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Posted: Friday, June 23rd, 2017, 8:04 AM
Welcome to Friday...I'm playing some music tonight and performing the show live from 11a to 1p. Plus I'm recording 4 more hours of VolScars this weekend, plus another 5 hours with the Tennessee Stud Ron Fuller on The Studcast. You could say I'm a little busy these days. If you get the chance, we (Sexy Lance, Davey Boy Bivin & Bashful Brett & Yours Truly TB) take the stage at 5:30 at Clancy's. Well play till 8 or 8:30...Come on out...It will be fun stuff.

As per usual, Orange Throat will have the floor on this Friday where we feature his work along with another terrific movie review from the Movie King.

Orange Throat
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Tony World:

Random musings as we work our way through summertime in East Tennessee:

FULMER'S BACK IN THE FOLD and that's good for John Currie. Though we wouldn't look for the two to go on vacation together, UT's hiring of Phillip Fulmer is a good thing for Currie and helps him consolidate support from Fulmer's former players. The Hall of Famer and former head coach is happy because he gets a nice stipend and other perks, so it's the classic case of Currie would much rather have Fulmer on the inside whizzing out than outside whizzing in. The House of Haslam obviously wanted this to happen as payback for jerking Fulmer around in the AD process before Currie was hired. There's also a lingering remorse in the HoH over the firing of Fulmer, given the debacles that were Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley.

DID TENNESSEE SERIOUSLY GET INTO CONTENTION for Memphis DE Jordan Davis during Orange Carpet festivities last weekend? The 6-5, 238-pound Alabama commit would be a great flip for Butch Jones and staff, but this one is still an uphill battle. Davis has been zooming up the recruiting rankings in the last few months. The consensus four-star is ranked #222 in the nation by 247 Sports,#125 by ESPN and #73 by Rivals. In a banner year for in-state defensive linemen, Davis can give Jackson's Greg Emerson a run for being the best in the state. Emerson, ranked #40 nationally by Rivals, is listed as a DE/DT but few think he won't end up as a DT while Davis looks like a pure perimeter rush end.

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SPEAKING OF BAMA, NICK SABAN'S WOES CONTINUE on the recruiting trail. The Tide has slipped to 67th in the national team rankings for the 2018 class, just ahead of lowly Missouri (#83). Tennessee is #11 nationally, third best in the SEC. If you're looking for a yardstick as to how many top players are committed in the 247 Sports rankings, 3 of the Top 10, 9 of the Top 25, 24 of the Top 50 and 55 of the Top 100 are committed.

ALABAMA DOES NOT LEAD FOR A SINGLE FIVE STAR PLAYER and has no commitments from 5-star players. Compare that to the fact Saban signed 21 5-stars over the last four years, out of 126 players who were given the top designation.

IT APPEARS THE VOLS CERTAINLY MADE PROGRESS with Cordova three-star OT Jerome Carvin, who will end up higher before the 2018 class gets final rankings. Once again, Jones and his cohorts are battling Alabama for the 6-4, 325-pounder. Carvin would be a very nice add to five-star OL Cade Mays in a great year for big tackle bodies in Tennessee.

THE VOLS TOOK A COMMITMENT FROM LOW 3-STAR corner Tanner Ingle this week. The Orlando, FL product is ranked #1150 in the nation by 247 Sports. Ingle is the second low 3-star DB from Florida that Jones and staff have taken. Neither player has been offered by the Big 3 of Florida, FSU or Miami.

TENNESSEE LET NASHVILLE WR CAMRON JOHNSON GO to Vanderbilt as many have soured on the four-star. We're told the Vols like several other WR's on their board more. We'll see if that decision was a good one. Clarksville athlete Shatar McClay decommitted from the Vols yesterday in a move that was no surprise. Academics are said to be an issue for the 6-0, 165-pounder, who is ranked #1148 in the nation. Still, all stars matter in your ranking, and McClay's defection dropped UT out of the national top 10 for now. We're glad Tennessee has that spot back.

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WE CAN GIVE UP ON OUR FANTASY OF SEEING SPRINTER CHRISTIAN COLEMAN in a Tennessee Football uniform. The spectacular junior is turning pro and has his sights set on Olympic gold in Tokyo in 2020. Presumably, Jamaican Usain Bolt's reign as the World's Fastest Human will be over by then. In between, there are plenty of endorsements available for Coleman as he continues to gain notoriety on the world stage. Coleman will bring great attention to the UT track program for years to come.

Orange Throat

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Posted: Thu, Jun 15th, 3:34 PM
by Beano
Posted: Sat, Jun 24th, 8:04 PM
by Doink
Happy Father's Day
Posted: Sun, Jun 18th, 10:14 PM
by Alison
Throaty: Like you, I am glad that Fulmer is back. It's interesting that he's being paid by private money. Of course the reason is that he can't take money from UT while drawing a pension and I'll bet you Fulmer draws a pretty phat pension.

You better stop with that negativity in recruiting for Bama. Perhaps Nick Saban heard those three old words and he's finally ready to take the foot off the pedal. The guy has had a lead foot for years. He needs to cruise for a few and let the rest of the SEC catch up. I'm with you..I think UT's recruiting is going better than some of naysayers believe. The glass is more than half full.

I'm surprised you didn't have anything to say about that Tyler Summit article where he was claiming victim status while pocketing north of $170,000 per year in a state pension. Is he joking? I hope he's joking.

