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Performance Medicine
Posted: Thursday, March 30th, 2017, 8:05 AM
Today's blog and show are in honor of the passing of Ken Sparks. Coach Sparks was a Hall of Fame coach but he was a giant in my faith. He was a man that touched thousands of lives. Ken Sparks set a tremendous example in that he finished the race well. Coach Sparks hit the tape!. RIP Coach Ken Sparks. My condolences to his friends, family, fans and former players.

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Dave Hart Daze!!!

Congratulations!!! You've reached the final couple days of the Dave Hart Error!!!

Today we put a real face to the name. The Dave Hart Daze is a real Daze.

In the past 6 years Tennessee fans have been put through a miserable hell and Dave Hart has been at the center of this vortex. Meanwhile, our expectations have been dumbed down beyond belief.

@Traviscabage on Twitter came with some amazing numbers encapsulating the Dave Hart Error:

While we sit around and admire the South Carolina success in this Final Four because they have a fan base that's been tortured by fate, the Gamecocks have blown by the Vols in every sport we care about.

South Carolina Since 2009: 10+ Win Seasons= 3 Times Men's BBall Final Four=1 Women's BBall Final Four=2 College World Series Appearances=3

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Tennessee Since 2009: 10+ Win Seasons= 0 Men's BBall Final Four= 0 Women's BBall Final Four= 0 College World Series Appearances = 0

But Wait...There's More!!!!


****Researched by budding guitarist Geoff Brock****

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Dave Hart=Less Than Zero: This is a complete disgrace. John Currie can't help but look like a world beater on the heels of this disgraceful chapter in UT sports history. Debbie Jennings, take heart. Dave Hart might have taken you out, but he did little else here. That guy will go down as the Wade Houston of AD's forevermore in UT sports history.

If you don't believe that Tennessee is the only school to fail to accomplish one of the criteria above get out ole searchy and check it out for yourself. Even Vandy is on the board in Baseball. Ole Miss? Yup. In a couple of sports. It's totally embarrassing.

Meanwhile I've gotten sucked into cheering for South Carolina because I still feel sorry for that fan base. When does Tennessee become a charity case? We're getting close. I asked the other day in the this spot how much is enough. Apparently, we're not there yet.

Rusty Ensor Rocked:
Rusty rocked an awesome 45 minute segment with me and Dr. Sean Sinclair yesterday. It was amazing stuff. We had a terrific talk about UT's long suffering and loyal baseball fans plus the overall fortitude of the SEC in that sport. Rusty LOVES his baseball and it's infectious. Great stuff. Thank you Rusty!

From the desk of Tony Basilio Radio Show Producer Brian Hartman comes this nugget today.

Brian Hartman's Corner
'South Carolina basketball is a great story. Making the Final Four for the first time. EVER. Coach Frank Martin is really hard not to like when you hear him being interviewed, despite his in-game temper at times. Honestly, I can relate to being quick tempered, easily angered. So can many of you. I can appreciate their story without cheering for them.

It doesn't seem right that South Carolina makes a Final Four before Tennessee. The Gamecocks hadn't won one single NCAA Tournament game in 44 years. NOT ONE. Until 10 days ago. Now they have won 4. Tennessee on the other hand had been to 5 Sweet 16's since 2000. With one Elite 8. From 2008 until 2015, The Vols won 15 straight over South Carolina. In other words, Tennessee hasn't always been great in the last 44 years, but recently they have been a hell of a lot better than South Carolina.

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I did pull for the Gamecocks when they knocked out Duke in the second round. I don't consider that cheering for the conference. I always pull against Duke in March. Especially if they are a tournament favorite. I'm the same way when it's Kentucky or Alabama in the college football playoff. I pull against those teams with every fiber, mine and yours. As for Vanderbilt and Arkansas, I was mostly agnostic. Didn't cheer for either but didn't exert much energy cheering against. I knew that neither were getting past #1 seeds Gonzaga and North Carolina respectively.

One last point here: Kentucky and Florida will watch South Carolina play in the Final Four, while sitting on their couches, just like the rest of us. Dark humor right there.

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South Carolina is a great story. So true. So is Gonzaga. The Zags make their first trip to college basketball's biggest stage. Even though they have played in every NCAA Tournament since 1999. South Carolina is a great story. So is Oregon. The Duck's last appearance in the Final Four was in 1939! They weren't even known as the Ducks then. So as far as I'm concerned this is Oregon's first trip. As for North Carolina, I picked them to win it all in my bracket. If they do indeed, I'll feel smart for a change.

Prediction: Gonzaga beats S Carolina on Saturday.. North Carolina cuts the nets down on Monday.

We'll talk soon.


Congrats Dr. D: Congrats to Dr. D and UT on yesterday's event with Al Roker. Seeing Butch Jones complete a wobbly pass to Roker was telling. It looked like Jones' tenure while the ball was in the air. Al Roker looks like quite the athlete. Jones throws a football like a guy that played in the band. All in all it was a great day to shine the light on UT. As I said here yesterday and above we've had so little to celebrate so why not?

Call The County/Call The City: It's often said that sports at a power five school are the front porch of a university. If this is the case then Tennessee is fixin' to have the county called by the neighbors because we are turning into an eyesore. The Vols are like that porch with garbage strewn about. I spy two rusty treadmills, some broken end tables, and a few mite infested plants. I also see a broken weight bench as well as some moldy old magazines in a half cracked crates. If this malaise continues in Knoxville, we will soon need to add a carport to accommodate all the junk. John Currie needs to clean up our front porch. And now!!!

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