changing play in the final two minutes of the game is automatically reviewed. In basketball a winning shot at or near the final buzzer is automatically reviewed. Should be the same in football. And in the final two minutes ALL plays can be reviewed-even calls of pass interference.
4) In games with controversial calls the referee and the replay official must be publicly accountable immediately after the game. In many cases the referee will talk to a pool reporter representing the media and that’s fine. But the replay official must do so as well. If the teenage cornerback who got beat for a touchdown has to explain his actions, so do the officials.
5) The NCAA left it up to the conferences to pick their own replay equipment. That needs to change. Decide what the best technology is and mandate that everyone who plays Division I-A football use it. A replay official should never use the excuse that his equipment wasn’t good enough.
1 .. 472 473 474 .. 509

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