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"Embrace the Suck"
Posted: Saturday, November 5th, 2011, 5:48 PM
by Alison
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Itís been a bad few weeks for sports teamsÖ No really, itís been a BAD few weeks.

Itís no secret that Iíd rather be called the Tin Man than the Scarecrow and lately Iíve been reminded on just about every Saturday and Sunday when my football teams lose that deep down, there is a broken heartÖ Every week I trick myself into believing that THIS week is going to be different. Itís as if Iíve been living a sports version of the movie Groundhog Day and the losing just keeps replaying and yet I keep watching and rooting.

Texas Rangers
I canít even talk about game six or game seven without feeling like the Sports Gods hate the Texas Rangers. WHHHHY? This is a team that makes baseball fun to watch and a franchise that deserves the Commissionerís Trophy in Arlington, Texas.

Back-to-back heartbreak for a blue collar team that plays with more heart than any other team; it just hurts. Iím still nauseous thinking about it. They lost; they lost game six and they lost game seven in St. Louis when the games should have been played in Arlington. Bud thinks the league winner of MLB All-Star game is the only way to decide who gets home field advantage and this is a situation where the National League clearly had home field advantage.

Game six will define this World Series as a scar on the hearts of Ranger fans for yearís maybe even decadesÖ

Tennessee VOLS
Letís be honest, the only thing bright in Knoxville is Dooleyís pants. Star Justin Hunter ended his season on a non-contact play, QB Tyler Bray hurt his hand but he has no problem tweeting and this list can go on and on and on and on.. Itís beyond frustrating to watch an SEC team lose at home and they only score by kicking a field goal. Itís so embarrassing thatís almost comical.

Washington Redskins
I know.. I should be use to losing as a Redskins fan and I am. But some how I still think every year is going to be the year! HA- itís more like the decade of the worst QB in Washington. Seriously, I donít know how much more of this I can take. Let Ovechkin run the pocket- at least he can win in the regular season. Iíve have the same beer guy in my section for the past three seasons, but Iíve had eight QBís and six head coaches in 12 seasons. With that turnover, who would want the starting job in Washington??

On Sunday, Iím missing my first home game in three seasons. Not because Iím scared Iíll be escorted out of FedEx for yelling obscenities at Kyle Shanahan, but because Iíll be on a flight to Sin City. I should land at half time which means Iím going to miss the game because the Redskins havenít played a full game in years! And somehow Iíll still rock my BANKS jersey from DC to Vegas as if itís going to be our lucky day. Pathetic- I know.

So after the past week of being in a sports depression I was given some much needed advice when listing to the Double A Show on TSR 1180; ďEmbrace the SuckĒ. Itís as if the stars aligned and fireworks went off- it all made sense. I picked my teams and Iím going to be a fan for the good and for all the bad, really bad, terrible, disappointing, depressing, embarrassing and heartbreaking seasons. My new motto is ďEmbrace the SuckĒ Thanks AA!
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