14 freshmen were among the first 20 picks in last night's NBA draft. I hope my 76ers did the right thing though it's hard to get excited about a guy with such a small sample size. Put it this way. The #1 pick in the NBA draft wasn't able to make his high school team until he was a junior. In 3 years he went from not able to play high school varsity to the top pick in the top league in the world. Digest that with your bacon on this Friday. 3 Duke one and dones were in the first 20 picks last night. I wonder where the media is today crushing coach K for this. Oh, that's right. He doesn't believe in one and done players.

For my money the top player will be Ball and De'Aaron Fox when it's all said and done.

Hatfield's Nine
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The hype storm of the NBA Draft is now behind us. Free agency/trades, baseball, soccer, and summer blockbuster movies will now bridge the gap from the start of summer to kickoff time.

1. No school does soap opera better than the University of Tennessee. The amount of air time and column space devoted to a former football coaching taking a glorified handshaking job is nothing short of amazing.

2. Derek Dooley suddenly deciding to take some responsibility for his failure at Tennesee is too little, too late. Had he done this while he was here, the fanbase would not have near as much as much animus directed at him.

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3. I like the confidence some of the Tennesee basketball newcomers are voicing. Hard to accomplish goals if you don't have the belief you can do so.

4. Kentucky is getting a great head start on the 2017-18 season. John Calipari has a large portion of his rotation on the USA Basketball U19 team.

5. I really like Minnesota adding Jimmy Butler. It was time for them to supplement their fantastic young talent with a veteran star.

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6. Stunningly, I really like what Sacramento did in the draft. Been a long time since I have felt that way about their choices.

7. Frank Kush leaves behind a complicated legacy. Arizona State's greatest coach certainly had a style that was in no way New Age.

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8. Derek Carr is now the highest paid player in the NFL. The Raiders changed the course of their franchise when they drafted him.

9. In an environment where schools constantly cry poverty, Kansas is spending 300 million dollars to upgrade their football stadium. Just spare me the "we have no money to pay athletes" nonsense going forward.

Clancy's is your go to spot for a drink before shows at the Tennessee Theater. You can't beat the convenience.

Summer is officially here. That means it is time for signature cocktails on the patio at Sapphire.

The Blankenship Field renovation project continues to chase its goal. Go to to donate.


Jack Tate, your Movie King, presented by Smoothie King caught the new release on the life of Tupac. I can't wait to see this film. I love me some Tupac. That was a terrible loss. Really talented guy.

Jack Tate - The Movie King

All Eyez On Me is a fascinating glimpse into the life and death of 1980’s and 90’s rap star Tupac Shakur. Demetrius Shipp, Jr. does a great job of capturing Tupac’s character and mannerisms. The movie-goer can easily believe that the real Tupac is actually on the screen in front of them.
The movie quickly gives a look at the younger years of Tupac Shakur and spends most of the 2 hours, 20 minutes on the rap icon’s career on the stage and screen. The film successfully lays out how and why Tupac wrote most of his lyrics based on his real-life experiences.

Dominic Santana brings the character of Suge Knight to life in a tremendous performance. Knight brings Tupac into his recording studio family (Death Row Records) and shows him that loyalty would be handsomely rewarded. Suge also makes it crystal clear that those who go astray are dealt with in violent ways.

When Tupac’s contractual obligations to Suge Knight are complete, he considers going out on his own. Suge doesn’t want to lose the star from his “family” and Death Row Records East is born, with Knight and Shakur being partners.

All Eyez On Me builds to the inevitable death scene for Tupac in 1996. His killer(s) have never been brought to justice.

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Tupac Shakur was a sometimes controversial star with many of his lyrics angering law enforcement, politicians, and others. But there is no denying the amazing talents of Tupac. In a shortened life of only 25 years, these were some of his accomplishments: -Sold nearly 100 million records worldwide. -Now a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. -Starring role in the movie “Juice”; appeared in numerous other films. -7 Grammy nominations. -Won 1 American Music Award. -2 Soul Train Awards for his albums “Me Against The World” and “All Eyez on Me”.

All Eyez On Me is rated R for strong language and violence, but is thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.


THE BOOK OF HENRY (rated PG-13):
This film has received lukewarm reviews from critics, but I really liked it (4 stars). Jaeden Lieberher and Jacob Tremblay are spectacular in their roles as brothers Henry and Peter Carpenter. Naomi Watts is outstanding in her role of the boys’ mother Susan Carpenter.
The Book of Henry is very emotional and goes off in a disturbing direction in the second half of the film, but still rates as 4 stars.
I also highly recommend that you see Jacob Tremblay’s best role to date in the movie “Room”.

DEAN (rated PG-13):
(4 stars) If you like the comedy and drawings of Demetri Martin, you’ll love this movie. Martin wrote, directed, and stars in Dean. Kevin Kline is spectacular as Martin’s Dad.

(4 stars) Based on the true story from World War 2, this is a compelling film about the Jewish “Underground Railroad” operated by zookeepers Antonina and Jan Zabinski. It takes place in Warsaw, Poland. The Zabinskis were responsible for saving the lives of over 300 Jewish citizens who are held prisoner in the Warsaw ghetto. Very dramatic and emotional movie.

See you at the movies,

Jack Tate'

Awesome job Movie King...I'm going to take you up on the review and hopefully get to All Eyez On Me this weekend.

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Come out and see me and by boys play some music tonight.....Clancy's on Gay Street. 5:30.....Yass


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